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LV Air and Eneliko Sean Smith misappropriation and fraud

As a former employee of LV Air, I would like to put out a warning to people looking to do business with Sean Smith -- in this, or future ventures. As background, LV Air was a start-up concept on an airline that was to do business bringing travelers to Las Vegas, with a business model that made it 100% easy and convenient for the traveler to book not only the flight, but also all entertainment while in Las Vegas, using available technology to make this happen. With partnerships with casinos and other providers in the Las Vegas area, the traveler would have easy VIP access during their entire trip -- allowing amenities that other airlines just could not offer. A great idea, and a good looking business model, except for one fundamental problem... There was no funding. Smith's background can be found in numerous places on the internet. He has numerous failed businesses in Samoa, California, and Michigan (Do a search for Sean Smith with The Block, Hotel Kitana, or Sugarloaf and you'll see recent examples). In an interview process, he'll talk with you about the mistakes he made, and be very open about how he's learned from these mistakes, and is going to ensure that these things not happen again -- like bringing on people who are experts in these areas in order to move forward correctly. Except that it doesn't change. LV Air was built as a good concept on paper, but as soon as some money began coming in (from a few smaller hotels in Las Vegas), rather than use the income to pay important things such as rent, utilities, and employee salaries, Sean (and his "wife", Sarah Johnston) took over all financial oversight -- and control of any incoming money. With the exception of mere pittances paid to whoever complained the loudest (or threatened the strongest legal action), no money was paid to employees, utilities, or rent. As an example... an employee owed $1500 was given $150, with the rest to be paid "as soon as this next deal is closed). Bottom line: Over $26,000 came in to the company in a three week period. Rent paid: $0. Utilities paid: $0. Salaries paid: $1,600. Remaining amount... unaccounted for, but Sean Smith is now nowhere to be found. There are currently three claims with the Nevada Labor Commission for unpaid wages, and a 50-state, no-bail warrant for this man (see the article at the Las Vegas Review Journal for these details****.html due to tax evasion and other issues. So a WARNING... if this man tries to contact you with a plan for a business, turn the other direction.
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Enelik SEan Smith is now dating Gabi. Spa Dorin daughter's owner child.

***-artist just like mom. She deserve Smith. Smith does live here in Vegas. Together, they are seeking investors for the Spa.

Doris Feliz apparently isn't licensed to practice medicine in the U.S., However, she has been practicing here in the valley since she originally opened her SPA BY DORED G LLC, in April of 2008. Later, renamed it SPA DORIN BODY AND FACE LLC, in January 2012. She is the hairdresser and does everything else. The daughter has no license for nothing (Gabi).

These people are ***-artist...

stay-away. They are well connected in the community.


Anonymous. You are pathetic.

I dont like Liko but picking on a girlfriend and her mother?!! That is very weird. To know their names and when a business there business was up and running and what they do in there.... Are you stalking this guy??

What color pants is he wearing today weirdo??! Stick with the plot ***. You have completely lost credibility with this post.

You are sick and just need to shoot yourself Anonymous. Yes, really.


Actually, I think she was trying to warn against Sean's next scam & inform that these spa operators have no licenses. I think the post was forewarning & that you are being a bully. I mean come on, no one wants bad Botox.


Where you at enliko, I need your advice.


Why doesnt anyone post on his real partner in crime. His ex wife: Rochelle Ramirez Basso.

She was w/him when he was making all this money and spending it. Buying herself a new Mercedes. She knew everything and stuck with him till he declared bankruptcy. She probably is hiding all the money!

Someone need to check on this chick if you really want to find the corprate in this crime. She is as dirty as he is!! Not some chick that met him years after and is clueless of his past. At least this one has a job.

Rochelle did nothing but spend money and party. Check it!!


Is that why she tried to sue him for child support? Check it, ***!!****


For anyone concerned, it took some time, but there is a judgement from the Nevada Labor Board for my unpaid wages in the amount of $13,940.16 now against LV Air and Eneliko Sean Smith. He's apparently at it again with new funding and partners (of which the arbitrary dollar number of $35 million in funding is a mere drop in the bucket for a start-up airline)... I would hope that with all this funding, he can show a little bit of humility and make good on the debts he's racked up from his first run.


Sean Smith is back in Las Vegas, His wife(?) is singing again, I guess that is the only way they can make a living now. Everyone involved with Sean in any way are still not paid, not dime and still pissed off.


Sean Smith is back in Las Vegas, His wife(?) is singing again, I guess that is the only way they can make a living now. Everyone involved with Sean in any way are still not paid, not dime and still pissed off.


Has anyone seen this Liko / Sean guy lately? Where's the airline and all the pissed off people now?

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