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Also, on Wednesday they uninstalled and then reinstalled my outlook 2016 in an attempt to fix the problem. All of my contacts were lost in the process as well as all of my gmail. I am hoping this issue can be resolved and these items reinstalled. Again, I am very unhappy with this experience so far. I am hopeful for a more positive experience moving forward from this point. Thank you, UPDATE 1 - 12.30.16 8:50 pm: After being told someone would...
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I liked
  • Level 1 techs are very friendly
I didn't like
  • Wont resolve my problem
  • Wont
To top it off, your Outlook 2007 That you've been using for about 6yrs decided to clunk-out and abandon you along with 4000 emails in the inbox and close to 800 contacts? That is exactly what happened to me this week and it's no fun at all! I was panicking that i will loose all those emails and contacts. So i looked for a bargain software that i can buy and hoped to install it by my self. Redboxsoftware does offer very affordable software plus...
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