Impossible to get off Marl Dulisse's mailing list.

I bought something from him. It was awful. I did get my money back but his revenge is that he uses a different email address everyday to spam the account I used to buy from him. I add each one to the junk mail and the next day, there is another one with a new address. The only thing I ever think when a new spam comes in, is how Id like to see him banned from the internet forever.
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Mark Dulsse here

I use Getresponse, Aweber and 1ShoppingCart for autoresponders.

All my email on my list are from valid subscribers who opted into my list.

All emails I sent out are autopopulated by the companies listed above with unsubscribe links.

I would hope that they work at these big companies.

I would not want you to get more emails if you unsubscribe. Perhaps send me a ticket and I can manually do it myself?

#794143 Review #794143 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Tucson, Arizona
  • So my junk filter is worthless
  • Him keeping my email address and using new ones every day
Reason of review
constant spam every day
Preferred solution
take me off his mailing list

Mark Dulisse is a stuborn and selfish ***

Mark Dulisse is nothing but a stubborn and selfish marketeer. I bought from him Video Effects Press which didn't work properly. I've sent an email asking for a refund and he replied back twenty days later to tell me that it was too late for a refund, I replied back to him and he said that even trying thru PayPal will not give me my money back, after replying again in anger he said that I was using the *** approach and that he was very sensitive to such thing so he also permanently denied me access to his website and also to the freak product. Reality, stay away from this guy and all his fake products, if you don't then get ready to fight against a sneaky self called marketeer and product developer.
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Mark Dulisse here,

Dear Anonymous Commenter,

I do not recall. At any rate, even at this late hour, please submit a ticket at my help desk, and we will refund you if you don't like. is a great wordpress theme.

Used my many people.

Also, if we can help you use it, we are more than happy to help you.



I would agree with the above review. I've bought two of his products.

WP Opt In Pro and the Covert Player. The first issue I had was with WP Opt In pro which I had to delete from all sites because it had a security vulnerability that caused each site I had it installed on to get hacked. I informed him and he recommended that I should upgrade to his new product. I inquired about updating the existing product and was as much dismissed for being unrealistic.

I also bought Covert Player which has great functional capabilities but has conflicts with many other plug ins.

Recently I submitted a support ticket detailing the issued and the error messages and still after almost 10 days have no reply to my ticket at all. I would echo the above reviewer and encourage people to purchase from him with both eyes open and do a lot of due diligence in advance.


Mark Dulisse here,

Normally when a wordpress plugin is released, there are hiccups. A developer cannot possibly test on every platform and theme, plus users have other plugins that may be in conflict.

It is only in on-going developments after a plugin is released that there are improvements with user experience in future updates.

WP Optin Pro, and Covert Player, each has had numerous updates to resolve pretty much any conflicts for users experiences that have other scripts installed on their wordpress sites.

If you need any assistance, please email my personal email, which you can find


Dear Frustrated...

I am most positive that after many updates, both products work great.

Wordpress plugin, when launched, cannot possibly be tested on every wordpress theme and environment.

A wordpress plugin is launched

People install and use in different environments

They submit bug tickets Coder looks at them one at a time Does a major release of bug fixes updates all the time.

Plugins must also update. This is the nature of the business. If you buy a wordpress product, and install it on a custom site with custom coding, and don't allow for bug fixes, and updates, then you should not be using wordpress.

Use a static html site. Both WP Optin Pro and Covert Player are great products

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Stamford, Connecticut
New Reviewer


I PURCHASED A SOFTWARE FROM THIS CROOK AND THE SOFTWARE IS MALFUNCTIONING i TRIED ON SEVERAL ATTEMPT TO CONTACT MARK AND SUPPORT AND NO RESPOND. COMPLETE IGNORANCE. I CANNOT GET A REFUND OR ANY SUPPORT. AFTER INVESTIGATING A LITTLE It SEEM NUMEROUS victim fell for his SCAM and the internet is fill with Complaints ABOUT HIM ALL OVER THE NET BUT YET HE CONTINUES TO STEAL HARD WORKING PPL MONEY FOR HIS OWN GOOD.. DO NOT GET SCAM BY THIS LOOSER. i have all my receipts to prove it. and non responsive email i have sent. do not buy his softwares...they do not work and if they do ,'s only temporary and good luck getting any support. he is such a ***, he does not have any real tech support. It's a one man show and he does not have time or will make time to assist you, his intentions are solely to be dishonest.
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Dear Ananomous,

this is Mark Dulisse.

Not sure what software you refer to Mr. Ananomous.

Please submit a email to my personal address so I can assist you.

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Syracuse, New York

Bought Video Effects Press

I bought Video Express Press from this guy, having used it I notice videos had went missing on my site. I've since tried contacting Dulisse via email, facebook, twitter and what have you. Result no response. This *** should be taken off the net. I've been trying to find away to contact JVZoo who's platform he uses but can't find anything yet. I'm in the process of setting up a site/youtube platform to let others know about this type of *** and various other aspects, including affiliate programs. Hopefully I'll be able to stop a few people from throwing their money away.
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Mark Dulisse here...

What are you referring to? The videos the wordpress theme uses are either Youtube videos, or self hosted videos.

If they disappear they would disappear from Youtube or from your self hosted site.

A pretty unfair review. Next time, please perhaps list your site, so we can see what is really going on, and I can give proper guidance.

I know for a fact that I have answered all customer tickets on this product.

You can email me personally if you have any dire need issues.

My email address is in everyone of my emails, and you can hit the reply button. I do read them.

Thanks Mark

#497522 Review #497522 is a subjective opinion of poster.
London, England

I bought an optin slider version for $4.95 thinking its an option for side bar from Mrk Dulisse, but it was a pop up, which I don't need

I did try to explain to MArk that by mistake I have purchased the wrong product. I was looking at his website and the product looked really good. I saved the site and planned to buy it a week after as it was perfect to integrate with IMS rapid mailer. When I tried to exit the site, I received a pop up that before you go , I have an offer for you, you can get the easy option builder - slider version for only $4.95. As it had the word slider and option , I thought it was an optin to put in the sidebar widget so immediately bought it! when I installed it in my wordpress, it turned out to be a pop up and I was not looking for that as google adwords do not allow to have pop ups. I asked for a refund straight away. The support replied after 2 days (which I think is too late) that they need proof of purchase. I sent proof of purchase and after that they did not reply. I sent them animal every single day as a reminder. I bought this product on 24th May and sent my first email on 25th may. they replied on 27th May. After 27th May I sent them an email everyday. Finally I searched for mark's personal gmail and I found it online. I sent him an email on the 10th June and I got a response straight away: This is the copy of email: Mark Dulisse 4:03 PM (31 minutes ago) to me What is your reason? The refund policy is on salespage, it if fairly clear. My reply was: "Because I thought I was buying an optin that appears on your sideline bar. This was some kind of pop up, I am not interested in it. I have already explained my reason. " MArk reply was: Mark Dulisse 4:19 PM (16 minutes ago) to me Is it not working or simply you're not interested in it? Refund policies specific on the sales page. What? Of course my reason is none of them. I have already told him my valid reason. So my reply was: "I just told you, it none of them. I was not sure what I was buying! Read again in red I thought I have purchased an option that you can stick on the sidebar. I was not aware that it was a dumb pop up!! I do not want a pop up! Please refund my money immediately! I have just read your review online that you are a fraud. Please don't take it too far. Refund my money asap! You have shown you are very unprofessional anyway by not replying on support." He is such a *** business man! I was already planning to buy easy option builder because it can integrate well with IMSC rapid mailer. If he had replied to his emails quick and given me my money back, that would have build some trust and I would have bought easy option builder straight away. This concludes that MArk Dulise is a scam and a fraud! I am so sure that his easyoptinbuilder will not integrate with IMS rapid mailer anyway! shame on him! I can see his products stats that he is not selling much anyway. I will file a report to paypal and asap!
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Hey, Mark Dulisse here.

Sorry you are having bad experience. You purchased the Slider option for $4.95.

Slider is exactly that, a Slider. Not sure where you get the word "sidebar" in this description.

At any rate, the refund policy is specific on this product. If you purchase, you keep. Only way to refund is if the product does not work and we cannot fix within 30 day refund period.

We have no way to examine how many websites you have, how many websites you are using our Slider feature.

We have no way to know why you purchased. The fact remains, you did purchase, the product demo's are on site, and you have our software on your hard drive.

This is the same policy as many scripts and softwares.

If you were to purchase a software at or themeforest, etc., you keep.

So, no idea why you need to call me a scam, etc....

#495697 Review #495697 is a subjective opinion of poster.
London, England
New Reviewer

Mark Dulisse is a FRAUD & a CROOK

This *** ripped me off. He sells an inferior product promising a full refund if not pleased then does not issue the refund for his broken product "SalesPress Pro" don't buy this or any oter product from this shyster. Stick with "Optimize Press" that product is great and even though Dukisse completely copied it, "SalesPress Pro" SUCKS. BEWARE OF THIS THIEF !!!! MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- MARK DULISSE IS A FRAUD -- DO NOT BUY FROM MARK DULISSE
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Mark Dulisse here.

Anonymous Dan, is a great wordpress theme in its day. I am sorry you feel this way.

Normally after a product launch, people all have different scripts installed on wordpress.

We cannot test every scenario.

This is why softwares are updated, to deal with any potential conflicts.

For example, you might have installed on your wordpress theme the TinyMCE plugin, which conflicts with a lot of themes and other plugins. You might have other stuff installed. I don't know. What I do know, is that was developed on clean code, using Wordpress default themes, which is clean.

Please submit a support ticket and we can try and help you all we can.

To call someone a scam, when there are thousands of users who are thankful for it, seems a bit too much for my stomach to muster. Thanks Mark


Mark Dulisse here. is a great product. Many are currently using it and it has had many updates.

Normally when a wordpress theme is first launched, there are updates as many users put on different platforms and install additional scripts and plugins which may conflict.

this is why a wordpress theme will have updates, to resolve conflicts with other scripts.

We have done that. With that being said, not ALL conflicts can be resolved.

Some are due to problematic scripts that you yourself installed on your wp theme.

We have honored all refund requests for SalesPressPro. If you feel we did not honor yours, I am open to discuss this, and please email me at my address, hit the reply button on one of your emails.

Thanks Mark


yes this guy is a fraud and they have a very horrible support. I asked for a refund, they asked for the receipt.

When I sent the receipt, I never heard from them. I sent email again and agin but no reply. Finally I found this ***'s personal email and sent him an email his reply was this:

"What is your reason?

The refund policy is on salespage, it if fairly clear."

*** you MARK! Why dint you clear this with me then?

You could have replied in the support issue about it?

Anyway I bought easy option builder -slider version for $4.95. I got a pop up when I was leaving his site that I can get this esy option builder- slider version. I thought its an option that you can paste on the sidebar, I thought why not.

But when I finally bought it, it was a little pop up on the side. I don't wan that! Goole adwords doesn't allow to have any pop ups so of course I don't want it. I was not sure what I was buying so I have a good reason for getting a refund because I wont be using this horrible product!

I replied to his email that I have purchased a pop up and I was not aware of that.

Mark Reply was: "Is it not working or simply you're not interested in it? Refund policies specific on the sales page. " You *** ***! It's none of them!

I told you that I thought I am buying an optin that you can put it on your sidebar. I did not know I was buying a pop up!


Mark Dulisse here...

I think you have posted this 10 times at least, and I have given my response elsewhere.

Your comment is misleading.

EasyOptinPro is a great product. The slider is a exit offer.

It shows you what it does. In plain site.

My refund policy on salespage is clear. If you buy, and it is not working and we cannot fix within 30 days, we will gladly refund your policy.

I have not a clue if you are using it or not.

It's on your hard drive. End of story


NEVER buy from this guy, you even try and talk to him and he will SHUTDOWN your access to the product and still take your money!

Disgusting person.


You will need to abide by the refund policy terms. If it is my product issue, we will fix it.

If it is YOUR wp theme issue, you fix it.

If my product works fine, and it is on your hard drive, and we have no way to know if you delete or use the product, why would we refund? Our refund policy is clear on this issue.


Mark Dulisse

I would only shut down a users access if they are abusive to my staff, verbally. Or if they make threats, which weirdly, can happen in the IM business.

Like, Do This For Me Now, or i will post in all forums and posts, and blogs, defamatory statements.

If you have an issue, please email me, as I would love to connect and work things out.




We had the same problem. He hides behind his disclaimer before you buy the product that refunds only happen when the product is defective.

Then when problems happen and people want a refund, he is a real ***... no customer is right is his policy.



Yeah, I got scammed on his MemberPlayer plugin as well. When I contacted support advising it was breaking my WP site, I got no response.

When I wrote back, his response:

I am not even going to respond.

I will get to in when i am ready.

The issue is your theme.

Actually, forget it, go hire a coder and fix it yourself.

I am sure you got more than one domain.

Mark I'm filing a dispute with my credit card company. Ridiculous.


You will need to abide by the refund policy terms. If it is MemberPlayer plugin issue, we will fix it. If it is YOUR wp theme issue, you fix it.

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Mira Loma, California
New Reviewer

Mark Dulisse Uses Deceptive Marketing Practices to Defraud and Deny

We bought the Product Sales Press Pro from Mark Dulisse. When we downloaded it we found that it was not what is was advertised to be. It was so confusing to us average people. Some of the links didn't work or took us in a loop. It was advertised to be templates... easy to use with the tutorials, but it is so complicated that unless you are a programmer, it will take you months to figure out. We called Mark for a refund. He was so arrogant and rude. Basically told us that we need to go through the painful learning curve in order to use his product. He refused to give a refund for a lousy $70, but went on to tell us that 2000 people bought his product. If that is the case, why wouldn't he use good customer service and make the unhappy customer happy. Especially if he is swimming in money from the sale of this product. This person is all about himself and no respect for his customers. We will NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM HIM AGAIN... EVER!!!! And he basically told us that our complaints and posting would only give him FREE publicity. I think he is just an affiliate marketer of many programs and can't be bothered to build relationships with his customers. He uses the loophole in Paypal for electronic products to not give refunds to people. Says that you now have it on your harddrive so why should he give you a refund.
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POINT. When Mark was asked for a refund he was rude and belligerent. Certainly lacking in manners. Perhaps this is the reason you got an angry customer. It's the principle of how we humans treat other humans. Defamation? No, only to post the truth about how you do business. You welcomed the "publicity".

Even the man above who came to your rescue agrees with your people skills. Maybe this is an opportunity for you to change your approach.

There are many other programs out there to buy... and even the same ones you offer through other affiliates. So there is no reason for us to have any other contact. I have better things to do with my time than waste it on this.



POINT. When Mark was asked for a refund he was rude and belligerent. Certainly lacking in manners. Perhaps this is the reason you got an angry customer. It's the principle of how we humans treat other humans. Defamation? No, only to post the truth about how you do business. You welcomed the "publicity".

Even the man above who came to your rescue agrees with your people skills. Maybe this is an opportunity for you to change your approach.

There are many other programs out there to buy... and even the same ones you offer through other affiliates. So there is no reason for us to have any other contact. I have better things to do with my time than waste it on this.



I'm with you. Mark Dulisse also ripped me off for SalesPress Pro. This piece of software is garbage and does not work as marketed.

This guy is a rude crook and should be shut down. I am definitely going to do everything I know how to bring this guy down. This type of guy needs to be taught that he cannot get away with stealing from people.

I'm going to file complaints all over the internetand maybe you should join me.

I posted a complaint here as well recently.


Seems like Mark is missing the point. We called to say that several of the links didn't work and we could not navigate the set up because of this. It just kept us going in a circle.





The product did not work correctly.. we called and asked for the refund within 24 hours.

We finally went to the bank to file a claim. This man has no customer service manners.


John... thanks for the confirmation on Mark's arrogant and rude manner with customers. Here is the sales page on which there is an iron clad 100% guarantee for the product. There is no disclaimer saying that the iron clad guarantee is only if the product does not work. It is misleading.

BTW Mark.... we do not have a domain that this program is sitting on.

We didn't claim to post defamation posts... only that we would tell the truth about our experience. And as you can see we are not the only ones who have had this experience.

Look we have been in business for over 30 years... Today with all the social media marketing, it is about building relationships. And this is not what Mark does. I agree with John above, that he should get someone else to handle the customer side of things.


I have to jump to Mark's defensive here because I've also purchased the product and I do find it easy to use (although I do have experience working with WordPress). Plus, as he has mentioned, when selling the product he is clear that refunds will only be given if it doesn't work.

To me denying a refund to a customer that is unable to use your product (even if it's because of their lack of experience) is not the right thing to do, but it is Mark's choice.

That being said, as I've mentioned on another one of Mark's scam posts, I've purchased several different products from him and I've always found the products to be really good (which is why I keep buying them), however, the couple of times I've had to contact Mark for support he's been VERY RUDE and has had the worst customer service I've ever experienced in the internet marketing industry.

Since he does put out good products he would really be well served to either hire someone else to do his customer service (someone that is respectful and actually likes dealing with paying customers) or get a partner that is the "face" of the company and that interacts with the public while Mark focuses on product development.

It's a real shame that someone with such good products treats his customers the way he does (and I'm not specially just talking about this complaint, but his customer service and people skills in general).


I do not offer trials. The Refund and Disclaimer policy is on the salespage before the Order Button.

And it states only if the software is defective and does not work will we refund.

Hard to give a refund when I see it sitting on your domain and working fine. He called me and also threatened me with defamation posts.

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Tampa, Florida

Mark Dulisse Used Deceptive Marketing Practices to Defraud & Deny

Mark Dulisse Used Deceptive Marketing Practices to Defraud & Deny
Mark Dulisse Used Deceptive Marketing Practices to Defraud & Deny Customer Refund &... Mark Dulisse aka Freedom 55 Financial aka Dominating Google I ordered an online digital product called Dominating Google that offered an unconditional 60-day moneyback guarantee from an unethical & unscrupulous internet marketer who goes by the name Mark Dulisse who defrauded me of my money & then later denied me access as a member to after I filed a refund claim with PayPal! The reason why I filed a claim is because I did not receive all the info advertised that I really wanted & the seller Mark Dulisse refused & or FAILED to respond to any & all of my email requests or phone calls during a period of 45 days so I decided if he is not going to provide the missing info or respond to any of my email requests then I better request a refund before it's too late. So after patiently waiting for so long I called PayPal & they suggested I file a claim immediately against Mark Dulisse to get my money back. So I followed the PayPal representatives recommendation by filing a claim against Mark Dulisse the alleged fraudster. Then I later discover via PayPal that the alleged deceptive seller Mark Dulisse was denying me a refund in spite of his advertised refund guarantee. Furthermore Mark Dulisse belligerently stated over the phone that PayPal will not grant refunds for digital downloads. "If the seller responds to Paypal by email within the next 10 day even if the alleged scam seller Mark Dulisse denies any buyer a refund." says PayPal Representative via Phone It appears that alleged that conman Mark Dulisse uses PayPal as a loophole or trick to avoid legitimately honoring his 60 day moneyback guarantee even though it is publicly advertised. Mark Dulisse now appears to be delusional by simply ignored my request for a refund & then later resorting to sending me emails accusing me of stealing his digital product along with his 3 advertised free plugin bonuses. What the conman Mark Dulisse fails to realize is that I added these free bonuses to my websites while I was waiting for Mark Dulisse to deliver the promised missing content that I was looking for & that was also clearly advertised on his internet website. Not only does the Mark Dulisse act like a criminal white collar scam artist he then completely denies me access to the membership that I originally paid $197 for while still denying my request for a refund. Mark Dulisse justifies his unethical behavior by fraudulently claimimg (blatantly lying)I gave away his 3 SEO plugins to other internet site owners. The fact is I own all three sites on the same server & the same IP address even though I use different aliases which is not illegal as long you don't do anything illegal or deceptive. The reason why I'm reporting this is because Mark Dulisse will attempt to change the subject when cornered or confronted. I have the email receipt by paypal for the digital product ordered on Feb 28 2011 by Mark Dulisse which verifies he did not honor the promised 60 day unconditional moneyback guarantee. I do not recommend you order any digital product from Mark Dulisse unless you use a credit card to order as may have to dispute your credit card charge if you ever decide his product for whatever reason did not work for you. Mark Dulisse is very unethical as demonstrated by his refusal to provide customer support, honor any refunds then cancel my membership after stealing my money & lying about honoring any unconditional refunds. Mark Duluiss (aka Mark Devious) will probably jusify his behavior by wrongfully referring to my website & making false accusations as he did in his emails that i will gladly post if & when he responds. Mark Duluisse may attempt to paint me as a free loader as he will probably do with you if you ever order any of his products & then decide to ask for a refund for whatever reason. Before you listen any of Mark Dulisse's lies & distortions read the free bonuses at bottom of page & the 60 day moneyback guarantee & then decide if he is trustworthy or just another Internet marketing conman
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Here is the typical IM'er who will try and damage you by posting the same thing on multiple sites and blogs. He is a maniac.

I did refund this dude, and here is the proof:

Not everything you read on the internet and on this site is the truth. Much of it is competition too.


That's his game!

Mark Dulisse is a professional ONLINE THIEF!




His refund policy is NON-EXISTENT! His support is actually an experience you want to avoid.

He does this on purpose. He actually enjoys taking our money, refusing to refund on licensed digital products (that he can cut-off at any time) and if you open a dispute or contact him and state that he is ripping you off or basically don't agree with his low-life tactics - HE THEN KEEPS YOUR MONEY AND CUTS OFF YOUR LICENSE AS WELL. I WOULD LIVE TO BUMP INTO HIM - HE'LL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN - I PROMISE YOU! He deliberately ignores refund requests.

He is so far up his own backside - it's actually sickening - which he is BTW. Watch his silly videos and count how many times he says this about his product.. "it's very cool"! What a useless, deceptive and fraudulent *** Mark Dulisseis.

You have been warned. Buy from him at your own peril!


Mark Dulisse here:

This is the game on refund policy, so read them, they are CLEAR on my salespages.


30 Day Guarantee No Questions Asked Refund Policy. You submit a ticket, you get a refund. No questions. If you are abusive to my staff at help desk and start making threats of defamation, sending in 25 tickets in 5 minutes, etc (which often happens in the IM niche space), please do not do that.


30 Days Limited Guarantee. Meaning, if the software is not working for you, submit a ticket, and if we cannot fix within 30 days, we will gladly refund. This refund policy is on expensive softwares to develop, they are on your hard drive, and meant to stay clear of what I call, 'serial refunders' in the IM niche.

3. No refund policy.

These are usually on mp4 clips, etc, that is similar to refund policy on other video download sites (videohive, etc).

Please be kind to support staff...if you are abusive...yes, I can see why they may want to ignore you. If you have not gotten a refund, and you are in the #1 point above, please email me personally (you know address) and submit proof of purchase, and I can refund you.

Additionally, I am more than happy to give to you a complimentary on a great softwares as well. Thank you Mark Dulisse


The bottom line is the Mark is a terrible person of which karma will catch up to him (if it hasn't already). Chalk him up next to the clicksure/paid actors scammers of which they would sell their first born for a buck.

My assumption is that he hates women and children.

I'd give it a 80-99% chance that he verbally mocks and beats little puppies.

I'm amazed that he can sleep at night given the way he treats people.

He has no regard for ethics, professionalism, common curtosy, or respect.

Unfortunately I have to go or I'd dig into my archives of hate mail and support tickets from this guy.

Maybe we can start a Facebook group for all the people he has pissed off? Just so he can target the group in FB ads so he can try to screw everyone again!

Buyers beware :)


Mark Dulisse here..

Dear Anonymous, come out come out, wherever you are...

Sounds like competition to me.


I remember This Mark psychotic marketer working with Alex Goad for Google domination site. He was the most rude and shameless person, who basically spitted on every member. He absolutely terrible by bullying people with his language and insecure attitude.

Most likely he is a product of miserable childhood, or maybe he was severely bullied in his younger years at school, because that is his attitude towards others in general.

I truly feel sorry for this Mark person and even money he steals from others never make him happy.

Whatever he sells, or advertise- RUN AWAY! NEVER do any business, or even talk to this narcissist. Narcissistic disorder is incurable.


Mark Dulisse here...

I have never bullied anyone. I have to admit, if my support staff are abused my impatient marketer's, I can step in and set the record straight.

Just because one buys a $47 digital product, does not give them the right to abuse my staff and demand '24/7' support for years to come, and personal hand holding for the rest of my life.

For some reason, many in the IM niche expect this, or they complain.

No offense, that is my personal opinion. I have helped out thousands upon thousands.

I have seen and read it all at my help desk. One guy even threatened me at my local home, looked me up on google maps. I had to call my local police who got a hold of him in Europe and gave him warning never to contact me again.

All over a $9 product that was a digital download video background with a no refund policy on the salespage, similar to videohive, etc... I have seen it all.


MARK DULISSE customer service is terrible, and himself as a parson. All he want is your money, after he got it he will never care about you as a customer. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE I had with him as a customer :(


Mark Dulisse here,

Hi Chelo. I do not remember you.

I offer software and training for a fee. So yes, it is about money for a service/product.

At some points my after sales service has been terrible, and some of this has been due to huge amount of sales on a launch.

I launch a product. There are 2000 new customers in 2 days.

500 of them are hitting the support desk in 1 day, all demanding a personal hand.

I sell a SEO course, it is a video tutorial and pdfs. Well, I get 500 tickets, all people wanting PERSONAL advice and consultation on their domains, and how they can improve their rankings. And I'm like, 'please to watch my training.' In this scenario, these people can be very aggressive and demanding. I try to answer some, but that is not my offer.

Some get downright very aggressive, almost demanding personal service. The same with softwares. People want personal consultation, and help. They buy a web video player.

It plays your mp4 videos. But then they want help on converting videos, setting up meta data on video files, etc... Well, that is not the service. There are video encoding services that do that.

But for some reason, customers in the IM niche think they own you if they give you $10. That is my rant on this topic.

If you are reading this Chelo, please write to me, and I can give you a free complimentary on one of my most excellent softwares and/or courses to help your IM business. Thanks Mark Dulisse


I tend to agree with all of the posters here. I have actually bought several of Mark's products in the past.

Most I am very happy with. However, his customer service is non existent.

I would only ever order from him going forward with a credit card. Just because his customer service sucks does not mean you should never order from him.

Most of his products are good. Just buyer beware and order with a credit card so you can file a chargeback if he does not respond.

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Auburn, Washington

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