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Don’t do it SCAM

Brenda is a scam artist. She lies & steals your property & her husband tries to sue saying you broke a contract. All fake. How do they stay in business? Christian people don’t do this to others- she claims she’s an Acts girl from the Bible. Looking back I wish I sued her long ago but she knows the loopholes - God will catch up with her. I noticed my stuff in some of her photos...she’s the Devil in disguise. No good business. Don’t Do Msnsion Minders you will regret it!!!
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Preferred solution: Go out of business for stealing minders property. God will get you!

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Lorcan Cbt

Well if you pay what you are suppose to per your agreement, there is no need to have things held for payment. It would have been returned if payment had been made. 21 years of success in business, shows integrity and a well run organization.


Mansion Minders is a scam company....

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Mansion Minders is a scam. I was a stagger for Mansion Minders and still am a home stagger for other property. The scam part is when I put my furniture in a seller’s property managed by Mansion Minders and I was told the owners wanted to renovate the house. They sent their movers in and confiscated all my property including brand new underwear, pajamas, clothing, shoes, toiletries, family and personal property, collectibles that are heirlooms, large appliances and other items I’ve got listed and stored them in their private warehouse with an unknown location. After that they told me they would place me in another property and that never happened. Instead they kept my property and used it to stage other properties and charged the home owner or builder for the service without my knowledge. I demanded they return my property. The response I got is that I still owe them money from staffing the house they abruptly moved me out of. They will find a way to confiscate your property by way of either saying the seller wants to do renovations and they will put you in another property or to say there’s a problem and the seller wants you to move out. Then they bill you for breaking the contract with them. I’m planning a class action lawsuit against this company and others like them to stop this abuse of trust with staggers and to get my property back from Mansion Minders.
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Brenda is a fake Christian. She stole some of my property & said I owe her money in order to get it back.

I received all good grades as a minder. Then her husband had the balls to bill me for breaking the lease after the home sold.

The video on her website has my pillows on the couch she’s sitting on! God please stop these agnostic Criminsls!

Ilias Jgg
map-marker Colleyville, Texas

Beware of Mansion Minders BEFORE hiring them for your home

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I hired Mansion Minders service to occupy my previous home while it was for sale. The entire experience was something out of a nightmare. The family Mansion Minders leased our home trashed it the day they moved in. I had multiple showings the first few days they moved in with horrendous response from the potential buyers. Finally after 3 months we decided to end our agreement with Mansion Minders. That is when the fun began. We gave them their required 30 days to vacate. The day the family was to vacate, we were informed the family filed bankruptcy. So much for Mansion Minders screening their residents as they state on their website. No credit check was performed. Finally after a few days and a legal bill, the family moved out. Once contacting Mansion Minders concerning unpaid electric and gas bills, which they are to pay according to their contract Mansion Minders told me, sorry but since their residents filed bankruptcy they could not collect from them and would not pay me. Our agreement states Mansion Minders is responsible for the bills, not the residents. Also Mansion Minders told me they would not reimburse me for legal bills. I would never refer Mansion Minders to my worst enemy.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

Preferred solution: Full refund


We were mansion minders for 21 months while we built a new home and had a totally different experience than Roger. Yes they did do a credit check and according to the mansion minders contract with the homeowner the mansion minders are allowed 3 days to move in and get settled in the home before it is to be shown.

Plus after that the owner along with Brenda from mansion minders do a complete inspection and photograph the staged home for the real estate ads. Opppps sounds like Roger got off on the wrong foot day one. If the owner is showing the house during or within a day or two of a mansion minders move in then it's his own fault. Based on my extensive background in real estate and reading this post it appears to me that the home owner didn't follow the program and If you don't follow Brenda's expertise and do it according to what has successfully worked in over 300 homes then you're going to get a different result.

We sold our home and needed a place to live while we built a new home. The challenge was we had a great deal of furniture since the home we sold and we're building we're both over 6000 sq ft. We decided to take the option for mansion minders and it was great. Brenda was very nice and a true professional.

We were so impressed with the home we minded we even considered buying it and selling the one under construction we had already started. I am sure there are circumstances that people are in a different spot financially than they were when they entered the program and there is no reason to keep pulling credit on your mansion minders if you have a consistent track record. Unfortunatly something happened in this couples life that resulted in a bankruptcy. Sorry it happened to Roger but I don't think that someone is filing bankruptcy to get out of some utility bills in a lease house.

I bankruptcy is much bigger than that and I'm sure it was a last resort.

I believe we looked at Rogers house before we selected another home that Brenda had available.

If it's the same one as what I am thinking it needed a lot of work and I commented to my wife it looked like a forclosure or a lease house. Glad Roger sold his house and glad we didn't Mansion Mind this one.

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Hello James,

Glad you had a good experience being Minder for Brenda. Obviously you are misinformed of my situation.

The person who Brenda put into my home was a personal friend of hers. They passed credit check years ago and Mansion Minders did not require another credit check.

The Minder did not file bankruptcy to get out of paying bills on the home. They filed bankruptcy due to their financial situation and the minder was unemployed when he move into my home.

When asked to move out of the home which was within guidelines of our contract, they informed Brenda and myself they had filed bankruptcy and I was not allowed by law to enter or be on the premises of a home I owned.

We wanted the Minders out of the home due to many reasons.

We had complaints from prospective buyers as well as the Minders had vehicles which were over 10 years old that were leaking oil on my driveway.

Imagine if you owned a home worth $650k and the Minders told you they are NOT moving out and since they filed bankruptcy there is nothing by law I could do. The entire experience was a fiasco.

Ilias Jgg

Brenda Platt,

You had plenty of time to answer my question.

It is plain to see by everyone you will not pay the bills you are contracted to pay.

Good luck to anyone who hires this company.

Ilias Jgg

So basically you are saying if I send you ALL the bills they did not pay, you will pay them?

I sent proof of payment yet you did not believe me.

Their cars leaked oil all over the driveway. Their cars destroyed the curb appeal.

We had former neighbors complaining to me about the residents.

The residents filed bankruptcy and would not leave my home.

Your company put them IN my home and you stated they had been family friends for 15 years. You said he had a job but the bankruptcy papers stated he did not.

Since you put them in the home, of course I hired an attorney to remove them from the home. Why in the world would I have confidence in your abilities in removing them from home. Plus you hired an attorney with a yahoo email address.

Give me a break. So again I ask, if I send all my bills will you pay them or not?


I had also told Roger he didn't need to seek legal counsel as I had already and would have them out. I paid our attorney and they were out in just 4 short days.


This family had helped 3 other even larger more expensive houses than his to sell prior to putting them in his home. A credit check had been run when they entered the program.

He and his realtor had approved them and their furniture prior to placing them in the home. Roger decided to move them out after only 2 months of them being there... when his home didn't sell due to it being over priced for the neighborhood, as well as many cosmetic problems that pre existed in the home. He gave a 30 days notice and we had them out in 34 days with the home in perfect and spotless condition.

We have been successfully helping homes to show and sell for over 15 years and have never experienced a seller who was as difficult to deal with.

He was unhappy if their cars were in the driveway, unhappy that there was a bad showing report from a realtor the day they were moving in "there were pizza boxes and what appeared to be clutter around"...yes there was as they were moving in.

These Minders put all the utilities in their names in all three of the other houses and he said they didn't put them in their name in his house. I asked him to send me the bills, so I could pay them and all he would provide me was the paid bills.

This doesn't show me that they weren't in my Minders names or even the billing period.

His home did finally sell once he got the home priced correctly and repaired previous areas that had needed painted, marred walls and holes in the wood floors in his office. We do a cosmetic inspection prior to any Minder moving into our properties and provide that list to the seller of its condition.

Brenda Platt, President and Founder since 2000 46*-***-3303

Ilias Jgg
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So Brenda, you are going public in stating if I send you all the bills WHICH your company did not pay, you WILL pay them?

You have been provided proof of payment.

You are NOT answering the question.....WILL you pay the bill or NOT?

I did not have confidence in your attorney nor do I have any confidence with any attorney who's business email has a yahoo domain.

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