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Main Street Coin Trade-In Review

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Unbelievably deceptive group of "dealers". Brought a coin in to sell, and they basically told me that it wasn't what I KNEW THE COIN WAS, and tried to "low ball" me... LOL All, be careful with these fellows.. Most likely, they "pissed off" some customers, and have to carry guns. LOL Real winners, giving a bad name to the industry.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service
Jeena Dfn
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Diamond Ring Review

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My wife and I took two diamond rings in to get them appraised at the Milford location. One ring has 3 stones -1/2 carat and (2) 1/4 carats. He tested them and said the stones were CZ but he would buy both rings for $200 because they were gold. We refused and took them for a second opinion to find out they were in fact real diamonds. What a slime bag. They're probably trained to do so. Beware
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Reason of review:
Bad quality
Lauri Wne

Hostile behavior

I was a service provider for this group of stores for a/b five months. I met Mike briefly not long before his death, and he and all but one of the other store managers and partners I worked with were, knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant enough to work with. Plus I never saw or was aware of any negative issues regarding customer satisfaction during my engagement with the stores. However, the above-mentioned exception became impossible to work with when he became incensed that one project (of many, all completed on time and within budget) took longer than he felt was appropriate. Via a series of lengthy, vulgar, and invective-laden emails (some sent to the entire group) he made it clear that his opinion trumped fact and refused to carry the dialog beyond his own POV. His unprofessional and hostile demeanor promoted me to suggest terminating the relationship — with which he eagerly agreed. A signed contract ensured that I got paid what was owed me, so I cannot claim nonpayment as an issue. But I would recommend that any vendors or service providers that are now, or may in the future be doing business with this organization, do so with an eye toward dealing with a potentially volatile and cynical customer.
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Cincinnati Rare Coin Doesn't Pay Vendors Beware!

Cincinnati Rare Coin is a business headquartered in Hyde Park, a community of Cincinnati Ohio. They refuse to pay for services they contracted for and received to the tune of thousands of dollars. Attempted to threaten the vendor if they attempted to collect the debt. They bought radio advertising from local stations and now refuse to pay them for it. The owner carries guns around the stores and uses intimidation to frighten customers and now vendors alike. They pride themselves on their "honesty" but just turned out to be deadbeats. Be careful trusting them with your coins or gold!!!!!!! I found this information out after searching for references about them.
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I am sick of everyone saying how good Mike was. If I died from a drug overdose I would be hated as he should because he was selfish in the fact that his death affected people he didn't even know. His poor New wife and children. Shame on Joe,Leah, Clay,Brad and his other partners for covering up his drug addiction while he was alive and for not addressing his cocaine and heroin problem after his death so that others could see the truth in what really happened and maybe that would save someone else's life.


I just recently found out about Mike's passing. I am saddened by the loss of such a good hearted person. My deepest sympathies go out to his family, co-workers and friends who truly knew the real Michael.

I met Michael back in 2010 through a mutual friend who grew up with Michael. My first impression of Michael he like the Great Gatsby. He was charming, friendly and very generous. He wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and wouldn't let any of us pitch in on the tab. This may sound strange but I always watch the subtle things about a person as I find it tells a lot about their character. I saw Michael tip our waitress a $100 bill on what couldn't have been more then an $80 tab. He did this nonchalantly and without trying to play the role of a big shot, which really impressed me.

These comments about him not paying his vendors sounds far fetched. He definitely had the money to pay his bills. There are two sides to every story. I am a business owner myself and I have done advertising before where the ad was so messed up they even had the wrong phone number in the ad. I refused to pay it. Why would I pay for something that's wrong. I am sure something similar had to happen in this case.

I continued to see Michael off and on at different social events throughout that next year and in 2011 when silver prices hit an all time high I decided to reach out to him to sell a large silver coin collection I had inherited. I knew nothing about coins and they had just been sitting in my closet collecting dust. Michael was very helpful and welcomed me to come to meet him at his store. Before doing that I contacted a neighbor of mine here in Wyoming who was a well known numismatist and he confirmed that Hyde Park Coin was the most reputable dealer he knew of. So I met Michael at his store and he took me upstairs to his office.

For those of you that were ever lucky enough to see his office it was amazing. It was lined with so many antique pieces of silver. He was a very avid collector and walked me around his office describing in detail his favorite pieces, he showed me his collection of paper currency that he also was found of. He did all of this with the utmost humility. He shared stories about how he started out in the business and one particular story sticks in my head. He told me that when they had the store in Fairfield they used to use silver bars as door stops to prop open the doors. Of course that was back when silver wasn't as valuable. I found that to be quite amusing. He paid me a very fair price for my silver and I went on my way. I would see Michael many times after that and I grew to consider him a very good friend.

I would go back to Hyde Park coin several times to sell different pieces I no longer wanted. Even though he wouldn't be there the staff always paid me a very fair price. I will admit the staff there wasn't as personable as Michael was but they were honest and fair. I suppose if I wanted to be catered and pampered I could have went to another store and got paid less but for me it wasn't about being coddled it was about getting a fair price.

The stories about staff toting around guns is ludicrous. I saw only one older gentlemen with a beard who I assumed was their security guard he was always by the back door and did carry a gun. This didn't intimidate me but only made me feel safer. I applaud a business that even if it is in a nice neighborhood still realizes that robberies can happen anywhere and why not be prepared.

I know Michael loved and cared about his family very much. He often talked about his children and even the child that he fathered over in the UK. He often told me how he was traveling over there just to see the child. He never skipped out on his obligations as a father which he took very seriously. I saw the comments about Michael being a drug addict and I would argue that with anyone. I did become aware of Michaels recreational use of drugs. I would hardly classify him as an addict though. Even if he was, addiction is a disease just like cancer. Are you going to fault someone with a disease regardless of what type it is? I think people would be very surprised to learn just how many people they know use drugs recreationally. I am not condoning it but I have friends that are lawyers, politicians even doctors that party occasionally. Michael will forever be remembered by me and the ones who truly knew him as a very kind, generous person who was taken from us way too early.


This is an inexpensive way our competitors can "anonymously" warn our customers to stay away. If I am going to say something truthful, then why would I need to do it in such a way as to hide my identity?

Sadly the internet lends itself to these types of bogus and transparent desperation moves. Clearly this person doesn't even have their basic facts straight about the organization of our business. Someone local to Hyde Park sees us as competition, and instead of saying something positive about themselves, they chose to make negative comments about others. So many businesses do this, as do political hopefuls.

Build yourself UP, don't seek to improve yourself by tearing someone else down.

This would look bad on them if they had identified themselves. Our reputation speaks for itself.


We have been doing business there for a long time and are now personal friends. Mike will be dearly missed.


Hello to all that decide to post on this site. I am SFC David Dickmann, Yes....

Mike's brother. I do not care about your feelings about Mike or his partners, or how you were treated, or any trivial *** that you can think of to slander my brother. You have every right to say what you want but how about your right to shut up and if you didn't like him or his partners or his store exercise your right to NOT GO!

I am a 19 year active Military veteran and still going strong and I came on here to find things to keep as a rememberance of my Brother and to say the least I am shaking now.

Tomorrow I am flying home to be with my family, Mike's family and all of our friends to bury my brother. I don't give a *** who you are but Mike is gone, permantly so keep your *** bad comments to yourself Please!

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Dave, your brother was an amazing man. Keep your head up and pay no attention to these bad mouthing people. Rip mike!

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Mike was larger than life and a really good man. I will miss him very much.


Does not matter now....Mike Dickman is dead.

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Mike is alive and well in our hearts and memories and will always be loved and remembered by the people he was surrounded by. PLEASE don't take any further opportunity to cast him in an unfavorable light.


My daughter and I stopped into this shop this morning and were met with great customer service and a gracious attitude by the young man that I assume is the owner. I read reviews about a few of these local gold buying locations and decided to see for myself how these places operate and must say that I saw none of the things described in these posts at this small shop.

We were escorted into and out of the shop by a gentleman older than myself and I am very pleased to say that I will refer my family members and friends to this place because of the lovely service we received. It is an absolute shame and embarrassment to our community that anyone would say or fabricate such nasty things about a human being on the world wide web for the world to see.

These people should be ashamed of themselves. As a former small business owner, I appreciate the service that these people gave and the time they took working with myself and my daughter and I will continue to help to keep a local business alive in Cincinnati!

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