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i have long term disability provided by my employer if you are out over 90 days then you can file a claim through metlife and get 60 percent of your pay i filed my claim in august and just heard that i was denied during this time i had to keep calling over and over again asking the customer service to have someone call me back which they never did finally i filed a complaint and someone called me back stating that metlife doctor reviewed my case...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Creation a serious problem due to lack of compency
  • Denied claim
I had to fight with MetLife for short term disability and finally got it but trying to get long term is a nightmare! The case manager told me that if I would have worked 2 more weeks then there wouldn't be a pre-existing condition clause. I didn't know there was one! My employer provides these policies for us. As if I can control this disease! So of course they denied me and trying to get to someone who can actually help me is a joke. The...
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After my last back surgery, my employer's HR department encouraged me to go on Long Term Disability, after my short term benefits would end. MetLife's people decided (without ever having their doctors see me) that I was disabled only until the end of my short term benefits, but now I should be able to go back to work. They were supposed to make a determination within 40 days, yet they took 6 months beyond that before making their...
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