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Meaningful Beauty in Las Vegas, Nevada - Never Disclosed True Price

I fell for the ads, too. I purchased the initial kit, was debited and received products. I liked them. I still like them! Then I was debited the 2nd payment, and did receive the 90 day kit but decided $55 per month was too pricy for skin care so I called to cancel. The rep said no problem, we've cancelled your account. NEVER did the rep mention that I was paying off the 90 day supply cost of over $150, or that my account would still be debited 2 additional payments. Lying by omission is STILL LYING! When I saw the 3rd payment debited, I called THAT MINUTE and got a rep whose attitude was essentially "too bad, you still gotta pay". I insisted on speaking to a supervisor, and was connected to "Rashida". Her statement was that the pricing info for the 90 day kit is given to the customer and noted on invoices and online. To this, I objected, and stated she was forcing me to file a complaint with the BBB and to post additional complaints in online forums. At this point, she agreed to issue a credit for the 3rd payment and to cancel any and all future transactions and debits. I then emailed the Customer Service link on the website summarizing the conversation I'd had with "Rashida" and requesting confirmation that her statements were accurate. I received a reply saying future payments were cancelled, but nothing about the credit I'd been promised. I replied to their email asking them to confirm that the promised credit had been issued, but have received nothing back as yet. I've already filed a complaint with the BBB. What chaps me the most is that Cindy Crawford, someone I grew up seeing in the media and whom I have admired, has put her name behind unethical and dishonest business and advertising practices. Yes, the products are quite nice, and yes, I'm still using them until they're gone. But this in no way negates the fact that the company dupes customers, hides the actual costs of the product, fails to promptly and properly address complaints, and provides dismal customer service. Way to go, Cindy! You've proven you can be as dishonest, unethical and greedy as any American capitalist business MAN. Putting one over on hardworking women who just want to look a little younger, a little less tired, a little less wrinkled; taking their hard-earned dollars after they've cancelled their "subscriptions"...what's your cut of each dishonest debit, Cindy?...shame on you.
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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

Meaningful Beauty Is Bunk

The items are sooo small, no way do they last 30 days, so I was curious about the 90 day supply, it as well may last 2-3 weeks, but not 90 days. I agree, Cindy Crawford should be ashamed of her scam. I personally did't notice that these products were any better than most drug store products. My face broke out after a few weeks, and I stopped using it, to have back my clear, soft skin. Do not buy with high expectations, but if you do,cancel immediately when you receive the 30 day supply,to keep from being charged again, keep all packaging, return for refund when you use it for the 30 days, and it does nothing.. Be sure to have the post office track the return as well. If we all do as they say...return for full refund if not satisfied,they can't make any money on this *** product.
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u r right, these products don't last 3 months, they last more than that.

I also thought they wouldn't last that long, but I have been using them for a couple of months over 4 years now, they usually last me around 5 months, I took myself off of autoship and call in when I am going to need another kit. I know there are some p*ssed off people on this site about the product, but I love meaningful beauty and will continue using it for more years to come. My only regret it that I didn't start using it earlier, I was 41 when I started and I will be 46 this Fall, I have developed no more fine lines than what I had when I started, so it must be doing something right!

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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

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