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Rue La La - Yes there's still a problem

Wish - Missing parts conductor

Mega Morning Deals - I received the neck massager today. I plugged it in and after 3 minutes I smelled a burnt smell then the power kicked husband unplugged it and it came apart. You could clearly see faulty wirin


Mine did the EXACT SAME THING. What kind of resolution did you get? My on/off button didn't even stick on. And very concerned of fire hazard. But it will not even work now.

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Ontel Products - Relief wrap ultra stopped working

Wish - I bought a back massager it was supposed to come with a US plug but it came with a UK PLUG

I really like my carepeutic, but I lost my power cord. Where can get another power cord, please?

Massageo - I need replacement I was given a used in working unit from y'alls booth at show in okc fairgrounds

Tophatter - Product parts missing invoice 7699125

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