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Michael and Sons, Raleigh, NC sold and installed for me a Lennox Central Air/Heating system on 5l23/2014 for nearly $6, 000. On 6/15/2016, the heat exchanger was cracked and needed to be changed. I called Michael and Sons to register my displeasure with being sold a non-durable equipment and the over-priced company asked me to pay. I was out $600.00. Not ony did this company sell me a false promise that buying a new equipment would save me...
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1. Caleb did a good job in diagnosing and repair. My concern was that I was charged $277.00 for a dual-capacitor part. The part sells for $20.00 retail. I don't mind paying a premium for quality service, but this was exorbitant. 2. Caleb did a good job in diagnosing and repair. My concern was that I was charged $277.00 for a dual-capacitor part. The part sells for $20.00 retail. I don't mind paying a premium...
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I liked
  • Service repair man
Again, I am thoroughly disappointed and upset with my service and unit I purchased from your company.I was scheduled for a finalized fix on my unit yesterday, August 1, 2016. The technician was not even informed as to what he needed to do (for an E1 problem - thermostat issues). He did not have the proper hardware to do the job. He had to get me rescheduled for Wed, Aug 3, 2016 between 8am-12noon. I requested 8am due to having to wait around 4...
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I didn't like
  • Quality of service
I recently bought a home in the Frederick area and due to some concerns raised by the home inspector, requested an AC service and inspection.The sellers choose Michael & Sons and provided us with a receipt at settlement showing that the work was completed 2 weeks before settlement and had a "30 day labor" guarantee. Less than one week after moving into the house, the AC unit froze up. I called M&S since its been record high heats. Apparently...
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Let me tell you what happen to me and my family, ac was not working properly,call m/s,would not give me a price on the phone because they charge by the job,not how long it take.RED FLAG.This ederly lady told me that they were crooks,but I tired them any way,big mistake 525dollars later,came out check system ,found out that it needed a 59dollar part,had to callee them back the next day because the system would not turn off,came back the next...
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I didn't like
  • Lousy servive
Purchased a Brand new $8000.00 HVAC system which broke down within 6 months .Since then I have had several technicians come out to try and correct the issue, with all of them saying that its definitly a freon leak but they could not detect where it was coming from. I had family during Holidays after being charged less then a 3months it goes out and everyone is in the home sweating. My don had an Asthma Attack this past April, once again the...
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Last year (Aug. 2015) my ac was broken, I called them and the tech said I have bad capacitor and charged 289 for capacitor and 90 dollars for diagnosis, a total of $379. The worst thing is, he put a capacitor 40/5 instead of 35/3 and after a week the fan was broken. He came and saw it, he asked 1000 dollar for the fan. A year later now. because of wrong cap my compressor is out!!!!! A capacitor cost only 10-15 dollars in ebay and you need...
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