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Lynch & Co, LLP scam scam scam

This company hires you as Administrative Assistant and they are fake, you get task to do and sent to http:/ their supposed website.They have you work and then ask for your bank info all they are is a BIG SCAM. It is very disapointing that they have nothing better to do,only to screw with ppl. I am so grateful that I am able to forewarn everyone before it's too late. Please believe me when I say this is a scam, DON'T be taken as many of us have been already!I believe in being honest and working hard and these ppl just are abusers. the company does not exist!!! thank you venus411
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How did you get hired. Was it an e-mail confirmation or some other way. Please let me know.



Thanks Venus, I was just about to be lured in as well, and I knew to check them out before I gave out any personal information! It's sad that they just sit around like sharks ready to attack!


Hi Shay, Unfortuantely, do to all we did being on the internet, the answer would be No. I'm not sure what to do either, which is why I posted the warning. It sucks that they toy with individuals, and if I do find a way I will let you know and i ask that if you find a way let me know I'll be more than willing to file a complaint as well!!!


hello Vensus.. yes I was hired by the same company,a nd they said they will pay me in a month.. is there anyone i can report to stop them in there tracks

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A warning to job seekers using Craig's List

A warning to anyone looking up job listings through Craig's List. There is a person or people attempting to *** unsuspecting job seekers into participating in a money wiring scam. I found a listing for a company looking for an administrative assistant in New York. I sent my resume and received a response about a week later. The claim was that this company, Lynch & Company, was in Boston, MA and would be opening a local office in New York. Until the office opens I would work from home by doing various tasks emailed to me by a Mr. Holden. This "company" works very hard to gain your trust and make you think you are actually working for them. "Mr. Holden" sent me various tasks, including finding apartment listings for staff that would be relocating with the company, finding car service deals, product digests, and many other assignments. After I worked for a couple of weeks, "Mr. Holden" informed me that I would be receiving my first month's pay through direct deposit. Having been convinced by this long *** up to that point, I provided the information needed. A week or two later (last week), after completing some more tasks, I received word of them wanting to make me a "account manager" for a client in my city. This deal would require me to wire money through MoneyGram or Western Union to a "client's" account. This was the point at which I realized something was up. Why would a company conduct business through those means? I expressed my unease to "Mr. Holden". Instead of understanding my concerns, like a legitimate employer would given the situation, he became busy and somewhat aggressive in his attempts to convince me I could trust him. I reiterated my lack of interest in participating in this deal. That was the last time I heard from him, and I never received my first month's pay. I have since closed my former bank account just in case the "company" tries to use the information to siphon money out to themselves. If you are in New York, or any city (since I do not know if they're focusing this *** to just New York) please be very careful if you receive any job offers from the companies Lynch & Co, Bennett & Co, and Turner & Co (the former two are names I suspect they may also be using since they came up in my attempts to research the company.) Also know that just because the company may have a legitimate looking website that includes a list of some "staff members" including pictures and biographical blurbs, does not mean this is not a scam. And if you so happen to be "working" for either of the mentioned company names, do not give them any personal information and cease contact right away.
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Yeah, I was seriously pissed when I learned w/o a shadow of a doubt that this was fake. I really thought I had a legit job and had made plans accordingly (i.e.

planned on taking care of some things after I'd get paid, etc) And it wasn't until I had wasted a month of my life playing this guy's little game that I learned the truth.

I contacted both the federal and MA (my friend did a reverse phone look up and saw the guy is in Chelsea, MA) department of justices back when this all happened (so, week of Nov.

15) and haven't heard back from either. I really hope you have better luck so this guy/these people are stopped.


Oh my god.. Yes that same BS happened to me.

I have been doing research for this company since last week. I had to interview with a Colin white over chat which was kinda strange to me. Then he tells me I have the job and I would start doing task from home until they open there office up in NY.. thank god I have not given them my banking information.

I'm trying to contact someone now, to stop them in there tracks. I did give them my DL # I'm not sending any more task to them. I hope I can get the FBI on they *** that's my next Task from here on out.

Kinda pissed bc I just new I had a legimate job for the Christmas holidays. :cry :(


Oh wow. Yeah the accent was off to me too but I put it aside at first. When I was having my doubts (after he asked me to do the phone transfer thing) my friend did a reverse phone look up on the number listed on the website, and she found that it was listed for some guy in Chelsea, MA. Yeah, looking up warehouse listings was one of the things he had me do too!

Have you tried filing a report against him? I've sent emails to the federal attorney general (since this was done across state lines) and the Mass. state general. You should definatly file a report with the Mass attorney general. The consumer complaint (which is what I was told to fill out for this) has a space where you can say how much money you lost if they got any money from you.

Wow, I can't believe they took that much from you. I was saying 'oh heck no' when, in trying to convince me to do the wire transfer he was like "oh, its only 5,000-6,000"....since being liable for *that* much would kill me. But millions? Jesez. I really hope you're taking steps to fix the situation.


The same exact thing happened to me too. I talked to this company called Lynch and Co that said their main office was located in Boston, MA and that they were opening up a new branch in the NYC and that i would have to work for them at home for a little bit till their new office opens.

I also talked to a guy called John Holden, who had a thick *** Russian accent (i should have known something was wrong then) who told me to do varies of tasks like warehouse research. Ultimately, a week before i was suppose to get paid, he told me to do a wire transfer which was very fishy to me. I held it for a day, and my bank account was(i'm not kidding)minus $9,999,870.

Almost minus 10 million. I never got to talk to that guy again and if i did i'll tell him to go to ***

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