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Maria Duval, and her staff at Destiny Research Centre also have an 'office' in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. I get letters frequently offering help with rings, Talismans to assist with love, money etc. How long can a company do this, with no return to the people who...
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BEWARE of the "Ring of Re" scam from destiny research center and maria duvall. recently got a letter addressed to me stating that all my troubles would go away if i bought this ring. went on to tell me that when she discovered it, her luck changed dramatically and that...
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I am completely pissed off because I was scammed out of $25 too! She sent me these rings that first of all fell apart and then lost their colour and made my fingers itchy! What a huge scam and I'm pissed at myself for falling for such a trick. What can be done...
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J :) :grin :p :sigh :p :eek :upset :zzz :x :sigh :? IF YOU WANT A RING LIKE THE ONE \"SHE\" SUPPOSEDLY SENDS...GET TWO QUARTERS...GO TO YOUR NEAREST GUM...


jen I almost fell for her letter and promises I am gland I saved my money it is sad she preys on desperate people in these desperate times.

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Maria Duval
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