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Metlefe will not let me have short or long term disability because of my hip replacements. They have denied me every year through my employer American Airlines. It has been since 2010 that I had my hip replacements. They discriminate because they can get away with it and nobody will do nothing against them. I really wish AA would use a different company. According to law my understanding is they can't discriminate against preexisting...
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I didn't like
  • Discrimination
  • Denied to sign up for services
I had to use Metlife for about 3 months due to a failed caroel tunnel surgery. They are who the company i work for use. Beware! They shut your claim down the day you have a doctor visit before you have a chance to even see the doctor. Then the mess wirh their paperwork they want filled out but never seems to get faxed to the doctor office. Yet swear they did. A constant ballte through the whole ordeal. I should have received 2 more weeks...
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Had short term disability coverage paid by my employer, administered by MetLife. I paid for Long Term Disability through MetLife as part of my company benegits package. When i went out on short term disability the claim case manager from MetLife drug his feet and (i later found out) recommended a denial. He drug it out almost 3 months. I later found out he hadnt read past the FIRST page of my medical record (over 2" thick). When i attempte...
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