WARNING AVOID AT ALL COST!! Masa Munes OR Oxious Akitas in Modesto, CA.

This is a lonnnng sad story. I don't know where to start and I don't really want to go through it all again. Just want to do everything in my power to keep her from hurting anybody or anything else!!! I have a FORGED Health Certificate along with the written confirmations from the USDA and the veterinarian that it is indeed a forgery. I answered an ad on either puppyfind or petfinder. The one that isn't strictly rescue. The ad read, 4 year old MBPIS female full registration $1200. I'm paraphrasing but I have a copy of that too. In a big fat file of all the unbelievable conversations with KAREN TRIPP-FINDLEY. I'm a 55 year old woman who has been dealing with animals and breeders for 30+ years. Never been so misled and deceived and just plain screwed in my life. The whole thing was just bizarre from the beginning. I should have known better but "Sabilla" (Masa Mune's Impressive Image) was just gorgeous and I really wanted her in my lines. Good lineage. That's another thing, who in the *** sold that woman any of her dogs? That's where I'm headed next. I'll expose those people. She goes by, or has gone by, several different names. She claims marriages I claim CROOK! I do not fear being accused of libel/slander, this is ALL TRUE and I HAVE PROOF! She'll only provide a Post Office Box for an address. I believe I just got her web site taken down. She was slandering me. Libel. We're both lucky we're a couple thousand miles away from each other. Okay, I sent her just over $1800, with shipping. Actually total cost was about $1800 including my travel up to the Cities to meet Sabilla's flight. But I sent Karen most of it via credit card and "PayPal" for protection. ANOTHER WARNING; "PayPal" only covers/insures one time transactions. Like, you can't send a deposit and then send the balance at a later date. It is a great and safe way to purchase anything sight unseen but READ THE SMALL PRINT!!! I read the small print and sent a bundle to the psycho. Anyway, through the biggest struggle in ship a dog history, I won't even get into that. Except to say, at one point she said she was going to ship the dog a day early to surprise me. That would have been quite the surprise since I live 2 1/2 hours from the airport and I was at work. So I finally get the dog and it turns out she's UKC, she's going to be NINE YEARS OLD, tomorrow as a matter of fact, and I have no idea what shots she's had, if any, because her health certificate is a fake. Birthday tomorrow assuming her UKC registration isn't forged too. I think her eye certification is forged. UKC's site does have her listed as one of their TOP TEN in 2009. Karen has already been in PRISON for forgery. She's been banned from AKC for 15 years. 16 in January. I periodically contact AKC and remind them that they are NEVER to reinstate her. If I ever find out.... They're working too hard on their own reputation these days... I know of at least two other families she's stolen from. I'm sure there have been many, many, more. Sabilla, "Silly Billy", will live out her life here. I'm sure the Lord put me through all that for a reason. We'll just learn and be thankful Billy is here and not there. I think she sold her a couple times and never delivered her. I think the dog is a little nutsy from being with that woman. I'm making it my mission to stop her. I didn't even get to the part where she conned me into giving her a puppy back in the deal. Because she had this other guy interested and he was willing to give her a puppy back. So I get this dog and realize that I'd been totally ripped off and then a few weeks later a police officer shows up. I've been summoned. She's suing ME for $2000 or a puppy. $1000 puppy cost, $1000 pain and suffering. Just about choked on that one. I couldn't make this *** up you guys. I've got the paperwork. I'd sue the pants offa' her but "...can't squeeze blood out of a turnip.." I didn't even have a puppy to send. Suing me for not giving her a puppy back after she got thousands of dollars for an elderly dog registered with a club I thought was United Kingdom or something the whole time knowing I was AKC, forged U.S. document that says right on it, $10,000 fine or five years in prison if tampered with... Blew my mind. She'd say, "Why are you swearing at me? I never swear at you." I can't share here my response. Couple weeks later and hours of prep the idiots in small claims out in California dropped the case because legally I can't be served in Wisconsin for a case based in California. Nice they figured that out AFTER the cop and the hours of worry and copying e-mail messages... Anybody want more? Lemme' know. I could go on for hours. Seriously. The woman is nuts and if it weren't so sad it would be funny. BULLDOGS too not just Akitas.
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I got an Akita from Janis 10 years ago. She is my pride and joy and very healthy. Love Jersey so much!!!

I was very impressed with Janis and would definitely get a puppy from her again!



Janis Kline,

This is Karen Tripp, you were sent a dog in good condition. I found out you were a puppy mill you have breed 200 puppies and you lied to me to get my dog after I shipped you my dog I find another web site and the list of breedings...well you have bred over 200 puppies!

I tried to buy my dog back you refused. You bred my dog and all her puppies died! This does not bother me I know the truth about our agreement.

I reported you to social security and to the IRS!

Too bad your just not a good person.



100% behind you Janis!!!

We love our Akita boy we got from you last spring & in the future we will be buying a sister for him from Janis.

I have been to Janis's house quite a few times and she isn't a puppymill breeder!

"Karen" is a psyco liar!!!!

Love you Janis!~ Christine :)



Well if this is by an anonymous person they cant be behind you too much. Are you writing this yourself Janis?

you puppy mill back yard breeder! we saw the print out of your old website and it said you bred one female 6 times! you breed over 200 puppies with NO HEALTH CERTIFICATES or x rays? Your on social security disability.

You are a liar. You breed akita-poodles mix, labradoodles, shepherd-Akita mixes and cats! GET A JOB! We looked at your website, and we called you.

We called the IRS on you too!

We have known Karen for over 10 years and she has sold us two puppies and we are very fond of Karen and her dogs!

Mary Walker

Ceres, CA

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