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Michelle Osborne may not be a dog trainer, but she's great!

When I heard through the dog park grapevine that some *** had been writing fake reviews about Michelle, I thought I'd come over and write my own good review! I met Michelle a couple years ago at the dog park when she started to come there with her dog Dahlia. She's real knowledgable about dogs and when she found out my dog Aska had some issues with food aggression, she gave me some suggestions to try. My gosh, they worked like a charm! I've lived with dogs all my life and I'm, well, a good bit older than this young lady. But I still didn't know how to fix this problem. This lady may not be a dog trainer professionally, but she sure does know dogs. She really should train them for a living and it's a shame that this Kevin Salem guy has been trying to take her down. Michelle's a really fantastic dog person, really know her stuff. But she's never taken a dime for any of her advice and she doesn't train professionally. Remember folks, you can't believe everything you read on the internet.
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Which is "exactly" why we fell for her scam. She told us that she isn't a professional but has far more knowledge than average dog owners and kept referring to her black dog.

Our dog is all ruined. He now steals food from counters. He never ever did that but Michelle's method was all based on bribery.

Last time I tried to stop our boxer from doing this, he really bit me. Thanks Michelle. I don't know how you can sleep at night time.


I have been reading Michelle's various blogs and communicating with her online for a little over two years. Though she is not a professional dog trainer, her personal dog training anecdotes have been quite enjoyable! Also, I've learned quite a bit from her in regards to training my own three dogs!

Michelle is quite well read, and has excellent skill at researching training methods and behavioral studies.

I wish more dog owners/parents were like Michelle.


I have known Michelle for about a year now, and she has given me some wonderful advice about positive dog training methods and has helped me to greatly understand better ways to train my dogs and explain positive theory to my own students. Michelle is a great resource and we love her!


I too know Michelle from the dog park and she and her dog are both a joy to have there! Her dog helps defuse the tension when one dog bullies a more timid dog.

You just don't have a dog who does that without its being well-trained and really well-balanced.

She's given me some advice for my dog, who's a bit unruly, and they've worked very well.

He rarely jumps up anymore, which is a huge change. And considering he weighs nearly 90lbs it's a really good thing to have him stay with "four on the floor"!


I've known michelle for a long time. She neither trains nor boards professionally, she has only one dog - her own!

And her dog is wonderfully trained. If I needed help, id go to her for advice, and if she did train as a business, her positive, effective methods make her the exact type of trainer id seek out.

Kevin salem has been harrassing her for a long while and his pathetic reviews are nothing more than a smear campaign.


I know Michelle from a dog class we were taking. I already said this on the horrible one made up by Kevin Salem, but I'll say it again here:

Michelle really knows dogs. She's great with them. She uses positive reinforcement and dogs respond brilliantly to her. However, she never has trained for a living. She has given me some great advice that has worked with my dog. But she never took a dime for it.

I think it sucks that this place allows people to make up fake reviews, and I'm so glad that Matt thought to create this compliment to counteract the nastiness of that troll.


Michelle Osborne is beyond awesome. There should be more people like her everywhere!


michelle is a wonderful dog owner who is being harassed by a *** making up lies claiming she's a professional dog trainer. she doesnt train other peoples dogs.

she did however train her own dog, and did a fantastic job of it! she's a kind and caring pet owner.


Michelle is not a dog trainer, but if there is anyone who advocates positive, kind training, it's her! I would trust her with my dog any day!


Agreed completely! I only know Michelle on the internet but she has helped me so much with my dog.

She is not a professional dog trainer but she is better than most professionals I know of!

This guy who is trying to discredit her is being petty, nasty and, frankly, is stalking her. His opinions should be ignored.

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Con Artist Dog Trainer: Michele Osborne aka "Crysania" Liverpool NY

I had Michelle Osbourne who lives in Liverpool NY help me with my dog. She charged us 350 dollars for six park lessons and one week of our dog staying at her apt. Well, she took our money and made our dog even more aggressive. Her advise was to use treats for everything. Yesterday my dog was on counter eating some leftovers, and when I reached to stop him, he bit really me. He kept shaking my hand like a rag doll. Michelle's taught us that the reason she recommends treats for everything is so our dog isn't as treat motivated and would leave our counters alone. Made sense at the time but it totally backfired. She also told us to hold hot dogs and wave it in front of our dog when he charges at other dogs and this never worked either. We trust Michelle with our dog, as she came highly recommended by the shelter and now we have to put our poor dog down. Michelle also goes on line by the nickname of "Crysania" and sometimes as "Katie" and her web site is When we called to ask for our money back, she kept hanging up on us and told us that eventually, dogs do what dogs gonna do. Please stay away from this monster. She seemed very nice at first and her training theory was all based on removing all bones, all toys, and to never ever say NO to our dog. Yeah. That sure makes a lot of sense. Michelle Osborne's latest address where she took our dog was at: 129 Kings Park Dr Apt G Liverpool, NY 13090-**** Her phone number is 315-487-**** My husband is now convinced that our dog is ruined and it needs to be put down immediately. How could I have been so naive. We are all devastated and can't stop crying.
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Well, gosh "George." No wonder I was a no-show. I mean, you live all the way in Sacramento. Maybe my plane was delayed.

Ok in all reality, STILL don't have a business. Still haven't trained anyone's dog for money, including "George." It appears that Kevin Salem just won't let this one die.

Kevin: GET OVER IT. I mean, how old are you anyway? Shouldn't you be more mature than your average 12-year-old? You've been bent on revenge for what? 3 years now? I'm still not going to remove the post that mentions your business.


She also scammed us and my sister's dog. She did a no show with us and we never were able to reach her again after she cashed in our check.

Stay away from this person. We should've gone with someone who actually has a business license.


From what I gather, rival dog trainer David Baron has been posting about Kevin being a child rapist for some time. He even wrote to me at one point to tell me that.

You may want to look to him for that last bit.

I think Kevin is a pretty lousy dog trainer and a pretty nasty human being.

I also think he's incredibly childish as he's posting as me all over the place. But I don't think he's a rapist or ***.


Just look at what Michelle posted about this poor guy. You even called him a rapist and a ***??

Really? Just because you don't like his style of training? Give me a break!

Read this post from Michelle, or Crysania or Katie. She has hundreds of alases.


Marlo, maybe it's hard for you to read, but I'm NOT Michelle. I'm a friend of Michelle's.

As for her blogging about it? I don't know. People blog about all sorts of things. I blog about my experiences, both negative and positive. From reading the post, it sounds like she's warning people to be careful. She used him as an example but the post is about being careful when looking for a trainer. What's wrong with that?

Why did Kevin decide to take it to e-mails? Why did he feel like he had to launch an attack against her? Why did he write fake reports about a business she doesn't have? Why did he threaten lawsuits for something he can't even back up because she gave both positives AND negatives? Why did he claim to have hired a PI and tell her he has her SSN? I can't fathom what this man is on about. It seems like if he had the confidence in his business in the first place, he would have just let this rolled off his back. But he didn't. In my profession, I've gotten some good reviews and some bad ones. I try my best to address the bad ones and see what went wrong. And if it was my fault, I try to fix it and do better in the future. But I don't threaten lawsuits and I don't go after people who wrote something negative about me. I certainly wouldn't go after someone who pointed out both the positives and the negatives about my business.

Maybe, just maybe, Salem ought to look at how he trains dogs and how he works with people. He's gotten some pretty nasty reviews (and some are still online because those people weren't scared of him). Maybe instead of threatening lawsuits he should look at his business and try to fix those things that went wrong. That's what any decent, sane person would do. I've done that any number of times and those people who wrote the negative reviews often remove them or edit them to reflect my willingness to work with them.

If you (or your buddy) had left it all alone, the post would have just disappeared down the google searches. Now since he's brought so much attention to it, if you google, it comes up pretty high on the search. You seem to have no one but yourself to blame for that one.


I am not him. Michelle. So won't YOU shut your hole. You brought all this to yourself.

If you don't have business, you will never know what people go through. My father owns a restsaurant and there are many *** bags who bring a dead fly with them and put it on their plate after they are nearly done.

Then they call our waiter and lie to our face to get a free meal and to not make a scene.

Why did you take it up a notch by blogging about it? wasn't Amazon enough? Again, you took your time and went after his business.

Say what you will and think what you will.


Marlo, I can only assume that you too are Kevin Salem or you'd keep your trap shut.

Michelle originally responded to a nasty review he wrote of one of her favorite books on where he wrote a long thing about how awful "cookie trainers" were. He then found her e-mail address and started harassing her away from She sent me the e-mails he sent her and some of them are just plain *** She's thought about reporting him to the police any number of times, especially as he claims to have her SSN. That alone would get the police to investigate. She may still go to them as she worries a lot about identity theft.

I just reread her original post on her blog referencing Kevin and if you even read her post, you will note that not only does she link to his website, but she points out both the positive AND negative reviews. She tells the reader to make up their own mind, but knows she would never take her dog to someone like that. His real issue should be with the negative reviews. She's just pointing them out. She never claimed to take her dog to him.

She also talks about another company too, but I don't see them on here wasting their time making up fake reports about a business she has never had. What kind of person does that?


Thank you to those who defended my good name and my non-existent business. Mary, Bill, and John are all just aliases of Kevin Salem.

How do I know Kevin Salem did this? Because you TOLD me you did. You sent the links to me right after you did it. If you had been smart, you would have let me find them on my own. But you're not. You wanted to brag about what you had done. Also because I do not any dogs except my own. And because I have been harassed by Kevin Salem, the so-called "Dog Prodigy" since October 2009. And because he once gave me his "proof" that he knew my address and phone number. The address and phone number are the exact ones listed here. Neither is correct. Neither is the spelling of my name for that matter.

Why don't "Mary" and "Bill" and "John" give proof that I trained their dog? Right, because "they" have no proof because I didn't. This is all just a smear campaign put on a site like this one because he knows they won't remove it. Google "Kevin Salem dog trainer" to see who this troll really is.


What proof do you guys have that this is Kevin? So far what I've read about this posting is pretty believeble.

Sorry Michele, but you messed up and now keep on posting different lies to justify your actions.

And this web site loves it.

They get more traffic. :-)


Michelle and I took a dog class together last year and got to know each other through the class. She's pretty smart with dogs and her dog is fantastic, but she doesn't train anyone else's dogs, not even mine (and God knows he could use the help!).

And she never had ANY dog when she lived in Liverpool. Don't believe me? Call up the apartment complex she lived in. Dogs aren't allowed there.

Shortly before she moved out a woman who lived in the next apartment watched someone's dog for a weekend in her place. Someone ratted on her to the management, she got charged $1000, got her security deposit taken away, and was told she had one month to vacate her apartment. And this was with a super quiet dog! Michelle never even heard the dog while it was there.

She only heard about it as the woman was moving out. Do you really think anyone wouldn't have reported noisy untrained dogs to the management? Logic, folks. Anyone who believes this report is as *** as Kevin Salem is.

"John" and "Mary" are just fake posts by her stalker attempting to ruin the business she doesn't even have.

This Kevin Salem guy is just making up fake reports because he's angry that she doesn't think he's a good trainer and because, from what I've read of his e-mails to her, he's a woman-hating freak.

He sent her a picture of a dog humping his head! What kind of *** does that?

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