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I am forward my conserns of how I was treated and the poor customer service to the better business bureau

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This Anne the customer that was spoken to like a child and might add a paying customer. This was the rude front desk person who I am sure, working at a towing service company have very disgruntled customers come through all the time. Although I was upset about my vehicle being towed, my reaction was not directed at her, as I told her more than one time. I was reacting to the situation and her response to this paying customer was belittling and condescending. I am not going to let this go because I don't want another customer to be treated like me. This front desk person could not understand it was not about her. This front desk person may not be the right person to be sitting at the front desk of a towing company service if the reactions of a customers affect her the way that it did
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this post is from a woman who came in to get her car after being towed. Anne decided to park directly IN front of a tow away sign in a doctors office parking lot.

When she called about her car she repeatedly used the F word and was constantly raising her voice and was down right mean. I was the woman working the front desk and explained why she was towed(the doctors office called and said she parked directly in front of the tow sign, she didn't have permission from the doctors office and they have a small parking lot so it needed to be moved for their clients. The owner got there to tow the vehicle and said she certainly parked directly in front of the sign) from the get go i was scream at, cussed and how disrespected. i told her we didnt tolerate hat language and this was a Christian business and she would get hung up on.

She did apologize but kept up the bad attitude, rude comments and a raised voice. i told her where we were located, the amount of the tow(polk county towing gives us prices to go by and thats what was given to her along with a discount) and that she needed cash. She said something about the amount and it told her she count pick uo the vehicle until it was paid, in cash and before 5. Anne shows up expecting to get her car with no money.

Things dont work that way and she proceeded to give me an attitude, raise her voice, slam the door and again be rude. I had explained everything to her before she got there and for some reason she thought she could show up, intimidate me and get her car for free. she eventually paid and got her car.

Since then she has emailed the owners, made reviews that were lies on other sites and called the owners. She knew i was on the phone with them as well bc i told her and they heard how she was talkin to me and of course knew who was lying.

Anne C Mas

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

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| map-marker Bartow, Florida

Beware of M&M Solutions INC. Auto Colliosion Towing Poor Customer Service

I was very disappointed with Wrecker Service Inc in Bartow Fl 33830. The daughter of the owner Michael & Melissa Aycock was running the front desk today.................. February 20, 2020, and was very unprofessional. I only know the front desk person was the daughter of the owners because that is what she said. The front desk lady said she told her father about me cussing at her about my vehicle being towed. Today I parked my vehicle in the parking lot/ Tow Zone of Dr. Nobo's of Bartow Fl, located near the Bartow Court House. I work nearby and have noticed many unauthorized vehicles parked in Dr. Nobo's parking lot daily, and no one has been towed. At about 3:30 pm is when I realized my vehicle had been towed calling the phone number:863/533/8787 speaking to the person that towed my vehicle. The tow man informed me of the reason for the tow and to call the office of Ball's Wrecker Service (863/533/9072) where my vehicle was taken to. Not knowing the name of front desk person (she said to be the daughter of Michael & Melissa Aycock who owns the business) When the daughter and I spoke initially, I must admit I was upset about the towing of my vehicle. I then said, not believing my car was *** towed and I work in the area. Well, right away the lady said, this is a Christian business, as I said I am a Christian too. I went on to say, I wasn't cussing or directing my anger toward her, I was just upset and reacting to the situation of my vehicle being towed. The lady/daughter of the owners says "she understood and let me know what it would cost to get my vehicle out- of- tow. When I arrived at M & M Solutions Inc. the front desk person was speaking with a male person who was standing right inside the door of the business, where I stood a few seconds due to their conversation that did not end while I stood in the door of this business. I stood there not crossing over the guy standing in the door of the business because I did not want to be rude while they were having an ongoing conversation that did not stop. The front desk person then said to come in, as I did. The front desk person proceeded to say the cost to get my vehicle out of tow. I did ask if I could make a payment arrangement or speak with someone about the payment. This front desk person began to speak to me in a manner as if I was a child. I said nothing at first, only staring at her in her eyeballs as she spoke in such a tone that was belittling, disrespectful and insulting as a grown working woman in a professional role. This front desk person said, " I told you what the cost was when you called. How can you just come up here and have no money? I said nothing and walked outside, to re-enter the business asking if she would take a credit card over the phone, the Lady said NO Cash Only. I had a family member on the phone who heard this conversation. My family said to go back inside the business and ask again because that doesn't make sense that a towing company is refusing a credit card. I re-entered the business and asked again, then the lady said yes if you are going to be nice. The lady took the conversation back to the initial call when I first learned my car had been towed as the lady began to speak about me using the F balms three times, which I denied saying it three times. (like she wanting the situation to blow up) I did let the lady know I own everything I say and I did use the F balm one time as I told her I was upset about my car being towed is the reason for my actions. This lady who is working for a towing company takes words personally without understanding the emotions of a customer who just learned their vehicle had been towed and make it all about her. I do not know this lady and had not ever seen this lady in my life and probably will never see her again, which is fine and do not understand as a customer at a business why is she conducting herself in this manner? In my opinion, this lady does not like her job and appears not to be a good fit because her actions displayed today will make any business have a bad name. The customer makes the business and no business will survive if that front desk lady doesn't know how to respond to an upset person who just learned their vehicle has been towed. Clearly, this lady is in the wrong line of work. This lady acted like she wanted to control my reactions and kiss her behind because she had my vehicle in tow. Not right. This lady was rude and disrespectful to a customer when the customer asked if possible payment arrangement could be made. This lady at first would not even accept a credit card saying she wanted just cash. Then later the lady said she will accept the credit card. Wonder how many people she has done that too. Is she pocketing your money/when she ask for cash? Just asking? The behaviors of this Lady at the front desk were uncalled for and unprovoked. However, it did appear as if she was showing off for the guy who stood at the front business door the whole time I was there. Although the tow bill was paid in full, the way this lady spoke to me, her rudeness just stayed on my mind and I want to make sure the owners of this business know-how their daughter engages their customers. Just maybe Mr. and Mrs. Aycock may not know. I want to make sure people know how I was treated at M & M Solutions Inc. Yes, I was wrong for parking in a tow-away zone, there is no excuse for my poorly reacting to the front desk lady using bad language. But for the front desk lady, she needs to know she works at a towing company and when someone car is towed, I promise they will not enter the business smiling. I am putting this on better business, Yelp etc. so everybody they know how this customer was treated at: M &M Solutions INC 950 W. Main Street Bartow Fl 33830 bus: 863/533/9072 fax: 863/533/2599 m1msolutions@***.net
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Preferred solution: Apology


Why would you curse at that young lady when it was your fault from the get go? Why would you show up and not have the money to pay after you knew what you needed?

It sounds to me like you’re tryin to get her in trouble for doing her job. Shame on you!

Anne C Mas
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At the end of the day, I was a paying customer. Working at a towing company and a customer finds out their vehicle has been towed, I don't think anyone will be smiling.

My frustration and the reaction was not directed at the lady, it was about the fact that my vehicle was towed. Come on let's be realistic here. Even though I came asking if a payment arrangement was no excuse for her to respond to a customer as she did. I was still the customer.

And when I used bad language I did let the lady know I was reacting to the situation and not her. The lady is in a position as a front desk person of a towing company should be prepared to handle persons like me at that time in a more professional manner, cussing or not. I was wrong to cuss but it was not directed at the lady. I paid the same day to get my vehicle.

But the way she rudely responded when I asked for a payment arrangement was very rude in the position the was in as a front desk customer service person. I asked to speak with the owner of the business for a payment arrangement of the tow of my vehicle. The lady spoke to me like I was her child, and she was belittling.

The lady should never raise her voice saying "I told you the amount over the phone and you came up here with no money" and I am a black female. The lady was rude, with or without money as a front desk person, she should have never responded like that, the lady was wrong, she should be ashame of herself,


1) There’s no reason the lady at the front desk would be rude if she wasn’t talked to in a horrible manner first. Tow companies deal with a lot of cussing and yelling when they tow vehicles because the owners chose to park in a tow zone.

Pay attention especially if you park at a business you don’t work at. etc. 2) why would you show up with no money when they told you how much it would and what you would need? 3) what does it matter if she was talking to someone while you were there since you already were rude to her on the phone from the get go?

I would want to speak to you as least as possible.4) this entire post sounds to me you want the you g lady to get fired when you were the one in the wrong. 5) tow companies don’t always take cards it’s almost 100% of the time cash only because people cancel cards and checks.

6) you’re bashing this lady and this company all because you chose to park somewhere you weren’t supposed to, you cussed at her and you showed up without money to pay for your car after she told you what you would need?! And the only way I could post this is to agree with the pissed customer and that’s not true at all!

Anne C Mas
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1. customers will react in a negative manner on the first onset of learning their vehicle had been towed.

Tow truck personnel should expect this behavior and respond in a professional manner being an example of their business. 2. That parking lot was full of unauthorized vehicles in the parking lot before I decided to park there. I have pictures to prove that point.

That is why I could not believe my vehicle was towed. 3. your statement sounds ridiculous, good customer service will always acknowledge a new customer walking through the doors of a business. The guy was blocking the front entrance of the business.

The conversation they were having was not work-related to the business, it was more of a personal conversation about family, loaning money and how they helped others in their family. I know this was the nature of the conversation because I stood their longer than I should have to get the gest of what they were saying to each other. Again, unprofessional! 4.

you have the right to your opinion. However, the lady was unprofessional and I am reporting what I experienced on that day so other persons who may choose that business decides to take their business somewhere else if they are going to react the way they reacted to me. The location of the business and upkeep is poor. I have a job but someone may really need an arrangement and if they don't offer it, speak in a professional manner when relaying what she wanted the customer to know.

That is all I am saying, be respectful, even to the irate customer who reacted poorly when learning their vehicle was towed. 5. the lady took an American Express the day of my tow 6. My vehicle was parked in an area where other unauthorized vehicles were parked.

Yes, I was wrong, but this is how towing companies make their money. Once again, I did not cuss the lady out I was reacting to the situation. As a tow company, the employees of a towing company should not take it personal on what the customer is saying, after all their vehicle was towed they will not be smiling. Customer service is the key to any successful business.

Return customers grow a business and pissed off customers will report on a site such as this to let others know how they were treated. Businesses with poor customer service and pissed off report will not thrive.

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