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Microsoft has too be the rudest company that I have ever known of or ever will know of . windows 10 has too be the wearst windows you have ever come up with . have had more problems with windows 10 then all the others combined . its messed up my computer in more ways then all the others combined . I know you been in my computer messing around too stay out you have no business sticking your dirty little nose in there . I know you all want too...
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EVERYBODY I know is hating Windows 10. I have a lady friend whose husband is the IT guy for his company, and even HE can't figure it out. I also cannot use the email format which comes up when I try to forward a page or a link to a friend. I was using Windows Live Mail with no trouble. Then they wrote me an email, telling me that they would no longer support Windows Live Mail. I was FORCED to change to another email account and now, when...
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Why they ever changed - Guess Windows wanted us all to either try to in the end purchase a MacIntosh. Which I would have NEVER considered in the past - but I certainly do now. I had to actually PURCHASE a book to learn VISTA as it was NOT intuisive, then terrible Windows 8 came along. Now I purchased a new laptop with WINDOWS 10 - and just now had to PURCHASE a WINDOWS 10 book as I couldn't figure out what to click, right click, left click,...
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I purchased my computer a year ago pre-loaded with 7 which cost me more to have done just to have MICROSOFT force Windows 10 onto my system! I did all I could to keep this from happening by deleting the root files that we're being automatically installed with Updates to prevent this. And now!!!!! I HAVE A CRAPPY WINDOWS 10!! Which isn't compatible with all my programs running! WTF! Microsoft owes me a new computer with windows 7 or a full...
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Anonymous Windows 10 crashed a laptop. They owe me one. It will no longer open beyond the screen with the window and the circling dots. It was Windows 7, now I cannot access the cont...

I liked
  • Windows version 7
I didn't like
  • Attempt to force the use of their product
  • Tech suport was very bad
  • Rippoff
I have three laptops in our home, they are now starting to force the program on one of my other machines. THIS SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED. I work 10 hours a day on a computer I DO NOT WANT TO LEARN a new program at the end of the day when the one I had was working just fine. I think a class action suit is warranted. Since when does Microsoft give anything away FREE???? What is embedded in this program? Or what was inherently wrong with Windows...
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