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Meaningful Beauty in Pompano Beach, Florida - UGHHH...What a Scam!!

I am ALWAYS disappointed by these Guthie-Renker companies!Having known this I ordered anyway! After ordering the product online and not fully understanding their "deal" which I believe is intentionally misleading & confusing...I received my products almost 2 weeks after my card was charged! My complaint is not with the actual product which as a beauty professional, I truly loved...but with the way Meaningful Beauty baits, switches & confuses their customers. Each order arrives with a different set of products in an attempt to manipulate the consumer into purchasing different items in the line. The website is fraught with technical glitches that made it impossible to get any assistance without calling directly to customize my order so that I could receive the products I preferred. The scam is that you are told that each order after your initial starter kit is a 90 day supply. This is an outright lie!!! In actuality your lucky if the core products last beyond 30 days because they are no larger than the small & believe me I tried using the minimum amounts between shipments but inevitably ran out long before my next shipment arrived! It's as if this company purposely confuses the customer to the point of being deceptive about billing, shipping & quantity! Unless you cancel after your very first shipment YOU the customer lose! Don't be fooled by these types of companies! You are far better off buying these types of products from a department or beauty store or online from a company that sells direct without all the smoke & mirrors!
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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

Meaningful Beauty is more like Meaningful Ripoff

In November 2010 I purchased the 30 day trial starter kit of Meaningful Beauty products to try out. I used the product for 2 weeks but did not feel that it lived up to all the hype so I returned the 30 day kit which I paid $39.95 via USPS and paid for delivery confirmation. Their "policy" is, if for any reason you're not completely satisfied, just return the containers within 60 days of receipt and you'll get a full refund of the purchase price (minus shipping and handling costs). I also called them on 12/26/10 and told them I did NOT want anymore shipments and the customer "service" lady told me I "she took care of it" and I "wouldn't be charged anything else." Four days later, I receive another box of Meaningful Beauty products which I refused. I marked on the package "REFUSED – ACCOUNT CLOSED – DID NOT ORDER" and promptly put it back in my mailbox on 12/31/2010. A charge was then placed on my AMEX Blue credit card of for which I do not possess any of their products! I called Meaningful Beauty on 3/3 to request my refund on all my money but the not so helpful and rather rude customer service person (named Jeremy, Employee ID 2231265) told me they never got the shipment returned to them and that he had not intensions of refunding my money. After researching more about Meaningful Beauty, I discovered that this "situation" is a common practice for them. Over and over they "claim" to have "never received" the returned shipment. This is consumer FRAUD and I wish file a formal complaint for the $173.78 that was charged to my credit card. Filed BBB Complaint. Here's the link if you've been scammed too:
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That is so true! HORRIBLE and RUDE customer service, they don't listen and raise their voice when they feel too, even if you cancel they charge money on your card and every time you try to cancel they don't do it :( MEANINGFUL BEAUTY IS A WASTE OF MONEY!!!!!!! DON'T BUY IT!


I ordered the kit and changed my mind because I read all these postings, and they refunded me everything no problem. I now regret returning it and I will probably re order as I've researched it more and heard a lot of good things about it.


I also return my products but I did receive an email confirmation that it was returned. It is not doing me any good for it is now past two months and I have not received my money back.

How many times can they say the check is in the mail? I did file with the BBB, I don't know what else to do.


Do they have it in your hand writing at least one time and vevified by you that you wrote canceled, then your done with them.

Call your credit card company tell tell this co is sticking you for something you didn't order, or receive(because you refused package). Dosen't matter if they didn't get they make-up back or not.

Stop calling them. Have credit card company freeze them out girlfriend- Your Meaningful!!!

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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

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