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I am sorry I ever sent money to this ***!!!! I have recieved nothing but more junk mail requesting more money for "SECRETS NEVER BEFORE REVEALED". As a matter of fact I recieve mailings from her every week requesting money for some other cockamamy reason. This company...
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I paid the Destiny Research Center $52 Dollars for some jewerly items and have not received them in the mail. I would like to have a class action law suit against the company. Please get back to me about this matter or I will take it up with the BBB. I did not give out...
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Total scam. I bit. I was (am) desperate for help. I won't say my age or the amount spent. Play the lottery , your odds are better. Her written guarantees are worthless. All lies! 4 letters from me and 2 letters from BBB and no responses, and no refunds. All have...
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Sucker2 It took 4 letteres from me, 2 from BBB and 4 months, but I finally got all my money back. Sucker2 :grin


nico que pensez vous de maria duval? Il faut que je lui envoye 30euros pour sont talisman

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