Unqualified, biased, bully, unethical woman on a power trip-most awful experience!

This woman was one of the most unethical professionals I’ve ever been forced to pay to be abused and taken advantage of. She did nothing to help my children, and in fact, is on a power trip and threatened to report anything to the court that you don’t agree with her on! God forbid you have a different opinion about how you should raise your own children! She is a crook-billing many hours and then wanting to charge you more for her time to create an itemized statement when you question what she’s billing you for. She lies to you and tries to get you to trust her, but she will use everything you say against you! She is a bully. Her behavior should be evaluated by the state and she should lose her certification as a parenting coordinator. She is an awful person and should not be a parent coordinator!
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I agree. I was forced by court to pay her.

She hurt my older son and younger son. I reported her to the Office of Inspector General in 2015. I urge everyone hurt by this person to do the same. More there is a group of child psychologists in Safety Harbor still tecommending her to trusting parents in crisis.

They are responsible for this person still practicing. It is extremly sad to be abused by unethical group of powerful unethical professionals. I am sorry to hear about another family. In my example older son was diagnosed cannot function and now he is medical student publishing and representing his medical school in international level top of his class and a younger son was advised must be in IB PHUH program for extremly talented and able kids with learning disorder setting him for failure.

I cannot believe those people hold livence and are allowed to practice. Incompetent, its a shame!

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Lynn Romano Ma - Review in Professional Services category from Montverde, Florida

http://lynn-romano.pissedconsumer.com This is same company, more reviews.
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I have had a very similar experience with Lynn Romano. She claimed that all of the police reports, supervised visitation reports, CPS reports, etc that were given to her by me as evidence were "hearsay" when hearsay was supposed to be waived in our case, given the young ages of our children.

Lynn recommended split custody when their father has a long history of domestic violence. Now it's costing me THOUSANDS of dollars to undo what she has requested the court to rule on, and in the meantime our children are being hurt. CPS is now recommending visitation go back to being supervised because the kids are TERRIFIED of their father and they've proven he is in the very least, emotionally abusing them. She also bold faced lied to the judge about what my (2...

She only tried to contact TWO of my max 3 collaterals that we were supposed to give her to keep costs down) collaterals had to say (told the judge that they both said my ex was a "loving and wonderful father"), talked to 10 ppl for my ex (like I said, court order was 3 max) and reported that CPS could only tell her that their case was closed (but I spoke to the CPS monitor the day after Lynn have her report in court and monitor said "yes, I told her the case was closed but I went into great length about what our concerns were at the time that the father was in the home with the children") and then Lynn charged me for a 30 minute phone call to CPS (it doesn't take 30 mins to only say a case is closed!). She is a complete fraud and when she asked me for more payment and I asked her if she was going to further investigate the provable lies that my ex supplied her with as evidence (fake employer, etc), she told the judge that I said I wasn't going to pay her until she changed the report to what I wanted it to say. COMPLETE fabrication! I told her that her report should be unbiased and truthful.

Let it be known that at the time of her giving her report in court (first time I heard it), that my ex's attorney already knew what the report would entail and even included excerpts from it in a motion he filed hours before we had our hearing where she gave report for the first time. I had no attorney. She either has some kind of gender prejudice or she was working on receiving more referrals from my ex's attorney so dismissed all of the true evidence and sided with my abusive ex in our custody case to strengthen a future professional relationship with him. Now I have an attorney and she is giving us *** in scheduling a deposition, won't provide her actual address for service, etc.

She is SUCH a snake!

Her concern is most definitely NOT in the what is best for the kids!! She has put these young kids in harms way despite what every other un-biased professional who has been connected to our case has advised.


I am very sorry, the only way to stop this person is to report experienced abuse to the Office of Inspector General. I did report her in 2015. She abused my family and my children.

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Montverde, Florida
New Reviewer

You know who this is

Lynn Romano is highly unethical and does not consider for a minute what is in the best interest of children. Without any review of our case she tried to force my daughter to increase visitation with her father. Repeatedly my daughter told Lynn that she was fine with the way things were. May Daughter knew that she would be spending the increased time with her father's so called girlfriend because her father worked 3-11pm. My son did try the new arrangement and end the end of the second visitation begged me to request it to change back to the previous arrangement. The bribes stopped, he wasn't allowed to see any of his friends, and he wasn't allowed to attend any school or sports activities. The girlfriend couldn't be bothered and pretty much let my son roam the streets rather than be involved in structured activity. You see my x husband had sent a letter many years prior that he only wanted to see his children every other weekend when we had originally agreed upon rotating or almost equal time share. What was originally a money issue (reduction in child support for increased time) was always a money issue. Lynn nearly destroyed two kids but thank God we don't have to deal with her ever again. Unfortunately my x husband passed away and my children grieve and miss him very much. What happended to the girlfriend who cared so much for my children? She hasn't spoken to my children in over 2 years. This woman that cared so much for my children and had visitation over their Mother wouldn't so much as give my children a picture of their father. Still disgusts me to think that Lynn is allowed to continue destroying lives.
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Please stop her from abusing future victims and take action by reporting your past situation to office of inspector general to investigate her and other professionals promoting her aware of her wrongdoing. If she is innocent she has nothing to fear.

If she is abusing entrusted to her by judges power she needs to be punished and stopped, this is not communism, but free country and no one should be abused like that, especially children, volunurable parents affected by tragedy and loss seeking help, trusting her statements in her advertisement to take her as coordinator. Trusting psychologists promoting her as trusted resources.

If this is crime, must be reported to protect others, individuals can make a difference.



Coorinator is not functional, be aware do not agree to take it, look for someone better, she has very good connections and therefore she is given cases


What are her connections?


Her connections are lawyers, child psychologist, she creates guaranteed income for them by making simple situation so complicate and complex they have to treat distressed by her actions children and there are meetings, correspondence, court hearing over and over again. She choses one parent to attack and create incrowd, a more volunurable client, usually woman.

If that woman protest, she questions client mental health and created assessment to court suggesting lawyers further investigate and exam situation.

My impression that coordinator takes substances affecting her cognition when working with her, maybe some antidepressants or anxiolytics, that would explain her nonsense behavior in my case, thanks God I do not have to deal with her and my adult son at the time we had to deal with her wrote an essay to all FB froends how his mother and family became victim of fraud. Unbelievable it is still going on and she is promoted and allowed to practice.

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Palm Harbor, Florida
New Reviewer

Lynn Romano should not act as a parent coordinator anylonger

Lynn Romano should not act as a parent coordinator any longer and her performance should be evaluated – she has no knowledge to law or what best interest of the child is, she is incompetent to resolve parental issues or assist the parents to reach agreement, she is not a neutral party as expected but takes the side of one parent and openly attacks the parent who thinks to have the slightest objection her capability t. I can’t express my disappointment because of her incompetency. After creating a plan full of contradictory statements she even modifies what the Judge has ordered, just to reduce the time of one parent.
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Please stop her from abusing future victims and take action by reporting your past situation to office of inspector general to investigate her and other professionals promoting her aware of her wrongdoing. If she is innocent she has nothing to fear.

If she is abusing entrusted to her by judges power she needs to be punished and stopped, this is not communism, but free country and no one should be abused like that, especially children, volunurable parents affected by tragedy and loss seeking help, trusting her statements in her advertisement to take her as coordinator. Trusting psychologists promoting her as trusted resources.

If this is crime, must be reported to protect others, individuals can make a difference.



If she creates parenting plan and you did not have prior written agreement she discloses on her web/advertisement she does not meet Florida Statute 61.125 (4) and your attorney can bring it to judge attention and remove her from your case before she hurts you more; your concern are valid. The issue is there is no interest of authorities gaining income thanks to your family tragedy and in no one interest is to end profitable legal process.


One can complain to state attorney office,mediator is an independent private contractor with government (court), this is a contractor whose clients are referred by government (judge) , any abuse of that privilege is form of fraud and abuse if entrusted power. The government contracts with coordinators and if valid concerns are brought by hurt clients contract would not be renewed. This coordinator has no licensure agency one can request to investigate for professional misconduct.


Probably because YOU are the bad parent. Take a long look in the mirror.

Do you see a good parent there.

Yes? Then you are lying to yourself.


I did not write above review, however your online trolling against this parent is very sad hobby to have, you do not even know that person you are from Alaska

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Tampa, Florida

Ineffective and not stepping down

Ms. Romano was ineffective in our case. Normally ethical professional would admit and step down as soon as not effective to decrease cost and make room for next step in the case. Please be very careful in communication, trust, believe that this professional would put your child, your family first. The way this professional's income is generated results in conflict of interest. I suggest any communication when dealing with this professional be only via accountable court communicator called ourfamilywizard so you can hold this parental coordinator accountable for her actions, time spent on the case. It would save you money long term and save you from losing your child in custody conflict if coordinator likes you less, will keep everything objective, prevent human error. This coordinator was highly recommended by Judge and child therapist as very good character authority, promoted by very good psychology office in Safety Harbor. This coordinator acted reckless exercising her power to intimidate me client to not fight for custody of my children. I have never give up and she was discharged from our case, my older son grew up in the process and I never lost custody of younger son. I also noted other authorities are protective of this coordinator and faster would look at client pointing to problem as " crazy" instead of looking at facts, proof of misconduct, unethical behavior, this is like group exploiting middle class families with high conflict with self generating financial income from that conflict. I was advised this authority is called to resolve, decrease conflict and as soon as ineffective report to court. Instead I found myself being not only in high conflict but spending my time on defending myself from additional animosities, 3rd party creating more conflict, paying for her time and no one believed me till I forced all involved to use only accountable communication where manipulations of words, editing, changes are not possible ourfamilywizard communicator. I am not representing or advertising ourfamilywizard. Today unfortunately it is possible to create virtual reality based on digital communication, the objective tool avoids creating false reality leading to custody battles and loss of the child by good, responsible patent just because coordinator preference was to like men more, or other than gender prejudice. I believe there was prejudice in my case and I lost lots of money. I did not lose custody of children as I keep documentation of every word and witness when dealing with this coordinator.
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In Aug 2015 final trial and all the data created by Lynn to create another lawsuit in the case was dropped, lies exposed and despite....no consequences to this coordinator, no return fees.

The financial loss from collateral fees was about $35K (lawyer fees, court meetings, correspondence and discussions between lawyers of essays and reports, countless emails created by coordinator with science fiction content) , moral loss of completely despite winning the case loss of trust in authorities morals but strong believe personal income is a motor of actions disregarding suffering of children, volunurable clients. The strong feeling of injustice and lack of good court system, or OIG underfunded lack of resources, lack of review of cases this coordinator was involved for proper review of quality creates sadness, because one is left free to continue financial abuse under well selling slogans and false promises in self add http://www.divorcetransitiontampabay.com


The update : I lost all together minimum additional $15K-30K colateral fees resulting from coordinator workload she gave to attorneys, child psychologists, court hours on the top of her hours, she claim spent to generate her income of about $5K. I lost trust in court system.

My children do not trust authorities and will always try to look for secondary gains if authority is looking to work with them, I lost trust in people, who are in power morals, child psychologist told me my son will be not successful and in the end luckily all what I was told was garbage. The moral and financial loss suffered by my family is unrepeatable.


In the end I had trial this summer. The law suit based on Lynn Romano made up lies during her "professional time" I was forced by judge order to pay 50% was dropped by opposite trial without any compensation to me or my children for years of suffering this woman caused financially, morally!

More I and a witness forced my attorney just before trial to present evidence accessible online in official database of Pinellas Court this attorney was reluctant, but had to present under pressure from us. During trial the opposite attorney after this was presented made huge eyes and said to my lawyer " but we agreed we will not present this during trial"....

Here is truth of corrupted family court system...suffering.. Financial loss... After I won, the misery stopped, I have never was compensated for all the money list on payments to Lynn Romano, resulting from her made up science fiction stories exacerbation of the drama leading to many hours of lawyer fees to bring clarity to what she created a fog in a case, years of suffering of me a " client", who hired and paid those professionals to " help"....

No one cared really of children... One child today 21 yo and other 16... . Do fight hard to not have judge order to force you to hire Lynn.

Propose you will use OFW communicator and force your lawyer to analyze it her/himself data from communicator. I wish I knew it, I wish I trust not lawyers who said coordinator is such a great and needed service BS. It us a service to corruption to create income to all benefiting from many hours in court, in unnecessary multiple medications, meeting resulting in no outcome, multiple court meetings where judge us presented with BS made up stories to order and involve more paid from your pocket heartless professionals including child psychologists... They still advertise Lynn Romano as recommended trust worthy professional.

My reporting all this with my name to OIG likely in many complains to that office is waiting for review I hope my action to speak up and report will make a difference in someone like me at the beginning of what happened to me, and all I learn in the process serve knowledge to protect yourself from not perfect system those who were in it to protect and help chose to use gaps in the system to abuse volunurable for purpose to just make profit. Good luck to you (this is my last entry in the Fall of 2015)!


I am going through this now with Lynn. She has an axe to grind with me for some reason and not a single thing I say or do is reported back to the court correctly.

Same goes for my collaterals, the kids' schools, etc. She has called me a liar and has cost me $50k+ in debt fighting what she's reported to the court.

She's 100% biased towards my ex husband for some reason when all of the other experts have seen the situation for what it is. I go to court in two days to hear her report that I just received that is absolutely filled with LIES.


This is now 2 years later, I never recovered money lost, lawyer told me it was coordinator malpractice and due to her "contract" she forces clients to sign one cannot keep her responsible, recover financial loss. The very respected psychology group, who witness this abuse of power, continue to advertise this person as recommended by them resource in community of volunurable affected by divorce with high conflict unaware of this scam trusting psychologists clients and attorneys continue to chose popular profitable and creating more conflict coordinator resulting in more meeting in their offices and more court hearing, more meeting and more financial abuse of her clients, misleading, this should be investigated by Office of Inspector General as organized crime exploiting volunurable.


Parents also do not give up. After over a year of contacting repeatedly child psychologist goal was accomplished and child psychology group admitted they in official statement with over 1 year delay that child therapy was suddenly interrupted, that is was not good for a child wellness and child should be reassessed.

An over one year later despite my request to create it right away to help a child. What is striking is authorities arrogance to objectives and unbiased facts provided by court communicator our family wizard, they refuse to log in, refuse to check fact, answers " I will not do it". But what the most interesting is the authorities who manipulated or cooperated with one who manipulated suddenly vanished from the case.... I have peace, all harassment via communication ceased.

Better functioning, not harassed or manipulated parent to live in constant fear of being harmed by threat "we can cause you lose your child" , by being able to have time for my child, living in comfort of stability those unethical authorities goal was to rub parent off, being better relaxed parent. It is very clear psychological effect of authorities creating fear in parent I made observation that content fears exposure. Some once said :

"If you put few rats in the sack, you shake it- no rat escape, because all the rat is thinking of is to land on it's feet, but when you put rats in the sack and let it still - rats right away make hole in the sack and escape"- parents who are abused by system and unethical authorities look for a still moment and believe me, there is light in the tunnel, do not give up, be strong, I've experienced terrible, now storm is over, both of my kids doing very well and because exposed to above became very sensitive to social injustice, able to recognize people at power, who are using power to so something wake their position was intended to be for, they and myself gained resilience. Kids learn despite someone in authority level and told "please trust, I am here to help" they do not trust, they observe and think for themselves, because they experienced *** artists.

I lost money, but I have a good job, respected in everywhere where people see reality, I will earn more. The authorities who continue engaging in dark tactics, using intimidation and fear to manipulate case outcome earlier or later will have to stop, because nothing build on false foundation lasts.


I lost so much money to protect myself, my family from this attack on my identity to change it to something else in order to create income for professionals ordered and intended to "resolve conflict, help children, improve this family quality of life" plus defense is not cheap +$30K. I ask all affected and hurt by this coordinator's manipulation of truth to create official complain to remove "PC" function in our courts from Florida by writing detailed history of your experience, contacting your congressman to represent your concern to improve quality of our courts, end corruption.

There is justice and what goes around, comes around.

It is not ok to be silent allowing this to go on and know other future families, children will be hurt if no one reports this situation. Our finances should be going for children college tuition, not be taken away by those skillfully using imperfection of justice system because no one caught them yet and no one can bring them to responsibility.


Update: child psychologist in this case expressed shock as his testimony to coordinator was not included in her report and opposite reported to court, after my actions to openly talk about fraud like observed authorities actions in my case child psychologist refused to continue working with this family and refused to write clear statement to court that he still recommends therapy for child and why in such situation not providing one. All what happened to me was highly suspicious and taking in account I am higher middle class +$150K income citizen, all my financial loses resulting from working with this coordinator included thousands dollars attorney's fees, consequences of her actions.

My attorney advices me there is nothing one can do, but I want to warn other future victims to take all possible precautions as suggested in my complain.

The moral suffering resulting in failure of legal system to protect citizens, where those intended to bring rescue intentionally exploit volunurable must be taken in consideration while making future court decisions and crease income of unethical attorneys and unethical parental coordinators as well as unethical child psychologists aware of above situations, not taking any action to report such situations in our community.

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Florida City, Florida

Parental Coordinator

During a child custody case, the court referred us to a Parental Coordinator to help resolve differences. She was unprofessional, biased in her opinions, did not read much of the correspondence that related to our case. This negatively impacted any potential for a positive outcome to our custody issues. She was quick to send her bills and slow to respond (or not respond at all) to questions relating to the process she described. Her bias was strongly evident in both verbal and written responses. She had too many typos to count in her written responses and had no idea about how to correctly respond to e-mails. In short, a terrible experience on every level.
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Let me guess, her bias was toward the woman?


Really wonder what she looks lije,I am currently being scammed out of my life ny a woman of yhe same bame who claims to be my room mates brother.I believe she ilegally took out life insurance on me,she got violent when I didnt sign some papers at an empty house they took me to




To protect yourself from this coordinator install app called life360 to have complete records at what time your child was in which location to proof your case in court when she /coordinator creates false reality and fraud. Your child if has cell phone this up offers map, address and time child was at the location, so any late pick ups, drop offs or other braking parenting plan by parent cooperating with this coordinator to abuse you and pretend in court it is just she said/he said - you will eliminate by presenting evidence of coordinator cooperating and braking law to just abuse good parent, create self generating income by supporting unhealthy, braking law parent as it was in my case.




We used Lynn about a year ago and I was about to refer her to a friend when I came across this post in my search for her number. I was mortified to find this ridiculous slander about a talented, dedicated and ETHICAL professional. Lynn did a great job and I felt it necessary to contradict this nonsense.


Please, I was attached by based on her fraud action with lawsuit that I forbid my kids study when having majority of parenting time and kids studying in my house, she was telling there are no tables in my house for kids to seat and study, telling me she can do anything and she has so much power, due to her fraud I had to hire lawyer to respond to lawsuit, pay thousands dollars for legal fees, court meetings discussing her created lies, in the end this case I was told will be closed due to inactivity 12 months after last court meeting. Do you want to know why?

Because within same month I was served by sherif older son as the only one graduating from Phuh IB program was accepted to combined medical and collage 7 years program to become M.D., younger within a year graduated in flying colors from local one of the best private schools and was accepted to best local highschool Phuh IB.

This coordinator maybe was nice to you because she took your site, maybe because you are connected via circle of friends and she decided to not create fraud in your case. In my case she created lies, fraud and I suffered being attacked unjustly by this person, she suffered zero consequences of what she have done to me and my family, children whose college money savings I had for them were stolen by this person.


She is known to attorneys that if client is unethical and wants to start custody battle without reason to appoint her in the case, she is known to create false reality to continue your case long enough for everyone perpetual income, it is about money and not ethics. In the end she carry no license, no responsibility to be kept responsible and attorney cynically says was believing client....there is nothing one can do when put in position to interact with such unethical and greedy unmonitored by any supervision pointed by politicians voting against this function few years back, many states eliminates this function and Ms. Lynn Romano is best example why such service needs to be eliminated in our state.


This lady is money hungry- she will bait and switch you on her fee's. She charges you by the minute till she sends her bill which is like no other bill I have seen by anyone who charges by the hour in 6 min increments. She lists day and a fee.

Her contract also states she does not begin billing till she has collect her money. She was charging long before that happened.

She also seems to bill the same fee if she send and email or a bill she acts as a collection agency and charges her 200 per hour fee to do that as well.

Not sure that is even legal- Just make sure you get a one time fee for her services or who ever you use. Wish I would of checked her out on the internet first to understand what type of BS I was in for.....


She is absolutely awful we experienced the same thing and still :( trying to have her removed. What a joke she is and we should have done our homework.

She is not even licensed!!! :(

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Tampa, Florida

Hospitals, Clinics and Medical Centers Expert Talks

4th COVID Vaccine, Monkeypox, Mask-Optional Policy

Jan 6, 2022

COVID, monkeypox, mask-optional policy: Are we safe? Watch an expert interview with Prof. Karen Jubanyik from Yale to learn more about viruses and how to stay protected.

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Prof. Karen Jubanyik

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