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Hey Everyone CNN MONEY is doing a story on MARIA DUVAL Maria (perhaps a man) has been scamming people for years! Even the FBI cant get these scammers. So now CNN is doing a Special all about his fraudster:...
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I didn't like
  • Scamming seniors
  • Fraud
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I had been receiving many letters from Maria Duval at the Woodbridge, Ontario address and threw them in the garbage. Suddenly there was a name change to Destiny Research Centre and on opening the letter saw it was from Maria Duval. Since the request was a small amount...
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blueberrymom There is no Maria Duval. Come on... you do not receive lottery requests through the mail in this day and age. Your own lack of common sense is what should be *** you off.

Please tell this Maria Duval to get a real job, and stop scamming the public. I am sick and tired of her sending me ***, she is a pain to society. She needs to go to jail, one day, she will scam a senior, stop her before this happens. I would like to know what she...
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Cher Was sent supposed "unique" offers for me only, then changed my name slightly. Then got sent same offers over again, REPEATS OF their very first ones. They sent many REPEATS, l...


Sea Jay I to am sadden by this that I have put faith in. Always things on certain dates and nothing. Playing the #'s as given on the dates to do so --nothing--. Here is an other addre...

Destiny Research Institute and Maria Duval are frauds. This envelope was sent to me , on December 6 2012, with no return address, to my mail box asking me to send money for further astro reading promising to reveal lucky numbers and dates for success, ex. winning...
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I had been receiving letters from the Destiny Research Center / Maria Duval for some time. I made the mistake of opening one of these letters one day and feeling at an all time low, I responded hoping that I could change my life around, We all want health, happiness...
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Mark thanks for the good information. I am just checking out this service before I respond. I have received at 4 different mailings from this person and I almost fell for it this t...

I got this letter in the mail I would say last week. It was from some agency called "Destiny Research Center from a Maria Duval. So it said. It was a lengthy letter in 2 parts saying some thing about a ring of some sort that would bring you luck. What nonsense does...
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ann now all these so call pshchic send me letters i dont know these people. i\'m so upset the ***-man is so sick.he-she need a real job.i remembershe had the ring out also and sen...


ann on nov 2012 the *** got a new taisman out about giving you energy and getting people to do what u want kill the *** she took my 35 dollar:sigh :sigh

I hope Maria Duval will give me back my money. she promised to help me , I already payed her more than $600.Does she exist or she is a cheater . The problem is that : elle prend l'argent des pauvres comme moi! Rends moi mon argent Duval!, je veux la totalite de mon...
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Ha! :cry

Contact Maria Duval

Headquarters Address:
Maria Duval
Destiny Research Center 1285 Baring Blvd., 409 Sparks
Nevada, NV 89434-8673

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