Sold and lied about car that was in accident

About three years ago we bought a 2004 mercedes cl600 from maximum 4 minimum motors. As we are in canada we wanted to have it shipped. After paying for the vehicle, he kept saying shipping company hasnt given a date to pick up the car. finally, I said I would fly down and pick up the car myself, much to his displeasure. He tried everything not to have us come and get the car. when I picked up the car, it appeared to be in good shape. I wasnt till I got back to canada and tried to register it, that things got interesting. Mercedes Benz Canada advised me the car had been in an accident, and they would not certify it unless they had more information. Ben first outright lied about the car being in an accident. I did some investigating on my own and tracked down all benz dealers in the area, and finally found the one who sold ben the parts to fix the car. only then did he admit to smashing the car up, and having it fixed. He would not give me any information pertaining to the accdent unless I provided positive feedback on ebay first. He is a worm - a usless piece of ***, and others should know of this. Now you know why he has positive feedback Sincerely, Gordon W. Callaghan
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I heard about this Gordon character. This the guy that bought that AMG 600 from Canada that after he flew in and said verbatim "You look like young guys, would you be willing to get you a Sack of Marijuana for your ride home, because you were scared to sneak it through customs on the way down.

I heard they told you no and you flipped out. LOL Hope you learn your lesson next time. PS Maximum 4 Minimum Motors has been out of business for a while now.

Looks like the jokes on you buddy, *** buying cars without getting them inspected. LOL

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Rip-Off Extortion Thief Liar maximum4minimum maximum4minimum motors maximum4minimummotors www.maximu

````Found a BMW X5 on Ebay - the listing had expired before I had a chance to put in offer but called Ben Fisher, the owner and he said if I could do $X amount he would do the deal. It was too good a deal to pass up. I drove down and picked the vehicle up and drove back without a glitch. However, when I arrived home, I realized that the remote for the DVD was not in vehicle. I called Ben and it took about a month for him to put in courier, but finally did. He filled the paperwork out wrong, and they sent it back to him. I called him again and said he would retry. Nothing for months. I checked at the local dealer and they want $500+ for new one. I called him again and he said he'd do the next day. I received an email from him that he was not able to send it because it had to go across the border into Canada. I buy tons of stuff on Ebay and generally receive it within a week. In fact, I just bought tires and rims from LA, and they arrived within 6 days. HOW HARD COULD IT BE TO COURIER A TINY REMOTE? I've contacted him several times since pleaded for him to resend, but no reply. Not to mention the plethora of problems I've had with the X5. Wouldn't have to mention but since he won't send remote has really ticked me off, so I will. First off, there were no rear floor mats, or cargo cover. I had a problem with the steering which was apparently replaced by local Pittsburgh BMW dealer, but they installed new one wrong, so I had to pay to fix since problem was caused by another dealer. The rubber firewall seal was also ripped - $500 for a new one, again not covered under warranty. New front brakes not properly lubricated, $125 to service. Bunch of pennies rattling around in the center console - another $125 to have removed! `````I am surprised Ben Fisher is still ripping people off on the internet via He promised me floor mats and software for my navigation system in the car I purchased from him back in 2007. He told me several times he mailed the things out, of course this was a lie to keep his ebay reputation. Truth be told Ben steers most of his car sales away from ebay and sometimes even goes through the process of posting fake feedback for himself on ebay. If you have a serious and legitament complaint about maximum4minimummotors please follow this link to download a state complaint form which goes directly to the board of professional licensing in PA. If enough people have the same problems with Ben, they will suspend or deny is dealership license. Here is the link*_487273_*_*_**/complaint_form_revision_5-03.pdf . For those of you thinking of doing business with Ben look elsewhere first. Please do not take my word for it see how he acts on YOUTUBE under the gamertag Mr. Igotbass in fact, google Mr. Igotbass it is Ben Fisher's life long internet handle Keep up the slimy tactics Ben Fisher they have gotten you this far!!! ``````Fisher's name is all over site, the reason... He is the only empoyee of the "dealership" as is such he is the owner. Is dealership consists of a small storage area located at a storage complex in the middle of nowhere in Coraoplis PA contrary to what his site reads in the about us section. When I inspected vehicle pryor to purchase I notice several things that needed attention all cosmetic but the fact that he tried to hide them made me want them replaced. He agreed to do so. As I went to leave after promised a full tank of gas I notice that the tank was on empty the paperwork was already done or I would have left without the car. I left with the vehicle, a mechanically sound vehicle, with full expectations that the blemishes would be repaired. I did not get it in writing. A huge mistake on my part. Its been over a month and Ben still has not made good on his word a word that will forever be useless. I have made several attempts to contact Ben via phone and email neither have been successful. Unfortunately, I will have to pay for the repairs myself. Hopefully he will have no further victims. `````` Ben's response to a customer's negative feedback The original poster (name withheld to protect the customer) comments should be taken with extreme caution as he is a verified 8 time FELON. I have included the following links to his cases to show his credibility. All of his crimes had real victims, and all are crimes of Moral Turpitude. Trying to discredit a business that has had no negitive feedback on Ebay for 5 years selling used cars sight unseen is the least of (name with held to protect the customer) schemes. Take a look at the following links and judge for yourself the validity of this mans statements. maximum4minimum maximum4minimum motors maximum4minimummotors Maximum for Minimum motors Maximum 4 Minimum motors Maximum for the Minimum motors Maximum 4 Minimum ben fisher mr. igotbass mr.igotbass igotbass *** ``````````BEN's response again to complaints posted about him and his storage unit business````````` For anybody that is considering doing business with Maximum 4 Minimum Motors please take into account the following factors. If the business was scamming and ripping people off I highly doubt the follow would be FACT. Maximum4 Minimum Motors NEVER has had even 1 Complaint let alone a RESOLVED complaint ever filed with a legitamate Consumer Protection Bureau. Link to Maximum 4 Minimum Motors BBB File: Minimum-motors-in-coropolis-pa-36001/ Maximum 4 Minimum Motors has NEVER had ANY disciplinary actions taken against either itself as a business or Ben Fisher as a Salesman / Owner. Link to Maximum 4 Minimum Motors Pennsylvania Department of State Licenses Dealership License:****& Salesman License:****& Maximum 4 Minimum Motors mantains a 100% positive feedback rating on Ebay with 100's of satisfied customers for 5 years in a row without 1 negative feedback comment for selling ALL USED CARS SIGHT UNSEEN. These feedbacks are from customers with lenghty history spanning all corners of the globe. No to mention being an ebay top seller as well as a power seller for years running. Ebay Feedback Link: Please take with a grain of salt any comments left on this UNMODERATED SITE as well as others like it. Maximum 4 Minimum Motors number one goal from its inception in 2005 was providing the highest quality customer service and buying experience possible from sight unseen purchases. You simpley do not get 100's of positive feedback comments for 5 yers in a row without 1 negative comment if you have bad customer service. If anyone has any questions about Maximum 4 Minimum Motors, or is considering doing business with Maximum 4 Minimum Motors please feel free to give us a call toll free at and ask to speak with Ben. We can provide upon request 100's of valid refrences from real people that we have done business with, not a keyboard commando hiding behind a fake user id. maximum4minimum maximum4minimum motors maximum4minimummotors Maximum for Minimum motors Maximum 4 Minimum motors Maximum for the Minimum motors Maximum 4 Minimum ben fisher mr. igotbass mr.igotbass igotbass *** ``````The actual truth about Ben`````` Mr Ben FIsher here are the facts... You are the ONLY EMPLOYEE of Maximum 4 Minimum Motors; which, is run out of a storage facility as reported by one of your previous customers and verified by your own admissions. A customer that you BELITTLED because they asked for your assistance and you REFUSED TO HELP them. Stop the we talk and big time car dealer talk you work out of a storage facility!!! Your website hosting is done for free on EBay, in other words you LEACH off of EBay. This behavior shows your general out-look on life. You are a SLIMY car salesman you will tell the unknowing anything to attempt to SWINDLE them out of their hard earned money. You have mysteriously made NEGATIVE FEEDBACK on EBay DISAPPEAR, just like other EBay only car dealers do. Tell us Ben is it true all it takes is a phone call and some money? You have posted FALSEW FEEDBACK on your EBay account using accounts that your family members own and/or that you simply make-up in an effort to create that ILLUSION of an EBay power seller. You have resolved a SERIOUS COMPLAINT you received from the Better Business Bureau, after that CUSTOMER PLEADED with you for several months about the MAJOR MECHANICAL PROBLEMS they were having with the vehicle. Of course this complaint was filed in 2006 so it is no longer reportable with the Bureau. Guess that is just more slime rubbing off of you? You do have pending SANCTIONS against your dealer and sales license due to VIOLATIONS reported by customers about your dealership's handling of CUSTOMER SERVICE ISSUES. You did delete your THEMRIGOTBASS youtube account or it maybe it was CLOSED AGAIN because of your openness to homosexuality and ANTI-LAW ENFORCEMENT behaviors. Or maybe it was because you were reported yet again, for making UNINVITED ADVANCES towards UNDERAGE MALES on youtube and xbox live. How many xbox live screennames are you up to now? We know of MRIGOTBASS, MAX4MIN, GLICHY RODRIGUEZ how many others have you had to come up with Ben? You are below slime Mr Fisher ~~~~~~If anybody is still seriously considering doing business with this slimball, please feel free to give him a call and listen to all the lies and stories he tells you about your knowledge from the internet of his poor and unethical business practices. He may fly off the handle like he does on many of his XBOX live videos posted on YouZTube either way consider yourself lucky to have found this page prior to dealing with Mr Ben Fisher~~~~~ maximum4minimum maximum4minimum motors maximum4minimummotors Maximum for Minimum motors Maximum 4 Minimum motors Maximum for the Minimum motors Maximum 4 Minimum ben fisher mr. igotbass mr.igotbass igotbass ***
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bought a car from max4min... car was not as described..... don't trust him!


Ben Fisher is not a reprehensible car dealer. I would not recommend doing any car purchase with him. Learned the hard way and will be taking legal steps for reimbursement of damages.


There is one thing I couldnt manage to find... Any pictures of you or your car lot.

You do seem like you are hiding something The Real Ben Fisher just not sure what.

The picture of Shai with chicken is priceless!!! Looking forward to discovery mode.


Quote (2c)" Your comments seem unfounded at best"

From somebody looking in from the outside, and not knowing what we have supporting the claims it may appear that way, however I can assure you that I would not waste my time for a wild goose chase.

Quote (2c) "You will find out you need to sue him federally"

Again incorrect, Mr. Ivgi lives in the Commonwealth of PA as well as Myself and Maximum 4 Minimum Motors. This is not a federal case. You have looked into myself enough to make the assumption that I am a "Sue Happy" salesman yet you have not been able to wrap your head aroudn the fact that all of the partys to this suit reside and do business in PA.

Quote (2c) "To do business with the likes of a storage unit car lot, would simply be asking for trouble..."

LOL, I think this comment is so funny. What exactly is a Storage Unit Car Lot ?? Our dealership consists of a 5000 sq foot, internal diplay area, with dedicated photo studtio, as well as offices and production studio. If 5000sq feet of prime A-1 flex space 2 miles from the runway at our International Airport qualifies as a "Storage Unit" I guess I will have to accept that.

Quote (2c) "You seem like a psychotic sue happy salesman"

Not the case, I am a very professional business OWNER, that is sick of having to explain to my customers about this situation. I let it go on for quite some time and lost a ton of sales from it. I was just hoping it would stop as even a mildly psycotic person would stop in a few weeks, but this has been going on for months. So many people have seen this BS that a the damages are going to be crazy. 80K+ people have viewed this page alone. I do not like having to sue him, its just interfering with my business and I want it to stop.

The whole kicker of this situation is that the poster does not even know me other than from playing an Online Video game on XBOX. This whole situation has been caused by an Online Video game.

Shai has retained council, which is fine. We are awaiting his answer and will move foward with the process.


I would like to see you actually win a lawsuit against an online forum... Your comments seem unfounded at best...

Hopefully that Shai *** responds to your lawsuit... You will find out you need to sue him federally or will the postings took place. Although your words seem educated The Real Ben Fisher. You will no doubt have a long learning curve throughout these lawsuits.

I have read all available information about you and your business and this Shai character and must admit you both seem mentally challenged at best. To do business with the likes of either of you either at a hair salon or a storage unit car lot, would simply be asking for trouble...

You seem like a psychotic sue happy salesman and Shai seems like a psychotic trouble maker. Just my .02


!!! UPDATE !!!

The staff at likes to keep removing links to the Lawsuit, keeping the false libleous postings intact. If removes the links again to a valid lawsuit, that is a direct result of this posting on the website, we will be filing suit against PissedConsumer in Federal Court.

You are assisting in spreading false light, by removing the posts to a Valid Lawsuit that has everything to do with this complaint on the site. If you think 230 will cover your *** for this type of behavior, remove the links to the lawsuit again. I can gaurentee we will make an example out of this site for all others to follow.


!!! UPDATE !!!

Shai Ivgi has been served by the York County Sheriff's

His Girlfriend Jessica Baker was confronted by the York County Sheriff at Antonella's Salon last Thursday, and as stated in the service papers, as the Girlfriend of Shai Ivgi, and a responsible adult, she signed for the papers.

Shai Ivgi now has 20 Days to file a written response to the Suit, and if not in by the 25th of August we will move for default judgement, in the amount of $175000 + Costs.

The clock is ticking, the walls are closing in on what will prove to be a landmark case for this type of unacceptable behavior on the internet.


Yeah I agree, those are some defamatory statements. And the chicken meat all over the face...? What is that?


Definately actionable accusations contained all through 01Benhugo's alleged complaint here. If these things he says are not true, and I highly doubt that they are, that man is in some deep rough waters.


This dude shai is so exposed. He did what he did and it is what it is. He might try to skip town.

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