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Meaningful Beauty in Washington, District Of Columbia - Double charged my credit card

you guys double charged my credit card and I am a new customer what the *** is that ? my order number is are EDS10C54C5 and are EDS10C54C6 why I only made one order you know what I want to cancel both orders because I can’t believe that you guys would do such a thing to me like I’ve never encountered a situation like this in my entire life system. Another I'd like to mention is that I want my money back because I want to cancel both of them and I no longer want your products .so please give me a refund of my money as soon as possible.
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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set
I watched Cindy Crawford on TV and thought I'd try it, as I am 37 and love great cleansers, moisturizers, etc.. to help prevent an aging complexion. I used it and wasn't real impressed. My teenage daughter liked it, so I let her use the rest of the supply. Then I...
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I don’t order anything online for the same reason. They take advantage of the situation.

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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

Meaningful Beauty

Update by user Dec 10, 2011

So it is now Dec 10th and I still have not received my refund. After spending several days talking to the post office trying to get my proof of delivery, they stated that it had been returned to them.

They also stated that it goes back to HP yes they say HP warehouse that ships all of Guthy-Renker\'s and other corporations products like Proactive and many others go through HP. They stated that it takes them a long time for Guthy-Renker to get it back into their system because HP would get the product back and then have to get it back to Guthy-Renker. This is why it takes them so long and sometimes why things get lost and you as a customer get charged. If you do not get a proof of delivery you will cause yourself a lot of stress trying to find the package you sent back.

The post office stated they get many complaints form people about stuff they sent back to Meaningful Beauty(Guthy-Renker) stating they never get the packages. So after talking to several Managers at the post office in Des Moines, I called back Meaningful Beauty and stated that indeed the post office has delivered my package back to you guys. They then asked if I had a tracking number I gave them the one the P.O. gave me and she magically found it in the system as a being returned and then stated I would get a check in the mail.

This was back on November 11th. Almost a month later still no check in the mail. I will again be calling them on Monday to see what the next step is to getting my refund. I am sure I will be told it could take several months or weeks before I get the check.

Seriously the customer service that is given from this company is so bad that I can\'t believe they can get away with this. Unfortunately the infomercial really reals you in and you don\'t realize the stress and time it is going to take you to cancel and or return a product to get your money back. I hope many read this before ordering. Unfortunately I think we all end up here after we have had a bad experience with them and are now trying to get the word out.

Best way to spread the word ladies and gentleman is thorough word of Mouth so pay it forward.Spread the word to everyone you know to stay away from Guthy-Renker products. If they think it is o.k.

to treat customers like this then it is our responsibility to spread the word so they no longer have customers to treat this way. Companies should not be allowed to do this.

Original review posted by user Nov 04, 2011

Do not order this product. Returning this product will turn into a battle. They tell you they never receive the product back and the only way they can check to see if they have the product back is by the Post office tracking number of proof of delivery. If you don't have this number they say they never received the product back. I know this because I called twice once without my number and the other with number. Surprise the second time with my number they had it but could not find in system that it was returned with out that tracking number. Seems really strange to me that is the only way they can track if you package was returned to them. If you don't have this number you will be biting almost 200 dollars on second shipment from them. All and all the product is no different then any other facial lotion you buy at target not worth the headaches. Their Customer Service really sucks. And it is a huge nightmare to return the product. Just not worth the money they are charging and what you will end up spending. Save yourself the headache and don't try it.
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so you guys are dumb.meaningful beauty,sheercover,proactiv,and wen hair care at retail price is muuuuuuch more expensive. one bottle of meaningful beauty at retail price is like $90, in my kit i get each item for $18.00 a piece&all for one shipping cost.if you guys read anything you would know.

my kit comes with return instructions, and OF COURSE I would get some sort of proof that i sent it back...once it leaves my hands,it's in several other peoples hands until it gets to them...which is a win win for me bc i just call in with my tracking number 3 days after i've returned it and they credit me no problem..and if its lost or stolen sinc i have proof,i get my refund either way. you can also control your account from your personal computer(schedule ship dates,customize orders,ect) you would know that too if you read the paper work (the same paper work each shipment aside from payment dates&shipdates)


I actually did a return to sender. So with doing that there was a long code on the receipt that I could go to the post office an track where the package was, like what city it was in.

It isn't as good as the proof of delivery thing but it is still a post office tracking number. I would check your receipt if you got one. Also give it a month to two months then call back. I think it took like 2 months before they said they had mine back.

This place is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with.

Don't expect a quick refund though it is now January 3rd and I still have not got a refund. Although I have been told it's in the mail.


I am now facing this problem..wish I had read your eamil before ordering the product. Did you get a tracking number when you first returned the product or did you go back to the Post office to get it. MB is telling me that they did not get my return as I did not give them a tracking order.

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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

Meaningful Beauty in Washington, District Of Columbia - Cindy Crawford Schemes

I applaud whole heartedly on all of the customer representatives and Cindy Crawford also since she connects her name with this company how to scams hard working people out of their money. First of all, please note that once you have set up the account and gave your credit card information, the only way to stop the continuous unauthorized bill payments charged on your credit card is to cancel your credit card all together. Second, once you purchase the 39.95 S&H one time, it will keep on being delivered without your permission, but wait! You will be billed in three separate payments for it for that one product YOU DID NOT order. Third, your account that you created will still be on file for a year and will be used for their own "records" and will not be deleted. Fourth, your refund will take 4-6wks while still getting billed at the same time for the product that automatically appeared in your mailbox BY CREATING AN ACCOUNT with them. This is how Cindy Crawford and Meaningful Beauty decides how to rip off the AMERICAN people from their hard earned money because we thought as customers that the product is something we might like. Your buisness will represent itself and there are many fustrated customers like me who has to deal with this and unfortunately our ultimatum is to close our credit cards account for you to not reap the benefits from us. You played on our stuipidity and ignorance in order to get rich. I congradulate you that there are loop holes within the system for you guys to get away with this. Dupe us from the start, deal with the whole mess later.
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I was charged 2 charges one for 65.00 and one for 59.00, for which I did not order. They told me, no worries it is canceled out.

In the meantime my card is holding this amount. Watch these people. I would go as far to buy a prepaid card, so they can't rip you off.

My friend was continually sent a new package every month, and she didn't even care for the product. Truthfully, Avon works just as good.


MEANINGFUL BEAUTY ISNT THE ONLY PRODUCT THT IS SOLD UNDER GUTHY W. NAME or title,as u probably already know at least if u hav tried 2 cancel(4 any reason)they wil try 2 get u with the WEN HAIR PRODUCTS 2,so unlike i was&dnt no why i didnt this time,but we as AMERICAN PPLE,we will continue 2 give thes pple our hardearned money unless we take the time&checkout websites like thisn 1 thts actually created by pple lik us,lol,had 2 laugh 2 keep frm crying. but ples(talkin 2 myself b/c my husband hasnt seen my credit card bill yet so i may get killed 4 not comin on here 1st)tak a minute&read reviews on anything&everything tht u cnt lay n ur hand r least cnt pay a cheap cash price 4 b/c lik the old sayin goes,IF ITS 2 GOOD 2 B TRUE,THEN IT PROABLY IS!

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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

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