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Fraudulent chargebacks

This complaint revolves around Merriem Wombacher, she sells under sweetsue_98 on eBay. I sold new skin care products and makeup to the Ms. Wombacher on March 22, 2009. Ms. Wombacher paid me through PayPal. I shipped the order on March 25, 2009 via UPS, with the tracking number 1Z2YR114039****747. The shipment was received on April 1, 2009 @ 4.29p.m., by Ms. Wombacher and she did e-mail me at my request to say that the box had arrived and that "...although the exterior of the box was beaten up, the contents inside were fine." Ms. Wombacher subsequently ordered three times after this shipment and was satisfied with the products, as per her emails to me. On May 1, 2009, I received an e-mail from PayPal stating that Ms. Wombacher had filed a charge-back through her credit card company and that PayPal subsequently withdrew $217.54 from my account. This was all done unilaterally, as I knew of no problems and Ms. Wombacher spoke with me almost daily. PayPal opened a dispute and did an investigation; I sent them all of the evidence I had to support my case. On May 15, 2009, I received an email from PayPal stating that I had won the dispute and they would fight ON MY BEHALF to have the credit card company release my funds to me. To date, the Credit Card Company American Express has refused to release these funds and the buyer, Ms. Wombacher in this case has ignored all requests to return the merchandise to me for a refund. I initially sent her 89 lbs. of items and of those goods she returned 4 Lbs. 3.3 oz. on 05/26/2009, which I documented and refused to accept. I have proven my case, won the dispute and still they have not returned my money. I would like to have criminal charges filed against her. eBay sent me an email and gave me fraud web sites to file a complaint, they said that they would happily cooperate with an investigation. I filed a complaint with Polk County Sheriff's office. Incident number 2009-07****. I will be more than happy to forward all supporting documentation.
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I had an unfortunate, brief encounter (nightmare) with Merriem Wombacher & all I can say is I truly feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with this woman on an ongoing basis. Her negative actions reflect who she is as a person.

In my opinion, she is unprofessional, unreasonable, lacks customer service skills & will do anything & I mean anything, to make her point even when she doesn't have one. She will wrongly accuse you of stealing, make up stories & outright lies about you. She will harass you via email, use foul language, & rant about how she is so successful & smart & you are not. It is well documented that she complains about everything including hairspray, airline service, furniture repair, jewelry, restaurants - you name it.

But not only is she a chronic complainer, she will attempt to go after you by damaging your credibility in business. I imagine a lot of people cave in to her because she goes for the jugular & they are afraid they will lose their favorable business reputation or even their job. And very often her consummate *** allows her to game the system & garner free stuff. This is awful & truly makes me sick to my stomach, yet is ironical, especially when she claims others are dishonest.

Nevertheless, her bullying needs to stop. She hates to be challenged, however Merriem with her abhorrent behavior, has created quite the reputation out there on the worldwide web. So if you for some unknown reason, become extremely unlucky & fall prey to Merriem Wombacher RUN, to authorities.

Do not walk, do not hesitate to contact corporate supervisors, small claims court , law enforcement whomever you need to contact to help yourself & stop her in her tracks. By doing so, she will get everything she rightfully deserves.


Had an experience with Merriem Wombacher via Ebay. What a nightmare!

The woman needs to be institutionalized! She is a liar and a psyco!

I try to be honest, fair, and pleasant to everyone I come in contact with...but quite frankly if I ever were to meet here face to face I think I would stomp her till all that remained would be a greasy spot! She made my life a living *** and I believe there is a special place in *** waiting for her!


You are certainly entitled to your opinion, BUT.... all you need to do is check her feedback on eBay. Not what had been left for her but by her.

And others have commented on their dealings with this loon so it is not just me.

Are you related to her?


Hi, I have worked with Merriem for the past year in Internet sales. I have found her to be personable, professional, and quite honest. I can't help but think that it takes two to tango and that perhaps Merriem felt she was fighting fire with fire in the above cases.


Unfortunately she doesnt change, my experience with her traumatized me! I was sick to my stomache for days after my encounter with her.

Please notify eBay of this. I know for a fact that others have complained and they need to know that she is a loose canon and seriously disturbed. BTW, she also claimed to have a "file on me" in spite of the fact that I have never had an encounter with anyone in my life and lead a very quiet exsistance. Again, complain to eBay.

They are already aware of her exploits so if enough people complain they may do aomething about her. Sorry this happened to you.


wow I just went through *** with this lady, she seriously has no life, she didin;t read an auction I had listed and wanted me to ship something out the next day (day after thanksgiving) yet I stated in the listing it would be sent out within 5 days bc I knew I couldn;t do so sooner due to the holiday, she spent all of thanksgiving sending me harassing e-mails and doing bogus background checks on me e-mailing me info about myself, so then I refunded her her money bc I wanted no further acitivity with her so she leaves me my one and only negative feedback, seriusly ebay needs to kick her old *** off ebay!!!!


Please remove this post. It is imperative that it be removed as soon as possible. Thank you, Pamela Lopez



Have you considered selling on other sites? If you have health care product, Amazon has that category open.

It`s not cheap, but has a pretty good worldwide traffic. There are many other opportunities these days to sell online.

About your story-it`s just awful, I can`t believe they let it go like that.

Maybe you should take her to small claims court? Of course, only if you have energy for that, or, maybe just let it be the way it is-something great will come your way in the end.


Thank you, as a result of publishing her real name and city, State, I was kicked off of eBay permenantly and threatened with Jail by her police department if I wrote anything else about her or filed with fraud agencies. Even after I supplied all of the proof necessary to prove my case, I was told that I would go to jail.

I was threatened with harassment charges even though I never called her and attempted to do it legally.

Is there something wrong with this picture? :eek


Wow! Not too surprised by all of your comments.

She is a snake, but she is already very unhappy person, and that`s why she is a psycho (or vise versa) I truly admire the author for posting her name to protect other people from Merriem Wombacher. STAY AWAY!

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