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Dog was given Merial Heartgard Plus. She began vomiting profusely. I called the customer care line and they were rude and uncaring. I will never purchase another Merial product and advise other animal lovers to avoid these products as well. Merial employees stated they could not tell me how long adverse reactions last. Even after explaining I live in a rural are without access to an emergency vet on a Sunday she kept repeating she would only...
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  • Dog being ill
My dog is undergoing heartworm treatment. We didn't miss a single dose of Heartguard for her or our other 4 dogs however, since ONE box was purchased from a different vendor than our vet's office Merial will not stand behind their product guarantee to assist with her treatment. Even though the FDA's guidelines (according to the American Heartworm Society) states: "This means heartworm preventives must be purchased from your veterinarian or with...
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I ordered chewable heartworm medication for my dog. I verified through the description and picture that I had selected the proper product. "Made with real beef, is a chewy treat for dogs" and "easy to adminster". What I received was generic HARD tablets. When you select generic they substitute another product that does NOT match the description. Now I have to crush the tablets and mix it with soft dog food...that is NOT easy to administer as...
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Merial Heartgard Plus Dewormer Review

We have used PetShed for years and have had nothing but great service. Took the generic heartgard chewable to my vet and compared the product and the vet said it's comparable to the brand name. 5 years later all dogs are doing great. So the product must be working.