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The people who delivered the mattress were rude and were not people-oriented. Furthermore, they saw that I had just vacuumed (there were lines in the carpet and the vacuum was in clear site) and did not *** their sneakers. Instead, they thought their nasty, dirt-filled carpet that they laid outside my door was sufficient enough. (They didn't even lay the carpet in the path they were even walking in.) Then, when I refused to sign (I was not the... Read more

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Found out recently there are 9 V batteries in the adjustable base controls that need to be maintained. T There are two 9 V batteries for each adjustable base, this was never disclosed; the batteries corroded and there is more than $1800 worth of necessary repair on a $4000 item. After having bought $20,000+ worth of product from Mattress Firm, since 2009, I was surprised by the cavalier attitude of the sales shlub I talked to; he knew about the... Read more

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Went into the store on 7/1/16 and the store Associate, Heather Heffley, seemed pretty helpful at the time UNTIL we sat down to get the paperwork started for the purchase. We provided her with proper ID, address, telephone for the delivery. The delivery was scheduled for the next day. We left the store and my husband promptly noticed that the receipt had the wrong address and we quickly called to inform the store. Spoke with Heather to inform... Read more

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I purchased a mattress based on my experience with that mattress on the showroom floor. It was in the 'soft' mattress section, and it felt great. It arguably the softest mattress on the floor. When I received the mattress, however, it felt like a pillow top with a concrete slab underneath. Thinking a mistake had been made, I went back the next morning to find out what went wrong and was told that that was indeed the mattress I purchased. I was... Read more

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My husband and I purchase a Cozzia Massage Chair on October 10, 2014 at State Fair of Texas. We were told to expect it near end of month. End of Month came and went, called person on sales slip, he said he would contact the Warehouse. Said we would get it by November 10th or so, November 10th came and went gave them an extra week. Still no chair, so called the salesperson again, have his number in Atlanta, GA (I think by now has changed his... Read more

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This company advocates customer satisfaction but does everything to stand behind its warranty, we even have to pay for an expert to determine if the mattress is saging and then after two visits rejected our warranty claim. We will buy a new mattress even though the one we have now is over one year old but we are going to buy from a competitor not this very very bad company. It is amazing to see that a company with a large coverage over the U.S.... Read more

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We purchased a Tempur Pedic Supreme Cloud Breeze with the Ergo base system on a Friday afternoon and were scheduled to receive it on Saturday between 7:00 and 10:00 but before I get into what happened next, I want to tell you about our experience at the store! Since we have never bought this type of mattress before, I asked if this mattress would fit into our existing bed frame and was told it would. I then had reservations about the answer I... Read more

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We are in need of a new mattress. So we go into the local store in Lakeway, Texas and begin to decide what we want. We have an odd sized bed as we bought it in Asia but we are assured that they can get us the size we need custom made. Perfect, or so we think. It has now been over a month and I still don't have a quote, even tho I have called them 3 times. I'm not going to beg someone to spend money. We are going elsewhere. I'm just... Read more

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My experience at the Mattress Firm in Southpark Meadows in Austin started out great. I had to have a check sent from out of town, get a note from my doctor stating my need for a new bed because of my back and the delivery was all but set up. I was not a potential customer -- I was a certain one. However, on the day I went in to deliver my check and paperwork, everything changed. To begin with, I had an appointment to meet Suzy Saturday at... Read more

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