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My be fine if your shipping and billing address is the same

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I ordered a Surface Pro 7 and entered the commercial address where I get my business mail and have parcels sent for security purposes.

Their "policy" does not accommodate that model.

OK, I will buy that $1,500 device elsewhere.

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map-marker Richmond, Virginia

Terrible. Unauthorized use of credit card. Stay away.

This company is terrible. A one star rating is one star too many. They used our credit card without consent.

We called them to talk about ordering a laptop and gave them our credit card info to order. They soon called us back saying that they found a better product in their inventory that we might like instead. We said that we would think about it, but to hold the order until we got back to them. We hung up the phone. We had their number if we wanted to call back. In the meantime, we had started to consider other options. We discovered they were overpriced and this was not a cheap item or a quick decision to make -- it was a new MacBook laptop. During this time while we were deciding, they started ringing our phone off the hook. They must have been getting nervous hoping that they weren't losing a big sale. Finally, we decided to go with another company that we were more familiar with. Then, without our consent, MacMall representatives claimed that we had agreed to the order and they had just picked one of the laptops and placed the order for us. The price was well over $1,000.

We talked to them again to say that we had not decided and that they did not have our permission to place the order. They disagreed. We said that we wanted to return the laptop. They did not want to take a return. So, we took the dispute to their payment processor, PayPal. We spent some time going through a dispute resolution process with them and PayPal was very helpful and orderly. We received the laptop in the mail -- the computer that we did NOT order -- and we took instructions from PayPal to return it to MacMall's business address that they had on file -- against MacMall's wishes. MacMall gave us the run around refusing to confirm whether or not they received the return. Paypal then determined it for them that they had indeed received the laptop back according to the tracking information. Palpal then forced a refund on MacMall's account and finally, we got our money back.

Also --there were some rather ominously threatening comments made to us over the phone when they realized that we weren't going to listen to them and that we were taking the dispute directly to PayPal. A woman on the phone said that they still "already had our credit card number." We cancelled the credit card because their comments sounded threatening to us, especially in light of what they had already done.

This part -- I do not know if it is a coincidence or not, but in the same year, we have had someone trying to attempt identity theft - someone tried to open a new credit card under our name in another state. Their attempt failed. So, we contacted the credit bureau, who can place identity theft protections on the name. We do not know yet if this criminal activity is related, but it is suspicious. And regardless, I would still stay far away from these guys.

I definitely do not recommend ordering from this company. Their website was not organized as well as some others, they were rude and vaguely threatening and they used our credit card without permission. If you read this and have already run into trouble with them, don't hesitate to report to their payment processor and write a review.

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Tamer Dgp

Rippoff Artists

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This company are masters at scamming. Employing every know boileroom trick../ Phony store credits then they charge you more for the same merchandise.

Bounced refund checks and even reconditioned merchandise sold as new. The Internet is littered with complaints. And I believe that the internal staff create most of their own positive press. My experiences was for small amounts of money.

But their staff was extremely corrupt and dishonest. They cashed a check, sent no merchandise and then offered store credit and super inflated the price. Then sent a bad check and then commenced to fabricate excuses to the state attorney general office. They would make the MAFIA blush

If you are compelled to do business with these people (you are walking into a Hornet's nest), use only Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Do not except store credit as a consolation. Stick to your guns keep accurate records and complain to the authorities. These are scam artists.

This is a front for an Asian company. Buyer Beware and go elsewhere.

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  • Disgusting
  • Fraud
  • These are dishonest people
  • Terrible customer service

Spammed to death

Yes - I am a pissed consumer as I'm being spammed to death. They've sent me junk e-mails every day for five months.

Yes, they go to the junk folder automatically. Still, I e-mailed them 15 times in four months to stop. They eventually responded that I was removed from their e-mail lists, then they doubled the spam to two e-mails a day. I again brought it to their attention several more times.

They then replied "we are not sending you emails, you have been removed" - when their e-mail is clearly in the send line.

Either their degree of incompetence is unconscionable or they intentionally spam you until you purchase something. I will never do business with them.

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Kailany Rvc


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They are not based in California, they just have a bs office there for appearances. Their company is in Asia.

They engage often in the old bait and switch and send refurbished products as new. They do not stand behind their products. They have NO AFFILIATION with APPLE. Stating they are an authorized reseller is very misleading.

There are several complaints about credit cards.... guess why??? Because there are so many complaints against them and because the money is processed overseas. Do your self a favor, pay the extra 10 dollars and go to the apple store.

Dont find out the hard way like I did. I ignored all the bad reviews to literally save a few dollars around Christmas. It is Feb, was told over and over it will be in stock and shipped in 2 weeks. Then, they cancelled the order.

Mind you, it was a black friday deal so of course they strung it along so they didnt have to honor their prices. Company should be investigated.

Just do a little work and see all the different names the same company goes by and how many pissed consumers there are. It is a fraud.

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  • Dishonesty
  • Bait and switch
  • Terrible customer service
Reason of review:
false advertising

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered

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Sela Nnp

A few months ago I bought a Nike shoes of website call Martí For total cost of $115 , I waited almost a month and I received Flip-flop worth about 5 bucks from China . Of course you know now it’s big scam , to Dispute charges and get my money back, Wells Fargo told me to send the package back to China So we can apply for fraud and refund the money Returning the flipflop cost anther $40 but I did it because I don’t want that scam get my money, it takes about 60 days but I got my money back . Last Monday the same credit card charged 3 times purchasing laptops on this website MacMall, and because I don’t use this card at all since what happened ,was very easy to link these Chinese website scam.

Zeva Dqu

MacMall No delivery, Missed 3 due dates

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Absolutely ridiculous! Ordered Ipad Pro Black friday, best price.

Due date 12th of Dec, missed, then 19th, now 27th. NO confidence, just look elsewhere! Not worth the price of waiting for something they promise & don't deliver! Talked to Customer service 2 times, Emailed 4 times, no additional discount, no anything.

DO NOT BUY FROM MACMALL!! Customer service just says sorry, sorry, sorry. I can give you an estimated time, but it is just an estimate it is NOT guaranteed. IF other companies were like this they should be put out of business.

I am looking for a way to tell others how bad they really are, selling something they don't have, & making you wait, for me 1 month now. I will look somewhere else & pay a fair price for the product, NOT MACMALL.

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  • Price
  • Missed estimated delivery 3 times
Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Deliver what you sell promptly

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Cancelled order, found it somewhere else cheaper, ordered & had the IPad Pro 128gb in 394055****993810****585 days!

Dee Hfs
map-marker Springfield, Massachusetts



DO NOT USE MACMALL FOR ANYTHING. All returns have a restocking fee of 15%. I purchased a brand new IPAD with retina display in November. My son wanted the cellular plan to go with it.

MacMall customer service refused to accept my return. They stated to ask the original person whom I purchased from for an exception. Upon going to the original person I purchased from I was told there would be a 15% restocking fee. That's $100!!!!!

I only wanted to exchange the ipad.

I informed her that I would post on the internet not to go to MACMALL for anything. They will only rip you off if there is any problem with your purchase.

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Dee Hfs
map-marker Springfield, Massachusetts



All returns have a restocking fee of 15%. I purchased a brand new IPAD with retina display in November. My son wanted the cellular plan to go with it. MacMall customer service refused to accept my return.

They stated to ask the original person whom I purchased from for an exception. Upon going to the original person I purchased from I was told there would be a 15% restocking fee. That's $100!!!!! I only wanted to exchange the ipad.

I informed her that I would post on the internet not to go to MACMALL for anything. They will only rip you off if there is any problem with your purchase.

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map-marker Cape Town, Western Cape

MacMall unreliable: they just lie about delivery dates!

I recently tried to purchase two Macbook Airs from, but I ended up canceling my order because of their slowness and untrustworthiness. The 13" Core i7 had just come out and all the other companies (even Apple) admitted that stock levels were low and that waiting would be long. Everyone was honest except for MacMall. I checked with 3 different employees the date that my delivery would arrive and the exact number of units they would be getting in on that day, before I placed my order. I paid them and waited patiently.

The day came and went by and no stock arrived. I was then told by a certain employee that they never actually thought that stock would arrive that day, they were just told to tell customers that it would. Does lying to customers usually work for them? Next time, same story - no stock had arrived. Finally I was phoned and told that stock had arrived and that my order was put on priority - it would be sent that same day! I ordered overnight delivery, but the next day nothing arrived. After following up, I was told that a shipment had indeed arrived but that ours was too late on the list. They were now out of stock again. This seemed strange since I was originally told my two units was number 8 and 9 on the waiting list. Did they only get 7 units? Or did they lie again?

What frustrated me most was that lying seems to be the company policy: if you can't offer your customers the service they require, just make promises to keep them hanging around. In the end they asked if I would rather cancel my order. I did, after weeks of waiting and being lied to constantly. They probably still don't have stock, but they are probably still telling customers that they do. The sad part is that I had to leave for a sabbatical and really needed these little Macbooks in time. I took a gamble in trusting MacMall, and I lost.

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Same issue with us. Ordered via phone to make sure saturday shipping. She tried to sell service contract 6 times! She put the wrong device on order Mac Book Air with 4gb memory. That was intentional cancelled. Ordered via the web. They said they have it in stock. They would ship on Friday. That was not the case. Friday night they said they would ship saturday. That was not the case again. Cancelled the second order.

Bunch of crock liars. They try to sell something extra if they can't sell it, they make your life miserable.

Macmall no more!


I wish I'd have done a little more research before buying from them, placed a $3,000.00 along W/over-nite shipping only to find out it's Back-Ordered!! of course they already took their money out of my account....never again

Joe Ungvarsky

Anna Maria Island, FL

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