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You are seeing what he wants you to see. This place is a front. The old, plain, and not so pretty are there as cover to make him look legitimate. He made sure to hire the older ones when he suddenly left his former location in BR when two former employees..April and her partner practically copied his business name and set up shop across the street. "J" who is busty with tattoos is back on the staff. LISTEN UP WIVES your man is very likely to be getting far more than a massage here! Listen up Massage Indy staff...."J" will also be very generous in answering the phone so she can make sure she puts all the bookings under her name and whatever close pals she has on staff as well. "J" is Shonns favorite and he will see to it that she makes at least $1100 week while the rest of you compete to scrape up a measly $300 week or less. "J" will moan and groan that she gets a lot of "creepers" and acts like she's innocent, but clients will tell you what type services she's really offering. You are silly to believe that Shonn isn't arranging clients and services to specific women behind the scenes and those men are actually telling Shonn details about what happens in sessions via text messages and even rating performance and that those mostly married scoundrels aren't bragging to all who know where to look online about the details about your sessions with them and rating you on it. Notice also that its a man here defending Shonn.
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Not as described/ advertised
mad Ouy
map-marker Carmel, Indiana

Owner is illegally performing massage, wanted for tax evasion in 2 states.

I was recently employed at MASSAGE INDY in Broadripple Village in Indianapolis, IN. I worked there for about a month until I was asked to leave. The owner has been not only performed massage without going to school, he also employs (only attractive) women to perform massage as well. Yesterday, a pregnant lady came in wanting a massage. He took her in the room and I had to interject. Every massage therapist knows that there are reflex points that could compromise the health of the fetus. I said that he shouldn't touch her and he said that it didn't matter. I then threatened to report him and he quickly changed his tune. I performed the massage and informed the soon to be mother that she should definitely always ask for proof of certification especially in her state. Not only does SHONN Peirsol (owner) perform massage with out a license, he also allows women who haven't attended school to work on people....but only if they are pretty. Upon leaving the "parlor" (i use that word because the place is far from clinical) I looked into his history and it turns out he is wanted in other states for tax evasion and other discrepancies of crookedness. Some people have noticed that they have a new location. This move wasnt for more space. The only reason they moved was because he didn't pay his rent for months at the other location. When I left today, he refused me my tip from my last client. All around shmuck. If you go to this establishment, be warned, you may get injured due to lack of education and common sense.
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Yeah your right he is not capable to perform nor to operate this kind of business his place is not even sanitize or clean he was never enter the medical school for massage, he doesn't have a liquor license technically he just operated without a proper paper work or legal documents on his hands before he operate his business. I would never ever recommend his business to the people to go or even to try there's no way to come on his place its not worth it, he is rude, mean and he wasn't nice either to the workers who works with him.


He is now off of 116th and allisonville rd. I applied there not knowing what I was walking into.

When I asked for the businesses tax ID shonn (the owner) went off on me and told me he didn't need that to operate a business.

I would have been the only licensed person there. On the interview he asked me how I felt about groin massages and said it was so he knew what Clients he could send to me.


Check out the criminal history of the owner. It's public record.

This *** got caught up in a hotel trying to videotape a 'session' he set up. Aka---he was trying to get video of his 'mt' giving a customer more than just service. This guy is a perverted voyeur, and has the record to prove it.

I'm glad I don't work for him anymore, I'd be terrified to be a customer as well. Stay away!


the owner, Shonn Piersol, is a *** He tries or succeeds in getting 'happy endings' from his "massage therapists" and tries to get them to perform them on customers as well. two models in Indy at least have confirmed this. why he is still walking the streets a free man is beyond me.


My wife and I have been to the location in Fishers twice and cant validate any of this. No idea what it "used to be" but its not like that now.

I read the info about each therapist we picked before we went. Its all right there on the website.

The two therapists we picked Rebecca and Judy have been there for couple years and they have great credentials. This post seems malicious to say the least.


I my job at Massage INdy when I realized he was using the Thai staff for dirty massages and began renting out his rooms to anyone off the street. Employees have told me how he dated and used a nice woman from Thailand to build the Thai stretching part of his business and train his people in a mini Thai routine and then discarded her once it was all set up.

Any pictures of his employees performing Thai are actually pics of this woman and her daughter and he hasn't had anyone qualified to do Thai since. Even if they are licensed MTs it doesn't mean they know what they have actually been to school for it. That's like studying a chapter on China and then declaring that you know Chinese just because your history book mentioned it. Traditional MT schools will introduce the 1000's of modalities out there,but only teach SWEDISH.

Its true that he has a record, has had licenses in other states revoked,and that he performs massages without disclosing that he is not a licensed MT. He was busted a few years ago and moved down the street to the location on 62nd St and now I see he has moved again to Fishers. They stay open to 9 pm + and you will notice that the employees who work the evening shift are usually the part time ones who only work evenings for the most part and are listed on his site as performing Thai and are the very attractive women flashing cleavage. I want the women of Fishers to know that there is a good chance their men are getting more than a massage at this place.

No doubt everyone thought Doves Spa and others in Fishers and Zionsville were legit too and now we all know better.I was told by clients that they were getting happy endings from people on Shonn's staff and that one busty young brunette who I see is still on his staff for several years now, would perform topless and sit atop them on the table and rub her ample tattooed bosom all over them. He does not keep the place clean. The employees often share cups of lotion between clients and the lotion bottles (3 to like 8-10 emps) are never sterilized or disinfected in any way and are kept right by the break room, food, and employee's personal items. A health inspector would have a field day.

I was told that when he had a second location operating out of some fitness gym north of Indy that the women who worked the evening shift there were flying through sheets so fast that the regular location staff were forced to REUSE theirs if they did not look soiled because he couldn't keep enough to fill the demand and would constantly have to take their supply to the gym location leaving them short. He doesn't keep disinfectant on a regular basis or paper towels so people are sharing the cloth ones in the restrooms including THE STAFF. Those Thai mats are not proper and are nothing more than egg crate mattress toppers with covers that never get cleaned. I see that someone posted that the other employee's post was ***.

I think I knew that former employee and she is not lying and was generous and nice with her review and no she wasn't some homely spurned employee and neither am I. I left because I believe in cleanliness and ethics. I know that Shonn and some staffers have posted fake reviews and praises on his web site in the past so it wouldn't surprise me if the BS marks here are actually from Shonn himself or his happy ending clientele buddies. Forewarned is fair warned.

Now you have heard it from two prev employees. If you value your health and your reputation you will take heed to get your massage from a reputable place.

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I worked there (briefly)..... I AM licensed and he and most of his staff were not.

Definitely not ok and would not want to be affiliated. There were a small few who were actually trained and I found out some unsavory things about this guy and his business.

He should not be allowed to operate this type of business.... he’s one of the people who give this profession a bad name


Everything stated would be nothing short of an average day. I wa employeed and there were many illegal issues.

NO COPIES OF ID ECT WERE EVEN TAKEN.Sexual harassment was always an issue, intimidation, and descrimination. His record continues to follow my clients were the ones to warm me to run.



i would like to discuss this individual with you if possible. i'm considering work with this business.


Hi.recently got hired but haven't srartedyet.could you text me?317.670.1032

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