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Tried to order two pizzas that were on special but they would only take debit or credit card. So we ordered two pepperoni pizzas, cost was 26.00 with a 4$ off coupon. The pizzas nearly had any sauce, cheese, and pepperoni on it. It was the worst pizzas that we had ever ordered. We will not be using Marcos again when we want pizza. It showed me that what Marcos is not a customer minded company, real sad!.
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I didn't like
  • Not being able to use a coupon
The Marcos Pizza near my house in Warr Acres, OK is very good. Since they moved there 3 or 4 years ago, it is the only place we get pizza from. My order has been correct every time. The pizza taste good, the cheese is good and the pizza's are hot. The staff is always polite and friendly. I usually go pick my order up since it is so close. I know in todays times people are quick to jump on the internet when their orders are wrong, so that is...
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I liked
  • Great staff friendly
  • Get my order right every time
  • Marcos pizza in warr acres ok
ORDERED Pepperoni pizza with extra cheese on 5 /26 for my grandson 5th grade graduation party and was given a cheese pizza called spoke to the young lady was told to hold on and she never came back to the phone i hungup thinking she may have forgotten i was on hold called back was put on hold a second time i always order my pizza from you guy but never again thanks messing my granson graduation party Marcos .
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Lg pepperoni w/bacon pizza with the crust having all of the seasonings on it. When we picked it up every worker was behind the counter on the line eating pizza. The man who cashed us out was eating pizza in one hand and handling my money in the other. Very gross.when we got home the pizza had sausage no bacon. I called and told them and they said a new one would be ready in ten minutes and said we needed to bring the original back. I went in and...
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