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I find it really pathetic the the last 3 or 4 reps that I've called for trying to change the name on our acct from my Mother's to mine has been a NIGHTMARE! It should be a very simple procedure but the reps just make no room for compromise! It's not sad enough that I just lost my mother, but was trying to continue having TV service. But that wasn't good enough for the reps. All they kept offering was New Service with a $100 installation fee!!!! What the heck! That's Insane! Well they can keep their high priced ***. Thanks to their reps for helping Mediacom...
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Told me they could NOT remove extra services they claim I ordered, until I pay account in full so meanwhile they keep charging for service add ons I don't want! Isn't this illegal? Criminal? 4. Can not find anyone at mediacom to escalate these problems, they just argue it's all my fault. Customer appears to have no escalation process, plus each representative gives me different answers, although none of them have been able to resolve any of...
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Medicom hired a contractor to install new cabling in our subdivision and broke our sprinkler system.Since they were working for several days we do not know exactly when they broke it. On Friday 8/5/2016 I turned on the sprinkler to discover the breakage. They said they would repair it by Monday 8/8/2016 when I showed them the water spraying up like a fountain. -As of today it has been a week and no repair has been performed. I attempted emailing...
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Mediacom Cable Installation Review

We have no internet, phone or tv. We purchased a new house from dr Horton craft farms north. It's been 10 months and all we have is pipes sticking out of the front of our home. They are liars they do not stand by there promises and as for the organisation it has to be the world's worst. Unfortunately we have no other choice for internet so we wait. Don't move to gulf shores alabamza