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I called their 800 # and ordered the special deal of $29 + added an additional product for another $10- which brought my total to $39- which was charged on my AMEX. Soon after the following month I see another charge of $49- I disputed the same and the following month...
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Hello, We would like to look into the status of your account and assist you directly. Please contact our Corporate Customer Service Escalation Team here: and someone from our team will contact you shortly to learn more about your experience. Thank you.

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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set
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Meaningful Beauty in New York, New York - Didn't Order - Have to PAY anyways!

I ordered the introductory set and the results were okay - nothing lifechanging - but just okay. But then, I received an invoice several months later for $125 stating that they sent me a 90-day set as well and I needed to pay for it immediately or they were sending me to collections. I never ordered the product, I never received the product and yet MY CREDIT is being ruined because they "auto-sent" product to me after I ordered the introductory set. It's been in debt collections for a year and I have written letters and nobody will respond. AWFUL!!!! DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE PEOPLE - IT'S A RIPOFF!
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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

Meaningful Beauty is not what it seems.

I ordered this product in November for what I thought was a 30 day supply for a total of $46.65. I was told I would be charged that price every month for a new supply. It took about 3 weeks for the product to arrive. In December I was being charged again and I wasn't even close to being finished with the first order. I decided to cancel and that's when I got a little surprise. I was told I had to first pay a balance of $46.65. I didn't understand why I had a balance when I was just charged and hadn't even received the order yet. I was told that my initial order was a 90 day supply and my payment of $139 and change was being broken up into 3 payments...SHOCKER. I never had that conversation when I first placed my order. I was ordering it because I was given the impression that there was a special going on for $39.95. They were very MISLEADING. Apparently the only way for me to now cancel and be refunded is to send my supply back. The customer service rep I spoke to was not exactly what I would describe as polite, after giving me the return address he hung up the phone before I even got a chance to end the conversation. I will be sending the product back immediately and hope they honor their 60 day money back guarantee. The lesson learned here is, having a big name celebrity behind a product/company doesn't mean it's any good. BEWARE OF MEANINGFUL BEAUTY.
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i know how all this works if you want my help....... But i will give some ideas on this cause people are not understanding what is going on when you get your 3 month supply say you get it on Saturday you call them Monday and tell them that you don't want them to send you anything else ok..

say you buy 197 dollars worth of Meaningful Beauty and you order over the phone that is the best way to buy your product what happens is they will tell you on the phone how much it will cost you a month for your 3 monthly installments of 64.00 even that is just an idea of what your monthly bill will be.... for here's an idea say you bought 2 kits and it cost you 115.47 out right for 5 piece set then you turned around and bought a 197 dollar kit with 8 pieces in it now you are paying about 64.00 or 65.00 even every month for the net 3 months it also goes by how much one item cost and if your not a member if your a member you get the member price if not a member then you pay full price and that will cost a lot more then what you had wanted to pay but know matter what you buy you still have a 3 month billing cycle third month by the 3rd week in that 3rd month they will send out your next kit........( IF YOU DO NOT CALL THEM AND TELL THEM......

NOT TO SEND YOU ANYTHING ELSE ) it is very easy once you get the hang of the 3 month billing cycle trust me I'VE been there this is why I am trying to help someone else out........ I hope i was some help Jennn i hope you have a good rest of the day


This is exactly what happened to me and in fact just got off the phone with them. The advertisement does not state you will be billed in three installments of $39.95, I was under the impression every month you get a package plus your monthly rate of $39.95 if you want to continue to purchase the products and cancel when you like. This has me very aggravated and I will not purchase from them anymore!!

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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

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