patricia v Scv
map-marker Rock Hill, South Carolina

Endotine has ruined my life

It has been 11 years since my endotine browlift and the horrible itching and pain continues on my scalp and head. I know that these endotine clips DID NOT absorb or dissolve in my scalp and I am sure they have broken all apart in my head. They say they are suppose to dissolve in less than 6 months, but I feel that mine have not dissolved. I know it would cause more harm to remove all these pieces because I feel like they have traveled back farther in my head. If anyone out there has any advice, or knows a doctor that could help me, please contact me noblevan2@***.com. Thank you so much!
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map-marker Santa Barbara, California

Warning, severe trouble with midface Endotine

I had a facelift 9 months ago that included a midface cheek lift with endotines. My life has been complete *** ever since. After the swelling went down it was obvious the fat pad was in fact not lifted and after 3 months the device had not dissolved as I was told it would. I went to two new surgeons at 5 months who both confirmed immediately that the endotine had not worked, did not lift my cheek and yes, now my body had to try and dissolve this foreign object that it was having a bad reaction to. Instead of it dissolving as the months went on, it seemed to be getting more there. I had severe abdominal pains in my left side only a month after the surgery, I didn't connect it and ultrasound showed no problem. I started becoming very weak and could not walk on my feet when I'd get up in the morning, I started having severe migraines. The first months the endotines would start itching like crazy, open sores on my temples and above my ears would have gummy substance and bits of white plastic flakes come out that would scab over. I thought atleast my body was getting rid of it. Every two weeks it seemed I would go through this routine, the severe pain and migraines, itching, scabbing, etc. But at month 8 things changed, it started becoming more and more painful causing me a lot of distress, I felt trapped with these poisonous very painful devices from my ears to my temples and the migraines became worse like vice grips I can feel doing more and more damage. You cannot escape or get them out. Knowing these *** things didn't even work and now are hurting me 24 hours a day has me almost suicidal sometimes. I want to warn everyone, do NOT get any Endotine device for any procedure. It is not worth the risk and both Drs. I saw said they never use them anymore because they just don't work. Apparently they do dissolve eventually for some people but in my case I believe they are only gathering scar tissue on top of them and I am going to have to find someone to remove these. I am very scared. Please do not get these horrible things. I was told they were plant based but my guess is they are genetically engineered corn based. I am looking into legal remedies. Thank you.
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Reason of review:
Bad quality

Let me know what came of this I had same problems I had them removed and now I have numbness and pain and two big dents in my hairline you can reach me at jennymarx50@***l .com

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I'm crying as I reply to this email. My experience is no different.

I chose a "reputable" doctor in Beverly Hills who keeps encouraging me to leave them. I am one week post op and I went in to see him on my fifth day post op. Even his nurse reacted with shock and sympathy.

I don't know what to do. My advice, stay away from those things.

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map-marker Burlington, Vermont

A Very Big Mistake!

I was injected with two full syringes of Novielle Plus in June 2009 and the nightmare continues two years later. After four surgeries to remove large painful nodules, 10 still remain and it will take many more surgeries to remove them. However, removal is leaving my face scarred and looking worse than when we began. At least the nodules stop hurting once they're removed. This was one of the biggest mistakes of my life and now I have to live with a condition that is much worse than the one I originally tried to correct. I'd love to know what other victims have done to remove this product. pvlham@***.com
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diane b Xep
map-marker Mission Viejo, California

Novielle promoted by Coapt Systems as a Dermal Facial Filler without FDA approved.

One year ago, I was injected with Novielle filler that was compared to a safe and well known FDA approved product. Within weeks, the Coapt Systems asked physicians for the product back. Several of us throughout the country have experience severe response and permanent damage. These side effects remain after one year and are beyond normal for this procedure and include: rubber like nodules under the skin, scarring, skin retraction, pitting, skin swelling, product migration, itching, discoloration - appears bruised and/or increased redness, blood filled nodules, pain, tenderness, numbness and infection for superficial injections such as under the eyes. Coapt Systems did not disclose the appropriate information to the physician, marketed and sold Novielle Gel and Novielle Gel Plus off label and therefore I hold my physician harmless. The FDA is aware. If you are interested in speaking further, please leave a comment below. I have a personal injury attorney which does not require money up front if this helps.
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I had Novielle Gel put in my face in 6 spots on December 15, 2008. It has been an unbelieveable nightmare since.

Kenalog (steroid which thins tissue) has dissolved some of it, leaving permanent sunken areas which now must be filled continuously the rest of my life. I still have hard rubber like nodules and am disfigured for the rest of my life. These people are ***, performing medical experients on people who were NOT in their Grace study.

My doctor received it FREE with misleading info. May the perpetrators be brought to justice in a way that this NEVER happens again


It is NOT a class action lawsuit, unless there's a new and separate action that I'm not aware of. Each case is an individual case.


The class action lawsuit is being handled by Cohen and Lord in Los Angeles. (Century City). They are taking clients from all over the world.


Is anyone still responding to these comments? I had my facial folds around the mouth injected as well Day Spa in Corpus Christi, cost me 850, they had just gotten Novielle and was "the best longer lasting" injectable.

So there I go spending 850 dollars for something I regret doing, I remember signing a pre printed consent, and the girl in the front scratching out "Juvederm" and wrote in novielle before I signed. I put my trust in him, he injected the "cement" and from that day forward, I looked like a clown or as if 100 bees had attacked my face. I required oral steroids, benadryl, and IV steroids as well after oral one did not show improvment. Years later, I look 10 years older, with even deeper deformed lines of craters and nodules that very painful and cholasma that was attributed to steroid use...I have never felt so horrible, I am 39,but look 50 d/t this junk.

NEED contact numbers please. I hate to display my info to the public.

Can someone respond to me here with contact #s please please please! E mail me please at this temp E mail address, wuwm03@***.com Thanks


I'm just happy that my dr at Desire Medical is very kind to help me get this *** out of my cheek. I will never get fillers again. But there are other products that sound safe. Ladies just read up on whatever you are thinking of doing. I do recommend Desire Medical Spa, very friendly and helpful.




Hello,I too was injected with a filler called Novielle gel two years ago at Desire Medical Spa in Corpus Christi Texas and it cost me $1200, it looked great for 2 weeks then I got horribly infected. I was in the ER twice with Staff infction in my right cheek last year, then last week I got an infection in my left cheek, I went to the Dr, then had to go to the ER.

I had to stay home and hide for that week.

Today I still have a lump, crooked smile, I need to speak to an attorney. Someone please help.sandimaddox@***.com361-947-****


I too am suffering from all of the above side-effects, have had multiple surgeries and still more to come. The sad part is that I used to work for Coapt Systems and was very confident in their research and development department therefore had no concerns, my mistake. I do not blame my doctor, he was just as much a victim as I was.


I was injected with Novielle filler in 6 parts of my face. I still have knots and dimples from 2 years and 7 months of steriod injections. I wish to join the class action lawsuit against Coapt


I'd very much be interested in speaking to this personal injury attorney, as I was injected with the Coapt filler in my left nasolabial fold in October 2008. Two years and four months later, I still have a raised, lumpy and hardened ridge that extends from my outer left nostril and down along my face to my outer lip.

Is this personal injury attorney handling a class action suit against Coapt or is each case being handled individually? Please contact me at: rhartlein@***.net or call: 917-502-****


I am a deeply concerned physician who regretfully was promoted Novielle gel plus as an alternative to a calium filler that I had been using for the previous 5 years and also taught others on its use. I unfortunately treated a number of patients (many of whom had had calcium fillers by me in the past) with severe and dire consequences which have been continuing for the past 18months.

I have actually become borderline depressed about the situation. However, I am prepared to fight for significant compensation for my patients and would appreciate contact with the Lawyer/Attorney so that we can join the action from New Zealand.

From what I am reading on the net, the magnitude and scale of this side effects from Novielle Gel Plus will be far reaching for this industry.I will be directing my patients to this website and will also be visiting frequently. Sincerest,Dr Gerard McQuinlanWellingtonNew Zealandgerardm@***

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