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Review from Yorba Linda, California

I am a first time boat owner and bought a new motor from rob. I could not have been more pleased with all the help and info I got from him and the mech. They answered all questions and bent over backwards for me to help me understand the motor I bought and other things that might help me with the pitch of the motor on the back of the boat. Thank you all for your help, I feel confident in running my motor and enjoying it this summer. Cindy Mc
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map-marker Richardson, Texas

Service issue

I bought a brand new 2013 Four Winns H230. The owner stayed after hours to finsh the deal for me. After 3 weeks of use, an alarm went off in the boat about 7pm, but I texted Hart and told him. He immmediately texted me back and told me he was sorry and that I could come in the morning and they would get straight on it. He asked me to be there at 6am to meet the mechanic, Dustin. When I arrived, they immmediately took my boat back and started testing to re-create the problem. Within 10 minutes the problem was discoverd. After several tests, they found the ultimate issue and fixed it. I was out of the dealer by 10:30 am and back on the water by 1pm. To say I have a complaint would be far from the truth. I can't say enough good things about MBC. I assure you, based on the experiences I have had, they are a good business. I highly recommend them!!! Also, I am a business owner. I have read the above reviews and understand frustrations. We are all human and make mistakes from time to time. With any mechanical item you purchase, things will break. It is a process to fix things sometimes and to discover the ultimate cause. Every dealership or shop I have ever used will replace parts they think are the problem. Sometimes they get it right, sometimes they don't. It is the nature of the beast when working with mechaincal issues. As far as the rebate program. I insure several ATV dealerships. When the rebate program was released several years ago, I warned them of the risk. Sure enough, the program failed and ultimately lawsuits were filed. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Brad Clark, Batesville, MS
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Used boat from memphis boat cenetr

Engine blown rotten floor. Yea finally a complaint blog about memphis boat center here . I bought a used winner boat a few years ago from memphis boat center, when i was a boat novice. I was told the boat ran great and nothing was wrong with it it just needed some cosmetic work. Well dumbutt me bought the boat (financed it)through the bank. Took the boat up to pin oak lake the motor stated making a knocking noise Yes memphis boat center mechanic started it up for me before I bought it. Engine was load out of water in boat shop couldn't here pinging noises because I really did not know what to listen for I guess mecahnic did not either). At Pin Oak lake ran boat for about 20 minutes starting pinging and smoking. Guess what boat motor quit, no more boat motor. I know none cares, but had to paddle boat back to boatramp about 2 hours . Called Memphis boat center on Monday, they basically told me (to bad) no warranty nothing we can do. So here i am with a worthless boat engine blown and having to pay monthly boats notes to the bank for the next 3 years. Sold boat and trailer to a junk man for 200.00 paid (4800.00). He took carpet out of the boat and the floor was molded and rotten in several places. Like I said my bad I was a boat novice, just wanting a fun an dependable boat not perfect but dependable. Memphis Boat center you got your 4800 out of me, but I assure I have cost you that and more in negative publicity. You see I work for a major company here in memphis that employs hundred people and i supervise several hundred of those people. I assure I have cost several boat sales because they way you did me and I will continue to cost you several more. Yea you got your your 4800 out of me with your yes the boat runs great, its lake ready, take it to lake an go. Although it was a few years back, you can be assured, I will NEVER FORGET IT!!!!!!
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I have to say that when you buy a used boat your always taking a chance either from a dealer or an individual. I happened to purchase a used boat from Memphis Boat Center and after a short period of running it developed a serious problem which eventually ended up costing over $3700 to repair at another marina.

I contacted Hart Robinson about the issue as I was told that it was caused by a mistake on the part of a service technician. Hart was very apologetic and after discovering that a service tech did indeed cause the issue he said he was sending me a check for the entire cost of the repair!!!

Now, I bought this boat "as is" and he could have washed his hands of the situation but he didn't. I think Hart is an honorable man and Memphis Boat Center an honorable business.

Kyisha Ovr

Hello Winner boat owner, please contact me about this as your comment was submitted as anonymous. My name is Hart Robinson and I am the owner of Memphis Boat Center.

My number is 901-744-****. I would like to address your issue and experience. We keep very good records here and have no record of a Winner brand boat being sold in the last 12 years. We also are closed on Mondays and have been for more than a decade, perhaps your call was placed on a Tuesday?

We strive to provide boats in the best condition possible but certainly are not perfect.

Please contact me so we can determine who you are and what boat you had. Your experience is not one we want to repeat.

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Memphis Boat Center, liars and thieves

I purchased a new boat (Moomba Outback V) from Memphis Boat Center in May 2008. Part of the price negotiation and sales contract was a $2000 cash rebate. This rebate was initiated, negotiated, signed, and promised by Memphis Boat Center salesman and sales managers. I never received the cash rebate. When I returned to Memphis Boat Center to talk with the current manager, Cooper Robinson I was met with arrogance and a defensive demeanor. He stated, "what do you want me to do about it?" "we are not going to do anything" "times are tough right now" "you should get a lawyer". By his reasoning it is ok to steal and lie since "times are tough". He also stated that it was Mastercraft's idea to give the rebate and now there is no money available, so it is not the fault of Memphis Boat Center. When Memphis Boat Center is the only one involved in the deal. How do you think they will stand behind a warranty from a new boat? It was built by Moomba, Mastercraft, etc... It is not our fault they did not build a good product. "We just sold it to you. They told us it was valid." Save yourself the trouble and buy/service your boat somewhere else. This group is run by individuals such as Cooper Robinson who will flat out negotiate, sign, and promise one thing and then lie and steal from you. When confronted he will tell you to get a lawyer, good luck getting anything from me. I have all documentation and proof of this transaction. I am also not the only one to be scammed by Memphis Boat Center. I do not want anyone else to be ripped off.
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I was considering buying a boat from memphis boat center but after reading this I am having my doubts. Whether or not whos fault is to blame, Mastercraft or MBC, it seems to me that memphis boat center dropped the ball on this one.

When you are in the selling business and you put your name behind a product, and do not stand behind it, I do not want to buy noting from the company. $2,000 is a drop in the bucket to what this gentleman paid for a Moomba ski boat.

Then to be talked down to by a salesman at the boat center and told to get a lawyer and sue is unbelievable! MBC should have gave this gentleman the $2,000 they promised and then sued Mastercraft, instead of leaving your customer holding the bucket.


I have recently delt with Rob and Hart and they bent over backwards and even stayed after closing to help me with a purchase. I will tell all I know Memphis Boat Center is where to go.


Mr. Cobb,

Cooper certainly didn't properly communicate the reason why you didn't receive the $2000 rebate.

I apologize for the way it was handled and the situation as a whole. Please allow me to explain. Memphis Boat Center was introduced to a program called Cash Rewards by Mastercraft Boat Company. After vetting the program for over 2 years, and hearing success stories of people who had received checks, we decided to offer the same program with the sale of some of our boats as a thank you to customers for choosing to do business with us.

We invested our marketing dollars into a fund that paid out to certificate holders that money (which was to grow over time) who took the proper steps to claim that money 3 years after the purchase. As it turns out, the company is now in bankruptcy court (see the BBB website and search Cash Rewards, links are not permissable here), and it's owner being investigated by the FBI for fraud (see the website, or email me for more information). It is our sincere regret that we ever got involved with Cash Rewards and apologize to you that it turned out the way it did.

Certainly had we known, we wouldn't have invested our thousands upon thousands of dollars into the program. Please call me if you would like to discuss it further.

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map-marker Huntsville, Texas

Memphis boats is horrible!!!

Poor ethics/no ethics!! I would not suggest memphis boats center to anyone!! As soon as you think you have a deal set and have your financing and everything straight--you get there to pick up the boat and they try to pull more money out of you and have you pay cash for other things they "forgot" to include or that they need... By far the most ridicuous business I have ever delt with. This place is a scam!! I would steer clear of this place if you want a good clean deal on a boat and to avoid bein there next screw over
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I'm not very computer savvy at age 65 but I was just shown this website and read the posts on it. I'd like to comment on this man's complaint - the man who says we have poor ethics/no ethics.

This fellow from Houston, TX called us and wanted to trade his ski boat for a used ski boat we had.

We gave him a an estimate on what we would give him for his trade if it was in good condition. When he drove up here he arrived with a trailer that was so rusted out that we would not trade for it (it was worthless and dangerous). We gave him a revised (lower) value on his trade and he would not accept it. So all this misery was caused by the man himself for not revealing the true condition of his trade.

If this is poor ethics, then I guess I am guilty! Cooper Robinson


To whom it may concern,

In Nov. of 2010, (after all boats in stock had been winterized) I contacted and bought a '91 sea ray.

The staff went out of their way to accomodate me by staying well after closing time on a friday to do all the necessary paperwork. Furthermore Mr. Robinson escorted me to a local lake where he allowed me to launch and drive the boat to assure that everything was in working order before we finanized the deal---all after closing time, mind you. Turns out the alternator needed replacing (which he did with a smile) and after the test drive he once again winterized the boat for me---all AFTER closing time.

The story doesn't end there...on at least three different occasions since I bought the boat I have called the center with questions, to which Mr. Robinson spoke with me personaly and helped me with, and he didn't have to. This was a nine year old boat that had been gone from the center for a year. I can't imagine getting bad service from that company.

Thank you Hart for your help. tony_pullen23@***.com


I agree with the first post. Memphis Boat Center will lie and steal from you.

They stole $2000 from me that was promised via rebate and Cooper Robinson (MBC owner)said "times are tough, what do you want me to do? I'm not going to give you what we promised, too bad."


I've had multiple good experiences with Memphis Boat Center. Everything has been super--on time, within budget, good advice, accommodating to my schedule. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

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Hayden A Iaq
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Memphis Boat Center Repair Ripoff

Please do not use Memphis Boat Center for any of your boating needs....New or used boat purchases, and especially boat repair. I recently took my jon boat in for repairs and they fixed something that didn't need to be fixed, charged me for it, and then when I took my boat out again it was doing the same thing as before. When I took it back they "diagnosed it" as another problem and wanted to charge me another $250 on top of the $250 they already charged me. They use deceitful business practices and I will never return!!!!!!
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I am a new boat owner that am looking for a place to service my boat. I hate to see people pissed off. Thank god for the Internet!


I have been using Memphis Boat Center for years - maybe 20. I have got three boats there.

I have never been treated wrong and they are very courteous.

I wonder what is really behind these complaints. Probably somwe personal problems.


I would agree with them having poor business practices and would never consider using memphis boat center nor would I recommend them to anyone. The employees and especially the owner have no business ethics what so ever.. This place is a complete scam and I will be reporting them to the manufactures they deal with.


Are you going to do anything besides a form letter bs blow off? That isn't the type a response I would expect from a business that says they "prides themselves". I will not use you anymore either.


I am sure sorry this was your experience. We prIde ourselves on complete honesty and strive to treat our customers the way we want to be treated. We are disappointed we couldn't agree and wish you the best.

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