Because of so many screw-ups on their part I have to constantly call them to correct my bill (it magically increases each month). Calling them is the worst thing ever and i dread it. Customer service is terrible. Their website is the worst- it always says...
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Anonymous MCI is the worse telephone company ever. I can't believe they are still in business. It takes them forever to resolve an issue. If you can find another provider please do not ...

I hooked my phone up with mci and it took a month to get it installed at my house .... Just to find out that the jack inside my house dose not work.... So I call them and have it disconnected and told I would not be charged for anything... Well it's now two months...
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my husband and i are both on fixed incomes and i swiched to a what i thought was a cheaper phone service NOT so i swiched back so i thought. when our next bill came it was just as bad. im not supposed to be charged for local calls they call it local toll service...
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I look at my credit report and you are trying to collect money that I don't owe you please remove this from my credit report my name is Lillie Kidd and this has just pop up on my credit my address is 3701 vaugine I don't ever remember having any service with your company this has to be identity thief my email is or call me at 870-267-5276 thank you
I am a consumer for MCI lately (Although probably for he past year or years they have been charging a $1.99 fee for paper billing. So essentially charging the customer to send them they bill. This is pathetic, not just for me but for nieve people, and elderly people...
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I tried for 4 months, called and complained 8 times because my line quality was so bad I could not hear or have conversation on my land line. MCI sent a lineman out and they said the problem was fixed however there was no differance and I still couldn't hear due to...
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I had to make a phone call to Lithuania for business, I had just hooked up my phone about two months prior and didn't realize I didn't have a long distance providerer. I was unable to connect directly. I called the operator and they asked me which provider I...
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