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Mhg Consulting Job Opportunities Review

Went on an interview earlier last week with a company by the name of MHG Consulting the first interview I had was with this one nice young lady but was very vague of the what the job actually entailed. In the interview she explained that the company was expanding and that they worked with large Companies like staples and Samsung. She also went on to say that other candidates were being interviewed and that if I was selected I would be given a call back later to come in for a second interview. I had a feeling it was kind of sketchy but then I thought it couldn't be given the office and how everyone looked so professional. So I get a call back to come in for a second interview so at first I was very excited and agreed on the second interview. As I show up for the second the girl who called me back to come in for the second time did tell me we would be meeting with clients, what they failed to tell me which this is where a complete different direction we go. What it actually was cold call door to door sales. Had no clue it was going to be like that and also walking around outside all day and looking at how annoyed the people looked when we walked in to there place I felt sorry for them especially when the person I was "shadowing" was entering say some *** corny little joke. As we sat down for lunch after walking around for three straight hours without anyone buying anything...I come to find out that the job is strictly commission no base pay and no reimbursement for transportation and when I asked about benefits the person couldn't give me a straight answer. I'm writhing this to not only warn anyone else who may get a call from this company and to avoid them all together. Also I got a call from a similar sounding type of job but with a different business name out of the same building and suite number which I thought was kinda odd as well. Like they were calling people under two different company names.
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Poor customer service
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So I shouldn't go to the interview?