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I returned my defective shoes to Merrell Canada after 6 months of use because they were falling apart. About 1.5 months later they asked me to select a new pair from their web site because they did not have my model. It has been 3 months since I contacted them for the first time and I am still waiting for them to reply to me informing me that the new shoes they asked me to select are on the way. These were my 3rd pair of Merrell shoes and...
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I didn't like
  • I did not like it
Placed an order for Merrel MOAB ventilators. Next day received a voicemail saying that they were sending it to a different address than the one I put on the order. I called back immediately and just got an obnoxious voicemail saying that they weren't available with no option to leave a message. I called the next day and specifically instructed them to mail my boots to the correct address and got a confirmation that it was being shipped to my...
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