Wouldn't work for them

I worked for one day at a company after waiting 2 weeks to start. Had to get a hair follical drug test and urine test to make popcorn. When i started they neglected to tell me i was supposed to park in a different parking lot. Nobody was there to meet me. Waiting at the door for 20 mins. The job i was told i would be doing was very different then what it was. Was told it wasnt hot when it clearly was. Couldn't sit in the lunch room, wasnt enough space for everyone. Then to top it off i was supposed to get paid 5 days ago and am still waiting on a paycheck and they have no answers. Say they are waiting for information from the company. So i just go without??? I would never work for mastersons again
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Bad quality
map-marker Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Masterson Personnel (Staffing)

Masterson Staffing formally Masterson Personnel, They are changing names to get away from the negativity, but they are still the same company. They are still doing all the same things. So many companies now a days try to run from what they have done in the past by changing their name. They dont change their bad habbits or the way they treat their employees and in this case the temp employee, that work for them. The important thing to remember is that this company is still run by the same horrible people that don't care about people at all. That is the business that they are supposed to by in. It is a crying shame.
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You are so correct in your review!


They treat older staff employees as disposable. I worked 12 hour days trying to build the business.

And was sucessful

When i turned 50 they fired me. Would never give me a reason and replaced with a younger employee.

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map-marker Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Masterson Personnel, WI Lied and not paid.

This quite possibly is the worst company to work for. It is run like a body slinging co just out for money and could care less about the internal employees and especially the temps. The turn over in the internal employees is crazy and they claim if you quit you only get 75% of your pay which is illegal in this state. When challenged they changed their mind. They cannot keep an internal employee to save they lives due to expectations of working around the clock and the pay for a recruiter is $12 per hour and a Branch Manager, tops 38k. Low level company which focuses on only companies that they can sling just about anyone. The upper Man in MN is even worse. I am not sure where they actually find these people. Most are family and relatives and it is almost like a cult. Very odd operation and would be surprised the WI locations will still be in business by next year. Learned a lot on how not to do business so I guess that is a plus. Bryon H in MN is demeaning and is a lifer as no one else would ever hire a man of that nature.
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I work for mastersons in northern wi. I make, as a temp through mastersons, 32k a year.

Demand better paying jobs instead of posting online about bad pay. Or go get an education instead of crying about how unfair everything is


Couldn't have said this any better. Kudos!

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map-marker Rochester, Minnesota

Masterson personal are LIARS.

OK here goes. I filled out the app got scheduled for an orientation. Went through orientation. Never was called back after given a start date at a company. They told me I would be making about 11 dollars an hour. Come to find out it is about 9. Couldn't get a straight answer out of any of them about anything. Called everyday for 3 weeks. Was constantly lied to about the situation of the job. Finally because of a higher supervisor calling the company got me to actually work at the company. The company put me in a cooler room to clean every night and every night was exposed to hazardous chemicals which burned my eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. When I ask for Hazardous mat breathing protection the said they would give me a dust mask. A dust mask is supposed to only be used for dust. Then the tried to threaten me by telling me that OSHA certified then just a week ago and I didn't have any reason to ask for protection. I by "LAW" have the right to know what chemical I am being exposed to and I have the right to proper protection when being exposed to that substance. There are too many reasons never to work for masterson but here is the biggest they are in general INCOMPETANT. They will lie to you at every chance they get. They will use you and then when you speak up because they are poisoning you they will claim "Oh its just not working out". I am sorry they should be put out of business. In hard times in the U.S. these people who run this so called job placement organization are nothing more than a users and abusers of people just trying to find a job. And just so everyone knows I am not mad that they said this isn't working out, I in fact was going to quit. Why? Because they were hurting me and not paying me enough to deal with their B.S. in general. So its up to you whether you want to take a chance with them but I wouldn't waste your time.
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3 times i had to go to one of their offices for orientation for jobs they never had. same thing as the others they call offering jobs they dont have.

i also seen their delevan,wi office be down right mean and discriminatory against a guy. the guy was a sex offender for a minor crime who had done his time and just gotten released.they lied to him told him they had filled the position when he left the office the supervisor asked who called him in there.

the girl that did was told we do not hire those types of people and was reprimanded for it. in wisconsin you can only hold a crime against someone if it pertains to the job they are going to be working.


you should try working for them internally... its worse than what you think...



There are other agencies out there that actually take the time to care and get to know you and want to match you up with the right jobs. masterson doesn't.

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Agreed,stay away from Masterson's. There are a lot of better agencies then this.

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Scott Unq
map-marker Saint Paul, Minnesota

Masterson Personnel mishandled my personal information

Masterson Personnel in Cambridge, MN was negligent in their handling of my personal information causing me a loss of work and wages. A little back story of interest here... this same temp agency had been successfully sued in MN some years ago for charging people money for work that they never received. Anyway, back to the present. Due to dumb luck I happened to bump into someone I had worked with at that client company of Masterson Personnel's and found that he had been called back to work at that company after a short lay-off that several of us were subjected to. The guy I bumped into wondered why I didn't go back to work for them and I then wondered why I hadn't been called back by Masterson Personnel to go back to work for that company. I then went and asked Masterson Personnel why they didn't call me back to work. This is when they flat out lied to me, claiming that I had given them a false telephone number. They said they called the number I had given them and the person who answered told them that nobody by my name had ever lived there as far as he knew. When I asked to see my resume and application that I had submitted to them the same day that I received the work through them, which would have provided the evidence that they were either flat out lying to me or that they had mishandled my personal information, they refused to provide the resume and application saying that they didn't keep that paperwork at that location. I then asked for the address and phone number of their corporate office(because they told me that's where they sent my resume and application) and they refused to give me that information, saying they don't give that information out. A little side story here... MN state law provides that employees have the legal right to request in writing copies of everything employers have in their personnel file about them and that the emplyer has a limited amount of time to comply with the employee's request. This refusal by Masterson Personnel denied me my legal right to make such a request. I pressed them on it by including this same request for their corporate address every time I sent them a resume in response to their employment advertisements and they ignored the request and my interst in the work they advertised. I eventually let Masterson Personnel know that I knew a thing or two about the law regarding employee rights in MN and mentioned who I could filel complaints with about their refusal to comply with MN law. Then, and only then, did they provide me with the address that I had been requesting repeatedly. Within the email Masterson Personnel sent me containing the requested information they also invited me to go ahead and file my complaints with anyone I wished and at the same time they also told me that I was insubordinate and no longer eligible for employment with or through them. Well, I hadn't had any money coming in for a while by then and it's pretty tough to survive in this country without money, and they DID invite me to do what I told them I could..., so I did. I successfully sued them in the 10th District Court of MN conciliations court for lost wages due to their negligence in handling my personal information. I also sent Masterson Personnel's corporate office a certified letter requestiong the copies I'm legally entitled to and they refused the letter. By this they again violated MN law but this is a civil matter and one needs a lawyer to file a civil suit against someone and I simply don't have the mooney to do that, which I'm sure Masterson Personnel and most other such companies BANK on, and therefore survive on. I considered filing a complaint with the MN Attorney General but that office is VERY BUSY due to the greedy crapola that has become so common in this country that I actually feel sorry for them, so I'm just telling people about it and warning them to be very careful if they decide to do business with them. The names of the people I dealt with and their titles with Masterson Personnel are Rochelle Bergwick (Staffing Supervisor) and Bryan Hoerr (Vice President of Operations. Their corporate office is/was located at 5775 Wayzata Blvd. Suite 505 in St. Louis Park, MN 55416.
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You have no idea how frustrating their jobs really are. You people come in dressed like slobs, slumping in chairs, don't accept 75% of jobs that are offered, milk unemployment, are practically sleeping when you shuffle in, and have the time to write an illegible letter to this degree blaming everyone but yourself for not having a job.




notcaredabout said: "Pretty much, if they don't like you, then you will not work for them. I know by first hand experience."

Umm.....that's the way it is everywhere buddy. Not sure what you're used to, but if the employer "doesn't like you" why would they keep you as an employee??? It's actually funny that you wrote that - shows how naive and inexperienced you are.

Also, the way you and Necromancer write, I wouldn't hire either of you to clean out horse stalls. Work on your writing skills, then your attitude, maybe then you'll find an employer that "likes you".


I completely agree with what was said about Masterson. However, I must say, that Bryan Hoerr and the rest of upper management and branch managers treat their internal staff even worse than their temporary employees.

Masterson as a whole doesnt care about retaining their internal nor temporary 'associates'. They do not have any ethics and their philosphy is do as I say or you will be fired. They do not care to provide training, just read the manual and if you don't get it, too bad. you'll be written up if not followed and that will lead into termination because they will then find a way to push you out regardless.

Pretty much, if they don't like you, then you will not work for them. I know by first hand experience. My advise is, if you have a solid case and you can sue, DO IT! They strive on people backing down to them.

In the cases I have seen, employees will win because Masterson never has a strong case to back their information up. I've worked directly with other agencies, and other agencies actually treat their employees (internal and employees at client sites) with respect and actualy care. If you have an address change, they will get it taken care of for you. If you want to see your personnel file, they will abide by the laws.

Masterson only plays by their rules. STAY AWAY.


This is a reason you fools don't have jobs. You worry too much about other ***. I am glad you got screwed!


Masterson's sucks: they treat their employees like ranchers treat cattle: a number, an insignificance.

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Agree,they are bad. Had bad experience with them.

Stay away from Masterson's at any cost.

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