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| map-marker Deerfield, Ohio

No Follow Up whatsoever

Original review Nov 01, 2023

Do NOT waste your time shopping for any vehicle through McCluskey Chevrolet. They are awful at responding back to your inquiry and even with several different follow up attempts through several methods.

It's insane, normally the dealership would be the one contacting you after you show interest in purchasing a vehicle but sadly McCluskey doesn't seem to be that way.

I purchased from them back in August 2020 and due to living a great deal away had to do everything online and have the vehicle delivered to me, upon delivery the vehicle was driven to me when that wasn't discussed. I was under the impression it would be arriving on a flat bed but no, so after getting past that and being annoyed that unnecessary mileage was added, the vehicle then was missing a key(that was promised in my contract-even though it was a used vehicle) and I had to go through tooth and nail to get a second key sent to me-no charge as well as follow up multiple times to get my plates back(I traded in a vehicle as well and they had it to drive it back to dealership, which I also wasn't aware of) Fast forward three years later and I attempt to purchase from again, thinking it's been some time and maybe they've improved. Guess what? That answer is nope, they haven't.

Same routine of not following up but being told through messages as well as calling in that someone would and for me, "Not to worry!" I'm trying to purchase a vehicle and not the other way around so I'm not worried.

This dealership is just extremely unprofessional and I guess I should take this as a blessing in disguise and shop elsewhere. Also the Sales Rep Glen Schuchart is awful. DO NOT DEAL WITH HIM. He can't respond back to your inquiries what so ever.

So in other words, Thanks McCluskey for not making a sale and losing a repeat customer. Please adjust how you treat your repeat and potential customers going forward.

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User's recommendation: Shop Elsewhere

map-marker Florence, Kentucky

Horrible treatment

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
To whom it may concern, This is going to be a lengthy comment/review. Not sure how many characters are allowed so we will just see how it goes. I came to McCluskey Chevrolet In April of 2019. I was looking around, had a car in mind and had been pre-approved by GM. I will start by saying I was currently upside down in the car I was driving, so It was more about looking around to see what I would be looking at if I traded in. I was met by a young lady who was a salesman on the lot. She asked what I wanted and I told her. After talking to the manager I was informed that I could not get the car I wanted, but I could get one that was in a lower trim package. After looking at the numbers, we agreed on payment, price etc. and we began finalizing the paperwork. By the time they had finished the paperwork, it was me, the sales manager and my salesman. I was told to go ahead and transfer all my belongings out of my old car into the new car. It was pouring down rain and no assistance was offered. I did as I had to do and was waiting for the salesman to return so I could get information on my car as in a walkthrough, how everything worked, etc. When after 15 min I went back in, I was informed by the manager that the salesman was gone and if I needed anything to come or call back tomorrow, as he locked the door and left. Needless to say I left feeling like a number instead of a person. Lets move on to circa May 2021. I was called (notice I said I was called) asking if I would be interested in trading in my car. I was told that due to the current inventory levels, that dealerships were having problems finding good used cars. I explained that I was interested in possibly trading in for a pickup truck, but I had a few issues. One was that I had only had the car two years, and two was that when I traded in my car I was transferring over a balance from my trade in so I was not sure that they would be able to overcome me being upside down. I was told by the salesman that The inventory was so low that they were offering above the value and combining that with the rebates (As I was told the last time, I HAD to buy a new vehicle to eat up some of what I owed) the salesman told me that he would do everything over the phone to ensure that all I had to do was come in and sign the paperwork. He called/texted me probably 5 or 6 times over two days confirming my information. He then said I would hear from him by 12 pm (this was at 9am that morning) after my email filling up with checks against my credit (which dropped by 45 points a week later, but went back to the original score a month later) there was silence. No text saying sorry, we cant get you done. No would you be able to do a down-payment. Not even the old reliable do you have a co-signer. I know this because for a VERY short time before going into the military I sold cars. Just silence. Well over a month now and no response. These reasons are why I will never buy another car from your company. We were planning on buying myself, my wife and my son vehicles in 2023. This will happen but not with your company. I say all that to say this. I consider myself a good person. I expect to be treated with respect and honesty when making a purchase. It was embarrassing, and made me feel like less than a human. If anyone has gone through this song and dance with a dealership, you know how I feel. To not even get e text after YOU reached out to me. YOU texted me for two days. YOU called me multiple times. YOU made a statement on what YOU were going to do. But apparently I was not worth the effort or the time to be given just a little bit of respect. I am one person, and I know in the scheme of things, I am not much of a threat to your business. But I make you this promise. I will ensure everyone that I speak to knows what I think about McCluskey Chevrolet. The people I am waiting with at the Veterans Hospital. The people I work with at the Department of the Air Force. *** I will ensure that the lady bagging her groceries in front of me at the store knows how you operate. Especially after your salesman (whose name I quickly forgot) played up the fact that I was a veteran and that tends to help in some situations. Personally I feel your business ethics are disgusting and I will ensure to post this long winded, but needed statement conveying your work ethic to everyone I can.
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User's recommendation: Go elsewhere

China Iow
map-marker Cincinnati, Ohio

Damaged while in shop

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Updated by user Nov 19, 2018

have not heard anything from McCluskey. I filed a complaint with the better business bureau and they just repeated they did not damage the car and if I was concerned about it being a safety problem, I should contact general motors after their employee advised me it could cause the passenger air bag to malfunction in an accident.

they do not seem to care if it could cause an injury or death and have blocked me from discussing the damage further. thank you in advance for attempting to resolve this issue.

Original review Oct 18, 2018
this issue all began when the warning light came on advising there was a problem with the stabilizer on our 2012 Chevrolet Avalanche. As I researched this issue to see if it may be a simple fix, I noted the issue was a design flaw dating back 2012. I printed off all the information on the internet and proceeded too made an appointment at McCluskey Chevrolet located at the auto mall in Symmes twsp., north of Cincinnati ohio. When I pulled the vehicle into the service department, I was directed to a certain service employee. I showed him the paper work and advised what I had found out and it seemed to be a design flaw in the sensor for the stabiltrac located in the steering column. In a very condescending manner, the employee stated he didn't care what the paperwork stated, we would have to pay a $100.00 diagnostic fee. I objected because the paperwork was very clear what was wrong with the vehicle. After arguing with this person for a period of time, the service manager intervened and took my wife and away from tis employee. Upon leaving the employee my wife stated " you didn't have to be an *** about it". With this, he jumped from his desk area and pursued us across the service area yelling "what did you say to me" in an aggressive manner as if he were going to attack my 62 year old wife. the service mgr. stepped in at lead us to a different employee. Even there, we sere unable to resolve the issue which they said they would waive the diagnostic fee but would have to pay the full $600.00+ to repair the issue. being unable to reach a settlement, we left. The next day. the service manager called and stated they would come half way and we would pay $300.00 for the repairs. We agreed and brought the vehicle in for the service. After the service was completed, we drove the vehicle home. the Next day, we noticed the dashboard was cracked in two locations , one by the passenger side air bag and the other behind the speedometer hump. We returned to the dealership and brought this issue to the service manager's attention. After much discussion, he said that because this too was a design flaw, he would check with GM to see if they would cover it, if not we would have to pay $1,300 to have a new dashboard installed. We were told that if it was not repaired, it could cause the air bag on the passenger side to malfunction. The service manager called us back and advised McCluskey would pay for the labor but we would be responsible for the part, $600,00. We felt this was unjust as the vehicle as not damaged when they repaired the sensor which required removal of the steering column located dust below the damaged area. they are denying any liability for the damage and have since blocked me from further conversations.
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Reason of review:
Damaged or defective

Preferred solution: repair what they damaged

Jamyia Rgv
map-marker Cincinnati, Ohio

McCluskey Chevrolet Worst experience ever, Avoid McCluskey Chevrolet’s service department at all cost

McCluskey Chevrolet Worst experience ever, Avoid McCluskey Chevrolet’s service department at...
Updated by user Aug 21, 2013

On August 19, the president of McCluskey Chevrolet has contacted me and has acknowledged my dissatisfaction with my experience. He has agreed to fairly compensate me. McCluskey Chevrolet has acted in good faith to satisfactorily resolve this situation and I no longer feel wronged.

Original review Aug 08, 2013
Avoid McCluskey Chevrolet’s service department at all cost, especially if you have an older model. Technicians are incompetent; management is dishonest, abusive and unconcerned about their customers’ safety. Please disregard this company’s A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. McCluskey has failed to respond to the detailed complaint I have filed with the BBB and has refused to negotiate with me directly regarding my damages. From January 3 through June 28, 2013, I had substantial work done by McCluskey on my 2002 Prizm, much of which involved the electrical system, including the horn, heater and air conditioning system. I also purchased numerous other items including new tires and a windshield. I paid about $3000 to McCluskey’s service department during this period. On June 21, the car broke down and was brought to McCluskey’s service center at 9673 King’s Automall. I was informed that this was due to another problem in the electrical system. I was told the entire electrical system would have to be checked to trace the source of the problem. I repeatedly told the customer service advisor, Tommi Hamilton, that I was planning an extended trip to Virginia, and that I wanted the car thoroughly inspected for safety. I strongly felt that the technician, “Paul,” who worked on my car was not giving it his full attention and lacked enthusiasm for his work. He gave me contradictory messages that he could not guarantee the repairs to the electrical system and later told me that everything was fine. I also was given contradictory information by service advisor Hamilton when I called to determine the status of the repair work, including being told that the headlight module had been replaced. After I mentioned that the headlight module had already been replaced in December 2012, she later told me that the headlight module was not the problem. I also found it extremely frustrating that she was unable to provide clear information on the status of the repairs or tell me when the work would be completed. When I finally picked up the car on June 28, I was told that the daytime running lights relay circuit board had been replaced. I was also assured that the electrical system had been completely tested and was working properly and that the car was safe to drive. I was charged $845.75. (I also had to pay $150.19 to rent a car for a week.) However, I discovered on the way home that the sunroof was not working. I immediately returned to the shop and was told the technician had forgotten to reconnect the switch. That day, I also noticed the grinding noise in the engine. In addition, I found screws, screw covers, electric tape and other debris on the floor of the car. Because I was concerned about the safety of the car, I returned to the service department on June 29, before leaving for Virginia, to have a safety check. I asked to see a supervisor, but was told by the service advisor working that day that there was no supervisor available on Saturday. I repeatedly asked to have a mechanic other than Paul check the car, but I was ignored. When I asked Paul about the screws, saying I was concerned that some parts were missing screws and may not have been connected, he took the screws from the service advisor and said that they were “his screws.” The service advisor test drove the car, attributed the grinding noise to the A/C and told me that the car was safe. I left for Virginia and, almost immediately, realized that the car was having drivability and electrical problems that did not exist when I brought the car to McCluskey. These problems included the following: the brake warning light coming on when the turn signals or hazard warning lights were activated, no dashboard illumination and a non-functioning high-beam indicator light. Also, the headlights were barely functioning, the engine made a grinding noise when accelerating and braking and there was a serious vibration in the steering at highway speed. I was unable to continue driving when it got dark and had to stop overnight. Upon arrival in Virginia, I took the car to the repair shop I patronized when I lived there. They had not previously seen this car, which I purchased after moving to Ohio. I was informed that fixing the dashboard light problems would require removing the dashboard, replacing any burnt out bulbs, and testing each of the circuits in the dashboard, involving a substantial amount of diagnostic work. This is work which I had already paid McCluskey’s service department to perform. In addition, although I had requested McCluskey do a safety check before I took the car, the Virginia mechanics found that the car had a failing belt tensioner, causing the grinding noise, a broken headlight mounting on the left headlight and two burnt out tail light bulbs. Also, the front wheels were out of balance (I had purchased four new tires and an alignment from McCluskey on January 15) and the rear brakes were 95% worn. I decided to have these problems repaired in Virginia because of my concern for my safety. I was told that the flashing brake warning light was not a safety problem and that it would take too much time and money to trace the problem. Again, this problem occurred only after McCluskey had worked on the car. The owner of the repair shop told me that my car was basically good, but that the electrical system had been badly abused by unskilled mechanics. He kindly did not charge me for 10 hours of the labor he spent repairing damage to the electrical system caused by McCluskey. On July 8, following my return to Cincinnati, I stopped at McCluskey and spoke to service manager Gary Dozier about the terrible quality of the service I had received. I showed Dozier the invoice from my Virginia mechanic. Dozier asserted that the work they had done was unnecessary and that all the wiring work had been properly done by his technician. When I said that I was concerned that the dashboard lights were still not operating properly and that the brake warning light kept popping up, Dozier told me to return on July 9, saying he would take care of any remaining problems. When I met Dozier, I told him I was thinking of writing to management regarding my experiences. He offered to refund the entire $845.75 I had paid McCluskey Chevrolet for the wiring work and told me I should “go somewhere else” for service. Then he told me that he would like to “make me happy.” He looked at the car for about 10 minutes and told me everything was fine. I mentioned that my mechanic in Virginia had also spotted an oil leak. I told him, that although I had brought the car to McCluskey Chevrolet for service numerous times over the past months, no one had mentioned this. I said that this was yet another safety issue that had not been detected and was concerned that the oil warning lamp may have been disabled by the technician who had worked on the dashboard. At this point Dozier lost his temper and became extremely abusive and told me that the service department had done nothing wrong and that he would not refund any of my money. He refused to acknowledge my concerns about the way the repair had been handled, the contradictory information I received from the mechanic and Tommi Hamilton, and the failure to do an adequate safety check before returning the car. He said he was “too busy” to deal with me, since he had “80 other customers.” He said that a 2002 Prizm was “old junk” that could “break down any minute.” He added that the car was a “mechanic’s nightmare” that would “drive any mechanic crazy” and that it was “crazy” to take it on a long trip. He then told me he was through dealing with me and that I should leave. Considering the amount of money I have paid McCluskey’s service department, this treatment was humiliating, completely uncalled for and a sign of a serious lack of ethics. I had been told by two other repair shops that the Prizm is basically a good, durable car, so I was shocked to hear Mr. Dozier insulting both a customer and the quality of a GM product. On July 12 the car developed exactly the same problem which it had on June 28. I took it to another repair shop in Cincinnati, which correctly diagnosed the problem as a bad MAF sensor. The car has been running fine since then and I have just driven to Detroit and back without incident. The owner of this shop told me it is common knowledge that McCluskey cannot handle repairs on older cars. He assured me my car is in good enough shape to drive to California. Essentially, McCluskey messed up my car’s electrical system, charged me $845.75 for unnecessary work which made the situation worse and failed to diagnose the real problem. Instead of receiving service at McCluskey, my car was suffering abuse at the hands of incompetent and unskilled mechanics. The financial harm I have suffered has been substantial: I have had to pay two repair shops almost $1500 additional to correct McCluskey’s incompetent work, fix the true cause of the breakdown, and fix safety problems McCluskey did not detect. In addition, I have received an estimate of nearly $2000 for the further complete repairs. I have attempted in good faith to recover, at a minimum, the amount I paid for McCluskey’s incompetent and unnecessary work by first sending a certified letter to McCluskey’s CEO, Keith McCluskey, detailing my dissatisfaction. I have received no response. I then filed a detailed complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Three weeks after my filing, McCluskey’s president, Mike Kelsey, has filed a two sentence response saying McCluskey is not responsible for any of these problems. At this point, I do not expect any fair dealing from McCluskey or assistance from the BBB. I hope that posting my experiences will encourage other consumers to take their auto repairs to a more ethical and competent business.
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Jamyia Rgv

On August 19, the president of McCluskey Chevrolet has contacted me and has acknowledged my dissatisfaction with my experience. He has agreed to fairly compensate me. McCluskey Chevrolet has acted in good faith to satisfactorily resolve this situation and I no longer feel wronged.

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