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00 online and took it to michaels in lakewood, co. To get sretched and framed. They had a 70% off deal going on and still ended up being $200.00 for the cheapest frame. I went ahead and payed for it not thinking about it. Well the more i thought about it that seemed very high cost. I even lost sleep over it. So i went back the very next morning to get my prints and money back( not even 24 hrs. Later) and the manager told me that i was stuck with...
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Anonymous Michael's refund policy on custom orders is printed clearly on the customer's paperwork and also posted at the register.


Anonymous Well this is something you should have thought about before you went thru the process of getting things stretched and framed,you should have asked questions about the whole pr...

Went to Michaels to buy frames and a piece of mat board. Asked in the custom frame department if they could cut me a piece of mat board 20x28. Was told no because of liability. Seriously? She then proceeded to tell me she could for the price of the mat even though I only wanted no inside cuts. She quoted me 40.00. I left and went 2 blocks to Hobby Lobby where the lady in the framing department said "sure no problem" I paid the price of...
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Went to have a canvas painting stretched and framed thinking I would get a deal since they had 75% off framing and it was still going to be $455. So you're trying to tell me that to frame a canvas painting 36 x 36 was going to cost $1,820. Only if the frame was gold plated. Get real what a rip off. Be aware of them ripping off customers . Will never go back. This is the Michael's in Klamath Falls Oregon but I have a feeling they rip off people...
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Michaels Framing Department Review

The store in juban crossing in Denham springs Louisiana worse service ever for framing dept. no one is ever there takes weeks past date promised to get back. Management doesn't care. Never will step foot in the place ever again. Hobby lobby will have all my business now!!!
I recently went to Michael's the Arts and Crafts store in Vienna VA near closing time to get a mat-framed combo for an original watercolor art piece. I came here after a bad experience at another craft store...... Wow.... What a difference! Their art framing department rocks! The associate, Olga who helped me not only delivered a very friendly and professional service she went above and beyond to meet my deadline of noon the following day. She...
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Anonymous So nice of you to say this and very nice you had a great experience in the framing department!