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I worked at Maxson Marketing for a summer job and it was one of the best experiences i've had. Guessing from what I read from the "pissed consumer" above, they simply did not have what it takes to succeed in a challenging environment. Its a job where you are rewarded for your RESULTS. You sharpen you communication skills and test yourself mentally. There is no way Jesse is going to court. This is a multi-billion dollar business with branches all over North America doing the exact same thing. If you are a competitive person who thrives in a challenging environment and believes in getting rewarded for your hard work, Maxson Marketing is the place for you. If your good at it, there's lots of money to be made Cheers.
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i worked for maxson for a short period and learned a great deal. i was able to pick up sales skills and improve upon my communication skills as well. when it came down to a reference, jesse was more than willing to provide a positive one.

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Calgary, Alberta

Maxson Marketing

I just graduated from UBC and I started working with Maxson Marketing a couple of weeks ago. They helped my out with my first week while I was learning the ropes and learning face to face sales and marketing. I was nervous at first approaching people, but after a couple of days I really started to do well and got a lot more confident with people. I made $775 in my first 5 days, and my trainer gave me all the money from the sales during my training even though he pretty much did all of them. I know there are people there making more at Maxson, but they really helped get me going and get the basics down when I was new.
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Burnaby, British Columbia
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Maxson marketing a scam to work for

Maxon marketing-Burnaby BC This compay is a SCAM. They state paid training on all of their website advertisments. There is no paid training. there is no pay AT ALL unless you sell somethign which is not stated in the interview. stay away from MAXSON MARKETING.Jesse Maxson is lying to hos employees about wage which is completely against the law. He solicits product on a daily basis all over Vancouver and lies to people for examply, you 99 percent off you 88 percent off what a mileasing and unprofessional way to sell yourself! Jesse maxon needs to be taken to court, which he soon will.
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I had the pleasure of working for Jesse Maxson and even though not every one is cut out for that type of job does not mean you have to act like a child it is like any job some people love kids and go into child care, some love food and go into cooking other love people and go in to sales. My own personal experience with Maxson Marketing was a great one, even though that type of job wasn't a fit for me I found Jesse to be very helpful and supporting on helping me discover what I want to do with my life.

And I personally send out my warmest regards to him and his company. Thanks Jesse.


It makes me sad to see people slamming my name who don't know me. Integrity and honour in life is everything and I take that very seriously. I have no idea what I did offend the few people on this site, but I apologize as it was not intentional. I guess when you deal with 1000's and 1000's of people you can't please everyone even though I try. Although 1000's had great experiences and careers I'm deeply sorry for those of you that didn't and I somehow upset.

When grown ups have an issue they contact someone directly and talk about it. They don't put a false name on a website and slam someone when they don't know the entire story. Things happen and don't assume you know the entire story if you only know your side.

It is sad to see our society and kids today using scape goats like this and not talking to the person directly. My direct line is 604-600-****. This is available to anyone who wishes to talk.

I wish all of you the best in your life and dreams.


Jesse Maxson


Several years ago, I went for an first round interview with Maxson Marketing in Burnaby, looking for a summer job (I was a university student at the time). I love sales and I love sports, and the thought of selling sporting event tickets to corporate buyers was extremely appealing to me.

I thought the interview went very well, and so did Maxson. He told me to call the next day to set up a second round interview where I would be going out into the "field" to see what I could do. I called and set it up with the receptionist for the following week, and I was very excited.

The day of the scheduled interview, I received a phone call from the receptionist at 8am, saying that there had been a bad car accident involving one of the people who would be going out in the field with me that day. Obviously I took this very seriously and was extremely sorry to hear of this. The receptionist told me that we would reschedule and to call back next week.

I called the next week asking to speak with Maxson, left a message, and waited for a call back. It never came, and as a persistent person (I am in sales, after all!) I called on three more occassions in the following days, each time leaving a message with the receptionist, but I never heard back from Maxson.

I am writing this today because I was on FB today and saw one of the pop-up links on my page with a person with the last name Maxson - it struck my memory of that day long ago when I went in for that interview at their dumpy office on Imperial Street.

Out of curiosity, I googled Maxson Marketing today and this website is what I found. It made me feel good to see that Maxson Marketing doesnt even have a website anymore - talk about a fly-by-night "organization".

I never even worked for the guy, but I cant believe the *** story that he had his receptionist relay to me. One thing I will never understand is, how hard would it have been for him to give me a courtesy phone call to let me know that a second interview wouldnt be necessary? He could have given me one of so many reasons as to why not - ex. they had already filled the position, they were looking for a full-time employee rather than a part-time student, whatever. ***, even if there actually was some sort of accident, at least call me to tell me so I'm not just wondering what is going on.

That is what a true businessman would have done. Jesse Maxson is not a businessman. Jesse Maxson is not a salesman. Jesse Maxson is a chump. Period.


They definitely over sell themselves in the add but good experience non the less. It builds character to go through 100 "f off's" to get one sale lol.


It's called direct marketing and no it isn't for everyone. Yes, it is a profit sharing/commission based position, and no you don't get paid for sitting around and doing nothing. In my 9 years of experience I've noticed complainers don't do very well anyway.

I was humble enough to start from the bottom just like everyone else, and no I wasn't very good my first week either, I just never gave up.

I am sorry for those of you who had a bad experience, my intentions were to show you the position and see if we had a match? The position works for some and not for others.

The reason I had a second interview in the "field" was to see if you liked it or not. If you did great,and If you didn't no problem........ Best of luck to you and I wish you the best in the future. Just don't slam people behind their backs when they can't defend themselves.


Jesse Maxson


This is how it works:

You start off going for an informal interview with a large group of people. Then, the good get weeded out from the not so good and you get short-listed, along with a bunch of others. Your official "interview" in part consists of breaking off into groups and going out there in the field and sell sell sell.

Not bad on the surface but what, do you ask ARE you selling. Well, you're going out there, bothering people at work and trying to sell them Taco Del Mar coupons, and Mac makeup, and CDs. Mechanic garages, grocery stores, doctors offices. There isn't anywhere they won't go. How this is called "marketing" is beyond me. I got offered a job and promptly declined it. What a joke


Oh yeah BTW Angrywoman24 due to the fact that you\'re not that great at spelling and your grammer *** donkey b*lls, you shouldn\'t think that you\'re above this job/position.

I know they look for someone who is hard working and willing to learn over someone with a university education and snobby attitude. Seems like you aren\'t ethier.


Well i find this board very one sided. Jesse Maxson is not a liar by all means.

You all have your personal opinions for one reason or another but reading the post's on this board, it seems like most if not all of you worked for a very short period of time.

Everyone needs to start somewhere, seems like all of you are angry because you sucked at sales and couldnt make money. I personally made at least $160.00 for the 3 weeks i was there.


No paid training. No hourly wage.

No benefits. No medical.

No Insurance. SCAM SCAM SCAM!


I also had a bad experience working for maxson marketing....the owner is a lier and it is not a reputable company. To those who have had good experiences good for you but..keep in mind that it is not a reputable buisiness at all....

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Vancouver, British Columbia

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