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The staff was amazing and so wonderful. They are professional, nice, caring, and listen. Everything was great from check in until check out. Jill, Melissa and Laura are outstanding nurses. Dr. Reed is really wonderful too he sits with you and reviews everything prior to the procedure. This was my first anesthesia so I was nervous and it excellent. Staffing ratio was above standards and the surgery exceeded gold standards. They started on me early and check on me several times. Safety and ensuring best outcomes are their goal here. The staff kept trying to make you feel better and comfortable. They really care and love doing there jobs. Dr. Chapplle is one of the best MD in the state. Thank you for taking great care of me.
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Kennesaw, Georgia
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No communication and lies

I wouldn't take my dog to MSC after my experience - so rude, abrupt and don't take anytime with you to explain a thing. It all started when I had 4 different people calling me about my surgery and each telling me a different time, date, instructions, etc. - u name it, even down to the way I would be put out. I arrive and the nurse does my IV - she needs to go back to school - I've never had one hurt so bad in my life and then the taping job and taking it out - I nearly screamed. The anesthesiologist came in and u want to talk rude and super short with a patient, WOW. The person with me even noticed his attitude. To say the least no surgery for me-they called it off due to my anxiety and I tried t explain to them I was confused on what they were doing in the way of putting me out. Smart *** Dr said I was confusing myself that no one had told me any different - BULL - you have no clue who I've talked to on the phone and what they told me. Thanks to them I'm totally terrified now to have any procedure done.
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Canton, Georgia
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Horrible Pain and Stopped Breathing While Awake

Below are the two bulletins I've posted on MySpace about this incident. The first was written the day after surgery (11/12/08) and the second was written today (11/25/08) to document their response to my complaint. First Bulletin: I can't get this guy for malpractice because there was no permanent damage done that I know of, but my experience with him before surgery yesterday went straight to the top of both my 'Most Traumatic" and "Most Painful' event lists and I don't think anything will ever replace him on the list. Previously the most traumatic list included my baby dying and a guy breaking into my apartment who I believe would have killed me if I hadn't been able to get away because he had an icepick and knives and stuff laid out in my living room. The Most Painful list includes things like childbirth, broken bones, having broken bones set with no meds, 3rd degree burns, a large piece of wood falling and bashing me over the head, and pain from a bee sting which might sound like nothing, but I'm extremely allergic and have to go to the ER if it happens. I have been put to sleep for surgeries before where they either put a little shot in the IV that burned a little and then they put the mask over my face and I went to sleep or where they just used the mask and I don't know what they put in the IV afterwards. Those were neither scary nor painful and I didn't expect this time to be any different, This took place at the Marietta Surgery Center and I will repost this in a couple of days with the anesthesiologist's name, but right now I don't feel good and don't want to go through paperwork to find his name. Yes, I was a little worried about the surgery. My doctor and the nurses had me pretty much at ease though. I had my IV put in by a nice nurse named JoAnn who gave me a little lidocaine first and then got the IV right on the first stick. A nurse named Wendy walked me back to the surgery room and helped me get on the table. There was also another nurse in there and they got me covered up because it was seriously freezing. I was laid out on a cross thing with my arms straight perpendicular to my body and the arm with the IV was strapped down. The anesthesiologist came in and started piddling around on the left side where I had the IV and the nurse gave me the mask which she said was 'oxygen'. She and I were laughing because the mask is supposed to lie flat on your face covering your mouth and nose and it was on an odd angle or something that made it not stay on my face. There was no communication between the doctor and the nurses and he put something into my IV which caused THE MOST AGONIZING PAIN I HAVE EVER EVER EVER FELT which caused me to scream at the top of my lungs absolutely as loud as I could. The nurses asked what was wrong and I screamed 'my arm, my arm' and I was writhing and not able to get my left arm loose. The nurses were saying they were sorry and telling the doctor that he should have warned me and they were saying it was just a 'little sting' and they put something else in the IV and I was calmer and able to talk but still crying and said it was way way more than a little sting and then I COULD NOT BREATHE AT ALL---NOT IN---NOT OUT---COULDN'T TALK---WAS WAVING MY LOOSE ARM AND POINTING AT MY THROAT AND SHAKING MY HEAD NO and they were telling me to just breathe and go to sleep and I COULDN'T BREATHE AT ALL. I don't know if I passed out from the drugs or not getting any air, but my last thoughts were that I hoped they figured out I wasn't breathing in time or I wouldn't see my kids again. I truly believed I was going to die right then and there as the nurses were laughing and telling me to relax, too oblivious to realize I wasn't breathing I'm afraid to go to sleep because I keep dreaming about this. If you ever think you want to die, try being in a situation where you know you are going to and have no control over it, and you'll think again.. Second Bulletin: I strongly suggest you REFUSE Dr. Khalich as your anesthesiologist. When Alice, the risk management nurse asked him about my issue from a couple of weeks ago, he told her I was offered Versed in pre-op and that I refused it and said that any problems I had were due only to my anxiety. WAY TO COVER YOUR *** DR. KHALICH!!!!! My daughter was in the room with me the whole time from when I walked back to wait for surgery until they took me into the OR and she can verify that nothing was offered and nothing was refused. And even if I didn't have the pain issue when I first went back that he says wouldn't have happened if I had not 'refused' the other medicine, that in no way excuses or explains them stopping me from breathing while I was awake.There was no mention of my stopping breathing among the nurses, the anesthesiologist, and the risk management nurse, and she says she's sorry I have a bad perception, but that nothing bad really happened. She doesn't care if I say something bad about them because they have thousands of good reports. Statistically that may be correct, but I ask you: Do you want to be the one person out of thousands who this happens to...or do you want it to be your grandmother with a heart condition or one of your kids? Can you imagine the horror of being wide awake and stopped from breathing and writhing around pointing to your throat and mouth moving your lips that you can't breathe only to have nurses tell you how important it is to breathe and thinking it is kind of funny how upset you are at not being able to? The nurses told this woman they were just talking to me trying to keep me calm, but maybe if they were paying attention to what was going on they would have noticed I couldn't breathe. Now they are going to have this *** 'doctor' call me to explain how everything they did was exactly right and that it is my perception. I haven't been able to sleep right ever since this because it either comes in my head while I'm trying to go to sleep or if I wake up before I should, it comes in my head and I can't go back to sleep. I truly want harm to come to this man.
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My young daughter has a procedure at marietta surgical center soon. I'm extremely concerned after reading these post.


Sorry about the grammar and spelling on my last post. I meant your not you and hope I made the point with "rest assured".

It is my experience there is all. Thank you.


My experience was the exact opposite of this. The staff is extremely capable of handling you worst anxiety or problem with a procedure.

rest assured I am neither a shill or paid endorser merely a former patient of the MSC. I would send my baby daughter there.

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Woodstock, Georgia

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