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This woman has been scamming my elderly father for years now. No fortune,and no good health,....just stealing his money and making unfulfilled promises. I guess her Psychic a** didn't see me coming! The government should spend more time on these scammers putting an end...
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The Jay A letter, unsolicited, arrived in my mail several days ago. The five page, single spaced, proceeded to advise me that on December 4, 2014, I would acquire riches in the amoun...

Last 12/26 my job was eradicated as were many others. I recieved Maria's letter December as we were loosing our house just as many others are. Do to all the wonderfill things she stated I figured nothing else had helped me feel better, so let's give it a try. I sent...
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sharoneddy2013 my check cleared over 10 days ago as well...disheartened


sharoneddy2013 Wow...a few years back I bought a few things from this company, received them and was very pleased...hope they come threw for all of is really disheartening to think t...

lmao greaaaaat cuz i sent for my 10 dollar ring of re eight days ago and still havent got it yet if it does something for me ill let you know lol well hopefully it does me good since i have so much bad luck as it is if i get bad luck im gettin my money back definitly...
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