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I have used Frontline and then Frontline Plus on two different dogs at different times. My dog is covered with fleas. This has never happened before. Will I have a flea problem in my home now which will require pesticides to take care of that problem? Does the companys development of their new, prescription only product (Nexgard) have anything to do with this or is there a bad batch of Frontline Plus out there? Looking at other reviews here and...
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rollo2016 It would appear the fleas---at least in your area---have developed a tolerance/resistance to the active ingredients in some fleas medicines. Best to try a different brand that...

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  • Bad product frontline plus for dogs and cats
We have 8 cats that go in and out last year we used frontline only to have to switch to advantage with good results during the winter we have no type of flea problems so when spring came around we went back to Frontline because that is what our vet sells well we took our cat to vet today only to tell us our sick cat (heart) is totally infested with fleas so after 4 months of Frontline use we now have to switch again and try and get fleas gone...
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