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Meaningful Beauty Customer Care Review

I got charged one month in may when i wasn't suppose to be charged until July. They refunded me 49.95 but took out 59.95. Not happy at all about this. I want to cancel and I cannot tell a difference at all in my skin. Waste of money.
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Meaningful Beauty Customer Care
Reason of review
Problems with payment

Meaningful Beauty in Chicago, Illinois - Meaningful dissatisfaction!!!

I received a package from your company in error. The package was inadvertently forwarded to my home. It was meant for a person in in a totally different city and state. My daughter used to live in that same city but has since moved to another state. Your customer Coincidently has the same last name so the package was sent to my daughter's forwarding address. I have tried calling you 4 times and was dealt with nothing but arrogant and extremely rude people. I went over and above trying to communicate this with you. Your web page advertises free delivery. Really! Your customer's name was covered up by the USPS with a label with my daughter’s name on it. When delivery was made there was $10.00 delivery due. My husband seeing that it was addressed to my daughter paid the $10.00 accepted the package and then realized it was for someone else. I have made every effort with your company to try to figure out how to get this package to the correct person as well as receive my $10.00 back. I got nowhere. I was transferred, put on hold, got recordings and told I was responsible for the cost of the package. NO, I AM NOT! ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Don't want the package, don't use your product and do not order any type of product on line. I am going to bring this package back to the post office and will probably have to take a loss for the $10.00. But not before I place my dissatisfaction on line for all customers to read. Hopefully your customer will get the product which she paid for. All I am getting here is $10.00 expense for trying to do the right thing. Nobody I spoke with seemed to know how to get me the $10.00 returned. Then today a person from E Coast Inc. (???) called me, told me they were returning my call. I asked who they were and was told "if you don't know who you call then figure it out." and then hung up. Your company runs a very poor customer service and HR sure needs some improvements. Not sure when you will receive the package but it will be returned. This experience sure has made it very easy to not ever think of purchasing your "Cindy Crawford" product. I hope your customer receives the package which was probably more expensive than it should be. Estee Lauder or Clinique does the same and you are not having to deal with outsourced customer service and your so-called “Free Delivery.”
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I am totally disgusted with famous people who I once had respect for! Selling these scams for $$$$.

These products don't work they are scams!

They use botox Juvaderm plastic surgery and claim their beauty products are what is keeping them young. At age 48 I still looked good and didn't use anything but a facial scrub, moisterizer lipstick and mascara!


Eat the $10, use the products, never accept anything else! DONE DEAL!

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  • Customer service received
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Meaningful Beauty Cream Review

Meaningful Beauty was a disappointment! It made my fine lines more pronounced. I was actually looking older after use!
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Meaningful Beauty Cream
Reason of review
Damaged or defective

Cancellation Policy Review

I canceled my orders with Meaningful Beauty far future orders and they are still trying to charge my credit card. my phone number is 630 808 1278
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I finally ordered the kit. The lady on the phone was nice, I even upgraded to a few extra products. 49.99 was my total. I told the lady after hearing the 90 day explanation and how they will renew my order in 30. Which seemed a bit soon, but I only wanted 1 order. I...
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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

Scam Products Review

Do not use these products!!! I know her sister and so I thought these products would be trustworthy. SCAM!!!! shame on you Cindy!
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Meaningful Beauty in Chicago, Illinois - Ordered per the infomercial with different outcome

I ordered this product and thought I was getting it for the price of $39.95 and the when it came in the mail, it was a price of $149.95. I proceeded to cancel and they were so rude on the phone. They told me that I would be charged for the other two charges and then it would be at least 4-6 weeks before I would get a refund and once they received their product. Very, very deceitful. Someone should stop this company from getting away with this type of business. They never said on the commercial that this was for a total price of $149.95. I would have never purchased it.
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Oh my goodness!!!! I'm shocked at this.

I just ordered Friday which was just 3 days ago and I got my order rushed but still haven't received product. I hope this isn't going to happen to me too. I'm very sorry u had this happen to you.

I'm praying I'm not going to have to get a lawyer over this!!! :sigh


Tyty I was just getting ready to order I am so thankful that I look at the comments before I did,,, what a shameeee,,, :eek :eek i stick to my lemon and honey and cucumber water


I fell for this *** too, ordered from 'special offer' TV commercial. Next day I received an E-mail confirmation informing me I would be charged $150.11 Canadian.

I telephoned immediately to cancel and was told "too late it's already been shipped" which was untrue (according to the shipping notice on the package it wasn't sent till the following week). I returned the package upon receipt with written instructions to cancel the subscription, credit my account and not to send me any more product. This is being ignored, its one month and I still have no credit, plus they continue to send me product and charge my account.

The second parcel arrived yesterday and is going back today. I'm really frustrated and at a loss as to what to do next to stop these people.....I wish I'd never seen that darned commercial.


I'm so glad I read this! I was going to order this but I changed my mind.

Sorry this happened to you!

How dare Cindy Crawford represent such a dishonest company. It always comes down to one!

Don't give up! Fight for what is right!


I can't believe she would be involved with such a company either. I am so angry at myself for falling for this scam.

It's the principal of the thing.

I don't like being forced to pay for something that I don't even know if I will like and then be charged automatically.

Glad you read the review too.

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Meaningful Beauty

I ordered the product from a tv ad. The order taker never told me it was small amounts of their products they were sending me and I would have to purchase their product every month. Also they did not tell me that if I was not satificed I would have to pay for postage back. When I called they said that all the information was on the back of the invoice that they send me with my purchase, are you kidding, you have to actually receive the products in order to get the correct information. Total rip off-never again!!!!!
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Meaningful Beauty in Chicago, Illinois - Tried to return unused product

Returned full three month supply of cosmetics (unopened) tracked shipment and signature. Turned in all info to MB had numerous discussions, said they would refund in December, 6 weeks ago. Said the returns weren't processed correctly redone, etc, etc...still waiting for the return to be credited in 3 even amounts of $46.66 because their system couldn't handle full return? I have talked to sales person after sales person to no avail. I even got a call back from a supervisor that I learned didn't put the credit thru correctly! I am steaming mad. Cindy Crawford Shame On You!How can YOOU support this?
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Meaningful beauty is a scam

This was probably the worse scam I fell for not only does it not work but kept sending me stuff after I canceled and charging my credit card and would not remove the charges. THEY ARE SCAMS!!! I called several times to get this problem resolved but of course you talk to several different people and everyone of them tell you something different. I truely would not recommend this to anyone. We all know Cindy Crawford has had plastic surgery to look like she does. Just a way to get violable women like me to spend our hard earned money.... melissa
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