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Eichten's conscience

I am glad Chad Eichten is shown up for his (lack of) character. I experienced the Eichten treatment some years ago. Eichten decided his best option was to file legal action against me because I did not want to settle for his false claims, similar to other respondents in this line. He had a legitimate claim for premature termination of a lease agreement. Problem was he tried to load his claim by manufactured costs reaching 300% beyond what was legitimately owed to him. I offered what he was owed and he still decided to take me to court. The end result was I settled for what I owed and offered him in the first place. His bet is that he is dealing with unsophisticated customers. Don't be that person. Save yourself a ton of trouble by not dealing with Eichten. To understand the man look at his bankruptcy and divorce filings available online. We all have to make a living, but Eichten's way is not how how to do it.
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He is a POS.

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Hopkins, Minnesota
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Problems with payment
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Beware Of Deposits

Myself And Fiance Had Leased A Townhouse Via Midwest Realty Services From May Of 2011 Until April Of 2012. Upon Completing Lease Documents And Submitting Deposits (Including Pet Deposits) In Accordance With Contract, We Had Enjoyed Living In Property For Nearly One Year And Mixed Well With All The Neighbors Who Resided Nearby. Upon A Social Type Gathering One Evening, Several Of The Neighbors Had Concurred Warnings To Myself Of Shady Business Practices As Well As Alledged Discrimination And Rather Extorsion Of Tenants Who Reside In Nearby Properties. One Neighbor In Particular That Had Assisted Previous Tenant Of Property I Was Leasing Depart Prior To My Arrival Spoke Of Unorderly And Rather Messy Condition Of Property Prior To My Arrival. (Firstly) Once We Had Given Notice Of Our Departure Date To Property Manager Of Midwest Realty Services, We Were Then Addressed And Treated With Characteristics Pressuring Ourselves To Renew Our Lease. Our Departure Date Was Crucial, As I Was Compelled To Relocate From Minnesota To Nevada Due To A Medical Nature And Had Been Previously Scheduled Outside Of Las Vegas, Nevada For Kidney Dialysis Procedues. Upon The Date Of Our Departure From Property (April 27th) We Did Everything In Accordance With Lease Requirements, Including But Not Limited To Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Company To Professionally Clean Any And All Carpeting Inside Property Named Herein. We Had A Small Crew Of Close Friends We Had Recruited Also To Clean And Wipe Down All Surfaces As Well As Scrub Floors Down. Upon Our Day Of Departure From Property, The Professional Carpet Cleaning Company Had Internal Difficulties Within The Confines Of Themselves, And Had Arrived Several Hours Later Then Scheduled To Clean All Carpet Inside Of Property, Therefore Causing Delays Of Several Hours To Removing Our Belongings To Pack Our Motorhome And Trailer For Move. We Had Then Notified The Property Manager Of Thus, And Our Necessity To Depart That Night Following Our Loading Of Vehicles. The Property Manager Had Arrived At Approximately 5:00 P.M. To Perform A Formal Walk Through In Accordance With The Lease Requirements, However With The Carpets Still Damp Due To The Late Arrival Of Carpet Cleaners, Some Of Our Belongings Still Remaing In Entrance And Hallway Of Main Floor, He Still Had Opportunity To Inspect All Of Second Floor While He Was Present. We Had Asked If He Could Return Approximately 2 Hours Later But Declined. We Had Depated The Property Approximately 2 Hours Later After The Property Manager Had Left The Premises, Again Crucial Timing As To Arrive In Nevada For A Kidney Dialysis Procedure. Both I And Fiance Had Done A Brief Walk Through Of Premises To Inspect Property For Possible Belongings Left And Cleanliness, As Well As Take Digital Pictures Of Premises, Since Property Manager Had Declined To Return To Conduct A Formal Walk Through. One Of My Best Friends Is An Agent For Remax And Had Warned Myself Of Typical Ploys Of Such Property Management Companies. Upon May 23rd I Had Received A Check From Midwest Realty Services For $10.89 In Which Out Of Nearly $1450.00 Submitted For Deposit Prior To Moving In, Was Absolutely Apauled And Insulted. Accompanying The Check For $10.89 Was An Excessive List Of Expenses For Cleaning And Repairs Made To Premises. Obviously I Highly Dispute Such Expenses. Had I Known We Were Going To Be Billed For Such Expenses, I Would Not Have Bothered To Hire Carpet Cleaning Company And Recruit Others To Assist In Cleaning The Premises. We Certainly Have More Self Respect Then To Depart The Property A Mess And Disorderly. I Would Not Recommend Utilizing Midwest Realty Services To Anyone!
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"Trashed the carpet," "trashed the house" those are key phrases for 'I am keeping your deposit'. I had the exact same experience in spite of his employees commenting to one another during the walk through that the place was nice and clean.

I even took pictures.

Save yourself a lot of pain. Chad Eichten is not someone you want to willingly do business with.



protect your clients interest? don't make me laugh!

your company is a joke.

you do nothing to respond to tenant complaints and/or requests. your only goal is to protect your interst to line your own pockets so you can pay for your bankruptcy and divorce.


I Didnt Contact Just Anyone Who Would Listen.

I Wouldnt Be So Persistant Unless I Had Some

Matter Of Dispute Herein. First Of All I Alledge The Previous Tenant Did Any Damage To Carpet. (Neighbors Had Stated) The Individual Who Responded Thinks He Is "Slick" But Notso.

I Have A Best Friend Who Is Agent For Remax And Helped Us Move Out! (He Advised Us To Take Digital Pictures Prior To Move Out) And

Would Be Happy To State Condition Of Residence At Time Of Move. He Had Stated Such Deposit Issues Are Merely A Classic Example Of Fraudulent Practices Exercised By Rental Companies Named Herin. He Was In Property Management In Delaware For 15 Years Prior To His Current Real Estate Practice. I Alledge A Prejudicial Medical Issue Here. Since This Matter Shall Involve Several Individual Including The Real Estate Person And Twelve Others Who Had Assisted In Cleaning And Moving. Perhaps A Lawsuit Shall Be In Order.

Based Upon The Facts I Had Stated And Perhaps Medical And Disabilty Prejudice. (BEWARE) Of



This particular tenant has written complaints to anyone who will listen to him. He trashed the house, trashed the carpet, left the home full of personal property and electronics that had to be removed and disposed of, didn't clean, and then complained when we had to resolve all of the issues that he created.

Tenants, if you trash a home that you rented, you have to pay for the damage that you caused. In the case of this tenants, we provided photo evidence of the damage, all timesheets and receipts, and a detailed list of all work performed, but still the tenant wanted a refund. Very simply, a tenant is responsible for damage to someone else's home, plain and simple.

We have to protect our interests and our clients interests, so if there is damage, we are obligated by contract with the client to fix it. Minnesota law is clear on tenant responsiblity on this issue, which is posted in the Landlord and Tenants handbook on our website at

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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Yes, I never trust that site because they highly expected me being paid the court fees, but one of those I got unlawful detainer. One of them revenged me to send unlawful detainer for no apparent reason.

They strongly were serious to see a tenant suffering with misled.

They disadvantaged of my personal account file. One of Kent's girlfriend or friend shared my account with Mississippi Market with Midwest Realty service because they were curious as to how much do I have money in that account.


I happened to have rented from Midwest Realty Services for 8 years in 2 different properties. The notes that I read below appear to be from tenants that did not honor their responsibility in returning the property back as it was when they received it.

On both occasions, I received ALL of my security deposit back and would recommend this company to any tenant. When I checked out, I made sure the home was clean, that the carpets were clean, and that I did not cause any damage or leave property or garbage behind. I have nothing but positive comments about everyone at the company, including my property manager who was very responsive to issues as they arose.

It is sad that all of these comments below are from tenants who see themselves as victims when they caused damage, yet expect someone else to pay for it.


Wow! Sure glad I found this before signing a lease with Midwest Realty.


If you don't want to lose your deposit and another grand or two on top of it, then go elsewhere and rent from a fair organization. The day I met this dirty guy, his arrogance was overwhelming while he chewed in a toothpick and stood against the counter making arrogant comments in the place I was about to rent - and I should have listened to my gut.

Yep - everything below is true. According to public documents he is not financially sound and you should beware - he has to collect money from somewhere to fund himself therefore he will threaten to take you to court. And if you are inexperienced in court dealings like I - have NEVER had to go to a courtroom for ANY REASON unlike him - then he will prey.

He is as slimy as they come people. Just read his replies below - just the 'tone' of his replies alone should make you run for the hills.


He is a pro at going to court. He's there continually and knows how to threaten to get cash out of you.

DO NOT RENT OR DO ANY BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY or his team of cronies. If you ever do visit his 'office' in the basement of a building in Plymouth you will see his office manager/receptionist/threatening letter writer/nasty look on her face/whatever she is reading a book, look up at you pissed because you are bothering her. But you aren't supposed to go to the office. If you do, you will get a threatening letter.

This company is a complete nasty joke.



Avoid renting from this guy at all cost, unless you want to experience what working with a gangster is like. A normal person will not be able to sleep with Eichten's track record.

My experience was exactly the same as that of previous correspondents.

He is an opportunistic liar that does not stop at anything to extract an extra buck from his renters. Nothing Minnesota nice about the way he handles decent folks.


You can also tell from his comments below how he is to deal with. Buyer - definitely beware......


I too was fleeced by this guy. You can look up court records and see how he runs his business.

By threatening lawsuits over and over and over. I have never seen anything like it. Rented for years, always got my deposit back, but this guy did the same thing to me once I rented from him - took my deposit and add over $1500 on top of it. Very very suspect practices.

I also could never get my 'property manager' on the phone until a day or two after calling. He is extremely cheap - his 'handymen' that eventually made repairs after several phone calls to Midwest Realty made horrible comments about him while in my home laughing about how cheap he was. He would rather replace the motor on a dishwasher than spend the extra $15 on a new dishwasher. Hmmmmm.......going to continue to watch posts on here.

It seems obvious this guy has money issues, and something is definitely not right and maybe it's finally all coming together thanks to this site.


Tenants that have children: if your child spills, it is important that you clean up the spill and treat the stain. If you fail to do so, the carpet will be ruined when you vacate and you will be responsible for its repair, cleaning, or replacement.

Again, this is not your home, so you should take better care of it than if it were yours. Having children is no reason to trash anothers persons home.


I had 3 children while staying in the rental over the 5 years. Children have their occasional spills that are tough to get out of the carpet.

I am sorry I wanted to start a family with my husband while renting from you. I suppose people with small children should avoid renting at all! However, I want to make it clear to you that we did not TRASH the house. We were asked to move out of the house a week early and come back for the check out on 7/31.

It's funny that you should say that thousands of money was spent into fixing the house. When my husband came back to take pictures, the house looked pretty much the same with a few minor touch ups. I have no other comments to make because our neighbors were good to us while we were there.

I cannot say the same for your company and services. Thank you.

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Apple Valley, Minnesota

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