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Meaningful Beauty won't clear a charge

I ordered the sample kit from Meaning Beauty which sets up a shipment every 3 months. After the first 125.50 I canceled my account. I received another set for 125.50 and sent it back. A month later, I got a bill in the mail stating I owed the 125.50. I called and was told that they did get the product back and it would be credited and I shouldn't receive another bill. The next month I got the same bill saying I owed them. Called AGAIN and was told the same story...I would be credited the amount. The following month I not only got another bill, but now they were sending me to collections. Yet, another phone call reassuring it was taken care of and i should not get any more bills form them. It is now November and I just received another collections bill!!!! To say I am pissed is so understating how I feel. The time I have spent on the phone with this company I not only feel they need to fix the bill but they should have to pay me $125.50!! ugh
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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

Meaningful Beauty

Pay attention to before and after pictures of not just Cindy in the commercial but any other product lines companies are pushing to sell, pay close attention to the first picture, the hair is usually lifeless/ color in the cheeks, light lipstick...second picture Cindy's hair has more color/shine..blush, more lipstick...this is what the public pays attention to. So the next time you see a commercial for any FACE products, check out the before and after...AND folks be sure before you whip out that visa, check on line for complaints, as I did here. Before you buy ANYTHING, call the customer service NUMBER FIRST see what kind of so called service you will or will not get. Where the product is to be returned if need be, once a LOT OF these companies gets your visa number, they will keep charging your card month after months, they do this knowing someone will forget to cancel, or not go through the hassle to get your money back, they will make you want to give up by running you through the mill to get it back, knowing this, you imagine how much money they get to keep of anyone that called in, no product and they have your money and your credit smart people, remember once some one/company gets your money it is going to be next to impossible to get back in some cases. They will put you on hold, or tell you, you have to wait, or we did give a refund (knowing they didn't) outsourcing (you can't understand them and give up)the list goes on....
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Also, when these companies gets a hold of your credit card, you decide and call to cancel any future orders, they keep charging your card, you cannot get rid of them....


I am in a similar situation where I was autoshipped and charged when they had said that I would be informed before the auto ship. I returned their product with their return label and 3 weeks later I have been charged $160 and they are telling me that they did not get my return box and that it is passed their 60 day return policy.


Where will your recipe be posted and when?


I agree. While I haven't ordered anything online in past 10 years due to the billing fraud these companies use, here's some info for those of you who do order: Do NOT ever use your debit card to order.

Buy a set-limit gift card at Walmart or a convenience store. OR get a reloadable card and put on it ONLY the amount you wish to be charged. This way you foil these fraudsters attempts to keep billing. :grin Also, I'm working on a home-made type skin recipe for myself and if I find it improves my skin I'll post for FREE on the internet at some point.

I use food products for some of my facial concoctions & they're effective!

I'm 43, still get carded & have been told I look like I'm 30. You don't need Cindy's expensive products, try some natural skin care instead!

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Meaningful Beauty Beauty Set

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