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They broke 3 items and threw out some of my items

I have recently had this cleaning service clean my house. One of the lady's who cleaned my house broke 2 fragile items and told me. The other lady broke an item and did not tell me. I called the main lady up with a detailed description of the item when I noticed it was missing. The lady who broke it lied to her and said she never saw it. I later found the broken item in the trash. I texed the main lady and I felt she accused me of breaking it. That same lady who broke the item also threw away a sample size bar of soap and a pocket calender without asking me. I called the company and they said that both ladies said they did not break the item. They will refund me for the other two items only with proof of purchase. I told them one item was a gift they told me I can send them a realistic price and they will decide what to do. I also told them the other item was a clearance item and I cannot find a listing and they insisted there would be a listing but they refused they help me. As for the broken item they said I should send them a picture and they will decide what to do. They might still belive the lying employees and not help me.
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User's recommendation: NEVER use this company