Was dining in KLIA domestic branch MarryBrown yesterday. The attitude of staff name NUR SHUHADA MUSA really pissed us off! She was the cashier and take our order while daydreaming. First, when the product is not available please tell us when we approach the counter to make order don't wait until we've decided then you tell! Then my friend decided to ordered Nasi Ayam MarryBrown and she punch in Nasi Lemak MarryBrown, when my friend tell her, her...
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Hi pissedconsumer Team, SUBJECT : CUSTOMERS CHEATED IN PRICE AND QUALITY FOR 8 PIECE TUB CHIKCEN WHEN COMPARED WITH MARRYBROWNINDIA PORTAL PLACE : TIRUNELVELI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA SHOP NAME : SCOOP SHOP, TIRUNELVELI – But MARRYBROWN Portal show as SUN Restaurants, No.84/3,84/2A, South bye pass road, Near BSNL, Tirunelveli - 3. Phone: 0462 – 2888777 PROOF ATTACHED: A.) MARRYBROWNINDIA portal showing 8 piece chicken tub rate as 475+ tax B.)...
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Staff yang sangat best. peramah. dan friendly. sangat suke dgn servis yg dberikan, cepat, bersih dan teratur. kekalkn dan meramaikan lagi staff seperti ini and special creadit for EZAN ( i dont know her full name ) seorg yg komited, peramah, mudah senyum dan baik. setiap kali kesana , saya dpt lihat perkara yg sama pd staff ini. feedback yg sama dberikn dr kwn2 sya yg mkn dsana. begitu juga dgn anak2 and family members. suggestion : kekalkn...
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Short Review for February 09, 2017

As'salam....kpda staf kitchen di marrybrown changlun.....tlng la ikhlas buat order kepada custmer......aku order tower buger...kau bgi hot touch busuk kat aku.....

Marrybrown chicken Review

I very disappointed.. dia baling my chicken.. when I asked nk drumstick taknak wing.. so rule.. pls do something.. thank you.. marry brown jengka..

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Kenapa makanan panas dihidangkan atas pinggan polisterin. Tempat yg panas sb guna kipas saja. Aircond tidak pasang. Harap marrybrown kota bharu, tmn. Bendahara dapat ubah cara penyediaan makanan.
i want to make a complaint about my bad experience in marrybrown. i ordered a bowl of chicken porridge, large mashed potato and chicken burger (ala carte). after the cashier total everything, then i wished to change the burger order from ala carte to meal set . the cashier then called the leader but the leader said its already been total but i haven't pay yet .. he refused to void it and change it to meal set .. after that i moved off and just...
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I want to make few official complaint regarding Marrybrown branch Taman Makmur (Kluang,Johor) at 22/12/2013 4:22 pm, services and food. 1. I buy a large cup of vegetable salad but i received merely half filled vegetable salad in a cup only , when we ask the cashier to topup the quantity she claims only 4 scoop for Large vegetable salad and if I buy regular she will only gives 1 scoop. (I have the picture if you want to see) If that is your...
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Made an order at 7: 30 P.M.. He just could not understand what I wanted, so I asked him to put another person on the phone. After a long 10 minutes explanation, another person takes the phone just to say "i'm sorry we do not have classic burgers", so I asked for extreme burgers, lollipops and some chicken poppers. I was already pissed!!! Then at 9 P.M they called up saying "sorry we do not have chicken poppers or even extreme burgers!!" Dude...
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16Jun2010: We (around 20 persons) from Capgemini located in Inpahani Centre went and ordered Rib & Thigh - 10 sets (value worth rs.1100/=). We used to avail corporate discount 10% always. And there was a offer going ( Coke pet bottles - 2 nos free for bill crossing rs.350. earlier it was 2 nos of Nimbo fresh for rs.250 worth of billing). MB refused to give the pet bottle offer saying that we are availing corporate discount. What way it is...
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A very bad experience I had at the Ispahani Centre (Nungambakam, Chennai) Marrybrown restaurant. 11th August 2008, 10:40pm, I enter the store. I was in a hurry and asked for a Burger and Finger Fries. Just as I completed the order, I got a call from a friend informing me about an emergency. I had to leave quickly. I requested the cashier to cancel the order as I had to rush out. He had not even given the order to the kitchen, the bill was still...
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Jason Tillo Ghostbuster, I guess they were really not in such a hurry as they claim. To the *** that wrote this letter, if you were in such a hurry why did you not take the money and l...


ghostbuster Well technically if you took back the order than you are NOT a customer. Also if you were in such a hurry why are you questioning the manager\'s way of treating his customers...

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