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I had an issue with an order and they met my expectations immediately. They were fast to respond, listened, and made me feel appreciated. The products are great and so are the people. Most companies are more intetested in the bottom line than they are with its customers, but not Market America. When they sent me the new products, they also sent a nice personalized note and a free SHOP.COM eGift card to make sure I was completely satisfied. I... Read more

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My wife and I partnered with Market America 20 years ago. Not only did the products help me with some health issues but the business has allowed my wife and I to stay home and raise our children. I had a business when I was introduced to Market America and I understood the work and time needed to make a business successful. The difference with Market America's business is the work I was doing was not as stressful or as time consuming as my... Read more

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I hear some people complaining about the fact that they were unsuccessful in the MA (Market America) business. What people need to understand is that it is a business and it takes work. Nothing is for free - and just because you sign up, doesn't mean that people are going to pound down your door to buy. You have to work at it. Market America has some great products, but it is up to you to sell. It doesn't matter if you focus on Motives... Read more

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I have been a user of Market America Products for more than 20 years. Very satisfied with their brands and have referred friends to them with very good results. Business wise I have no complaints they have been consistent in their service. Don't confuse Independant contractors with the company.

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Thank you. Im not sure what plan they saw .. But obviously it was the wrong one.. All of them need to evaluate again. I see them talking about recruiting people after people while making the top more money.. NO. it doesnt matter where u are in the organization its 100% of efforts combined in BV / IBV . You can be my sponsor but i can actaully surpass you . This business gives the An Equal Play Ground for everyone. Its all about your mindset and... Read more

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business as we know it has evolved. go read a book, about finances these days, they all tell you that network marketing is a big deal nowadays. as for the products, ma products are only the best stuff, have you tried the vitamins? or are you just assuming because its different, crawl out from under your rock dude..... they get paid off of the advertisement dollars that companies normally spend on tv advertisements.... but how many people skip... Read more

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I place many orders through Market America each month for their exclusive products I use and need as well as some of their partner and affiliate stores and products. I have been using products for the past ten years for myself and my family members. I recently had two experiences I would like to write about on this site. One was where I did not receive a product in a shipment I purchased. I called into customer service and without any additional... Read more

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I started as a customer of Market America in 2003 after one of their best selling health and nutrition products helped me drastically improve my health. The results I was getting with OPC-3 were noticed by others and before I knew it, I had referred 12 new customers to the company just by sharing my experience with them. I opened my account as an UnFranchise Owner shortly after that because I saw that the products basically sold themselves.... Read more

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I registered for my baby shower through to help out a friend with her America business and did not receive items that were ordered except for 1...and that item arrived damaged. I called right away and asked for a replacement/exchange and was told that I could be issued a refund...but hello it's a gift registry so I didn't order the item for myself. It took 4 emails and calls to finally get nothing and know nothing. As... Read more

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I have now owned a Market America "unfranchise" for 17 years. When I was originally introduced, I too was very skeptical! In fact I was convinced I was going to show the person who introduced me "the error of her thinking" Well in order to do that I had to figure out how the business worked. After 2 months of investigating not only did I see the power of this business plan I didn't want to be left behind! The number one challenge is... Read more

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