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Word is Out!

I heard just yesterday from someone with a proverbial "ear to the rail" that word about Mr. Arbeit's past IS getting out. Seems that Mr. Arbeit attempted or managed really to stick it to some poor fellow in connection with the purchase of a house, and the fellow came across stories about Mr. Arbeit after just a cursory search on the 'net. The fellow is still wild about his experience with Mr. Arbeit and is now spreading the word about him and his past. . . . As our #MeToo movement builds to a crest, I think that fewer of Mr. Arbeit's courtiers are willing to cover for him or defend him. This is a good thing.
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I would like any info on Long & Foster, NJ, Bob Albanese, Sr. VP/Regional Manager, Long & Foster, and Mark Arbeit, Long & Foster, Margate, NJ.

I filed a Complaint against Mr.

Albanese and Long & Foster for negligence and unethical business practices at their Margate office relating to contracting me to an unplaceable tenant in my rental home, targeting me as an older woman and lying about the tenant’s credibility. I am suing for lost rental income and damages of almost $4000 to my house; Long & Foster’s overreaction to my Complaint and demand for reimbursement has been bizarre so am wondering what really is going on at this firm.

@Saniyyah Jaw

I got nowhere complaining about *** Arbeit. That's okay.

I've derived a little satisfaction from getting out the word on Skid Mark's past. . . .

Simply Google "Mark Arbeit Terraset" and read any of the four Washington Post articles that the search turns up. I don't know how the guy managed to score a realtor's license in New Jersey. He obviously can't be trusted around elementary school students and, in my opinion, should not be trusted with anything involvinging real estate. .


. Good luck.

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Margate City, New Jersey
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Not as described/ advertised
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Let the company propose a solution

Best Relator in 2015

Just wanted to take the opportunity to express our gratitude for all your assistance throughout our sales process. We give Mark Arbeit and his Team highest marks for his help in getting our property sold. Mark is incredibly knowledgeable, professional, friendly, patient, easy to talk, understand the needs of the client in helping sell our home very quickly. Our sale was supposed to be an easy and quick transaction, but due to the other realtor it was not. We had our home listed for 6 months in 2015 with another company and no promising prospects. When we listed with Mark Arbeit, imagine our surprise when he found a buyer in just 8 days!! While being very professional, he made us feel like friends he was doing his best for. We really appreciate Mark hard work on our behalf and whole heartedly recommend his services to anyone buying or selling a house. Mark and his Team extensive knowledge of the local market let us sell our home quickly. We are so grateful to them. Our experience with Mark and his Team could not have possibly been any better! A great part of the success of this venture goes to him. We feel really fortunate to have him on our side guiding us through a difficult process. We enjoyed his warmth, knowledge, sincerity and unflappable exterior. His efforts went over, above, and beyond what any client would expect. We are so grateful for His and his Team help!! Mark's staff was so professional, very caring and made us feel like part of his family. Mark and his Team were very efficient and professional, we will recommend highly to anyone looking to sell or buy a property in Margate, Ventnor and Longport area. We want to say thank you! It was a wonderful experience from the beginning to the end.
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*** sponsors a youth soccer team in Margate, NJ, and all the city's "Beautiful People" fight like wild animals to get their children or grandchildren on the team??? *** also has one of his Tannebaum boys coaching the kiddies???

. . . What the heck is the matter with these people?

. . . They'll happily sacrifice their youngsters to *** and the Tannenbaum Boys just in order to stay in their good graces?

These people are sick. . . .



If even his close friends call him *** then what in the world is he called by those who dislike him?


More nonsense from one of Skid Mark's f__ hags. .

. . If you want the real "down low" on *** from a real woman, then speak to one of the dozen of women he has "used and losed" over the past decade. .

. . The dude's totally out of control.

Just ask any one of the women who worked for him and are sorry for having done so.


Bogus reviews put up multiple times? .

. .

Yeah. That'll do it!

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Margate City, New Jersey
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  • Professional and excellent service
Reason of review
supper service!!!!

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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I'm Not Anonymous

I'm the jimbo who posted the "Mark Arbeit & Co.: Stay Away!" complaint. What is it with *** and members of his posse? I just heard from a friend that a member of Skid Mark's fan club accused me of trying anonymously to ruin Skid Mark's reputation for no reason at all. That's just not true. I think that the specifics of my complaint were laid out pretty well in the "Stay Away!" post, so what's with the chatter about trying to trash him for no reason at all? Skid Mark's fellow traveler also said that my attempts to besmirch him anonymously are pointless because "everyone" knows that I'm behind EVERY anonymous complaint about him. That's not true either; but if it were, then I'm obviously not anonymous. Right? . . . Bottom line, folks? Stay away from *** and his office.
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Gee. *** went and "used and losed" yet another female associate.

. . . What is it with this guy?

And why do so many women among Margate, NJ's "Beautiful People" continue to insist that NOBODY gets along better with women than *** . . .

I don't know why the gals keep believing him. Total POS.


Can any of you realtors help me out here? If the pending legislation to disqualify persons convicted of Megan's Law-type offenses becomes law, then does *** have his "meal ticket" pulled?

All of you probably can get the answer to this question more quickly than I could, so I'd appreciate it if you posted it here. Thanks. . .

. And as our "Real Estate Professionals" always say here in Margate, NJ, ""Ciao, baby."


Margate, NJ's "Beautiful People" think that it's a great idea to have *** Arbeit sponsor a little league soccer team???? .

. . Sure.

Most of them had only 1.1 children when they were younger; and those little darlings "fled the nest" long ago. They therefore don't care one bit if *** involves himself with the current crop of kids.


Did *** really "use and lose" three more female associates? .

. . What is it with the guy? And why are these gals so very reluctant to speak up about what really goes on backstage at MarkAtTheShore?

Hmmmm? . . .

If everyone whom *** has abused, swindled, insulted, and stabbed in the back would just open their mouths, then the buffoon would be run out of town on a rail tomorrow. Until then, though, he'll still be our reigning emperor with no proverbial clothes!


*** and his many, many courtiers have proudly proclaimed Margate, NJ a "Pope-Free Zone." . .

. And the few papists left among Margate's "Real Estate Professionals" just laugh along with them, keep their mouths shut, and hope that *** throws them a few proverbial bones? . .

. These realtors aren't only self-loathing cowards.

They're also not very bright. They're cheering their own demise and won't receive any "bones" from *** in exchange for doing so.


Don't listen to them jimbo. People in Skid Marks circle say lots of things.

That's what gets them in trouble usually. Not too many people with brains believe what they say.

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Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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Bad quality
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Let the company propose a solution

Doesn't care about renters....

We contacted his office to look at a few yearly rentals and the agent we got in touch with couldn't have cared less about our desire to view the rentals... He was distant and vague with his replies. At one point, he texted us and was using things like "lol" and "haha", which is unprofessional in my opinion. He then proceeded to insult our requests by asking why we don't just use our own realtor, which was odd... Weeks later they stuck us with a new realtor that was kind and professional, but then he disappeared and never replied back..... If you are attempting to rent in this area, don't go to this office because they won't care for you unless you're buying a million dollar home.
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What is it with the rest of the "Real Estate Professionals" in Margate, NJ? This *** beats them out of their commissions or beats them down on their commissions every single day, and yet they're scared to death to open their "surgically enhanced" mouths!

. . . *** must have the proverbial "goods" on all the leading realtors in town.

There's really no other reason why they would maintain their silence about this POS and the way he does business.


He doesn't even have to open his mouth. I get totally creeped just looking at him.


*** loves to accuse others of engaging in "The War on Women" but "uses and loses" female associates at an unbelievable pace. .

. .

How does he get a pass on this? I guess that he just screams more often and more loudly about his affection for women than his former female associates speak out about they way they were treated.


They way they were treated??? Get educated. And get Jimbo some education too.


Everybody loves Mark & Mitch! .


. NOT!!!!!!


Yo, Chicago Anonymous: You aren't kidding about this outfit caring only for clients in the market for $1 million+ properties. *** himself represented me and my wife in our purchase of a home for much less than $1 million, and after a problem surfaced nine days after closing, I asked him for just a little help in finding out just what my sellers knew about the problem prior to our purchase.

It should have been easy for him to help me because my sellers' realtor worked in the same office with *** . . . Well, my requests for a little assistance elicited from *** a series of what you might call "drive-by lies": He would tell one lie to explain why he couldn't help me, and after I suggested an alternative way in which he easily could do what I asked, he would simply toss out another.

When I finally asked him to find out the identity of some "secret bidder" with whom my wife and I were supposedly competing for our place, *** denied ever mentioning a "secret bidder" to me and said he'd never speak to me again if I ever used the term "secret bidder." Of course, I said, "Secret bidder," and *** has not spoken to me since. You think that I'm making up Skid Mark's "secret bidder" ploy? If so, then come on around to my place. I'll show you the exact spot where my wife and I were sitting with him in his luxury SUV when he told us about the "secret bidder" at around 11:15 a.m.

on the Sunday before we signed the offer to purchase our place. . . .

I was told some time ago that I'd never see a penny from *** my sellers or the sellers' realtor.

I therefore decided to go public with my sorry tale and thereby hopefully cost all of them as much in lost business as it cost me to solve the problem with my place. It's nice to see that I'm not the only person who has had problems with ***


Oh, yeah, Chicago: If you want to see a photo of my seller-- the guy for whom *** betrayed me and my wife-- then just do a Google Images search for "Gary Stephen Diamond Sex Offender." . .

. If you're familiar with Skid Mark's history down in Virginia, then that search's results probably won't surprise you. Disgust you? Sure.

Surprise you? Nope.

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Chicago, Illinois
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Mark Arbeit and Co. are best brokers in Margate, Ventnor, and Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I've dealt with Mark and his team on both my purchase of a beach block home and also several rental transactions. He and his team are honest, efficient, and really get the job done. I came from out of town after several descriptions of what I was looking for and the price range. He did not waste a minute of my time. All the homes he showed me were exactly what I was looking for and had several perfect choices to choose from. Mark knows the area and the comps and protects his clients from making mistakes. He should be your only choice in this area: a true professional who really looks out for his clients.
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Will Skid Mark's ticket get yanked if it becomes the law in New Jersey that a person convicted of a Megan's Law-type offense can't hold a realtor's license? .

. .

Come on, you realtors! Save me the time I would have to spend finding the answer to this question!


You have to love the way that construction is progressing-- or not progressing-- on this guy's *** Land" complex at Benson and Ventnor Avenues. Can you imagine how often *** has screamed, changed his mind, and telephoned his lawyer during work on the project?

. .

. I pity the poor contractor.


*** got his nickname the old fashioned way-- he EARNED it!


He's a real POS. .

. . Your proverbial emperor with no clothes. .

. . Why are realtors and other business people in and around Margate, NJ afraid to say as much? Because he won't do business with them if they do?

Hey-- he won't do business with them even if they don't! . . .

So what's with all the silence?


I saw *** and his entourage at an Il Divo concert. .


. Every single one of them was disgusting.


*** launched a big publicity campaign last fall, the main part of which was a slogan that went something like "In the world of real estate, two queens will beat a straight every time!" I write that the slogan went "something like" that because, within a week of launching the campaign with the slogan in ads and social media posts, the slogan totally disappeared. I think the slogan rubbed even Skid Mark's fellow travelers as, well, in poor taste.

Heck, I didn't even "get it" until I read those articles about *** in The Washington Post's archives for June 20, 25 and 26, 1987. And, yeah, it was in poor taste. So the guy obviously has poor judgment along with poor taste. .

. .

Just stay away from him.


SKID MARK!!!!!!!!!!!!! .


. YEAH!!!!!!!!


A "beach block home" and "several" rentals? There's your problem right there, Josie.

You were obviously a well-to-do client from whom *** expected some repeat business, so he refrained from any nonsense in his dealings with you. . . .

My wife and I? All that we could have offered *** was some good word-of-mouth if he'd just done what he was obligated to do and had looked out for our interests rather than teaming up with Lou Solomon and Solomon's online predator pal to stick it to us. . .

. *** must have thought that, if my wife and I were foolish enough to trust him, then we'd be foolish enough to keep our mouths shut after we were swindled. Well, he was half right: My wife does keep to herself what she knows. Me?

I'll continue to disclose the facts involved in our home purchase and its aftermath to anyone who's interested. . . .

I think that *** was "penny-wise and pound-foolish" in his treatment of us. But what do I know? Not much, if you believe *** and all the sycophants around town who give him the "Rock Star" treatment.

We'll see, I guess.

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San Jose, California
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Reason of review
Good quality

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Great experience

I've dealt with Mark Arbeit many times and have always been treated professionally. I would recommend Mark to anyone who wants the job done correctly and with honesty. The reviewer above has a personal issue with Mark and has gone all over the internet spewing his lies... This is a professional with a fantastic staff. Always returns my phone calls and keeps me up to date on the process. If you buying or selling or just curious and want to know what your home is worth, give them a call. Anyone in the office is a pleasure to work with .
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Don't tell me that *** has "used and losed" yet another female associate? .

. . How can all of his f__ hag