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| map-marker Kingsport, Tennessee


This place is HORRIBLE. I hate giving them 1 star. Ordering was fine.that was the only good thing with this company. From the time they brought our home to us until they finished getting it completed has been a nightmare. And here we are 1 year later and they still dont do what they say they will. They put Sheetrock on the ceiling without taping it and now its cracked.and they wont fix it. It took them months to come out here to even finish their part and they screwed it up. Charlie never came out here to see what was going on, they never came out at the 6 month inspection, once the home is bought, they are supposed to come out with a welcome pack.nothing. They, Mava and Charlie, also admitted that we went thru a lot of garbage and said, oh we will mail u a $200.00 Visa card.that was a year ago..I know the mail is slow, but not that slow. Considering we spent over $150,000 on a home, that $200.00 card is worthless, we dont care about that.HOWEVER, we also bought the warranty and now they tell us the warranty doesnt cover the cracked ceiling.well, if u did it right the first time, it wouldnt have cracked. The ONLY thing they care about is getting their money.once that happens, youre nothing to them anymore. STAY AWAY!
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map-marker Wilmington, North Carolina

Wilmington LUV Homes Attempts a "Switch and Bait"

After signing a number of documents to purchase a unit (mobule home), Luv Homes attempted to deliver another unit of lesser value to my 70 year old mother. The actually pulled it up on her lot and commenced setting it up as if it was the one that she agreed to purchase. I called the office on my mothers behalf and strongly encouraged them to come and pick up the unit and deliver the correct one. The insisted that the correct unit was delivered. I am certain that they made a mistake because I walked the lot with my mother and noted the model name and number of her final selection. The unit that they delivered was 12 feet shorter, different color, a used model, and not the one that my mother agreed to pay for. I paid a visit to Luv Homes salesman, showed him my notes, showed him the model that my mom agreed to purchase. After his continued denial of any wrongdoing......I smacked the *** out of the salesman for attempting to take advantage of mother. He hid under the desk and would not come out. I moved the desk to get to him, he grabbed his phone and hid under the desk as he called 911 to save him. There was no arrest. The following day someone from Luv Homes delivered the correct unit. Beware of Luv Homes. CROOKS!!
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map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Luv Homes are a rop off

I paid over $70,000 for a new mobile home from Luv Mobile Homes and found that all the trim and window and door casings are cardboard. How is this legal? They are in Alexander, Arkansas. I have had the home for a couple of years and am just sick over this. That is not the only bad thing but it would take a week to list them all.Do I have any legal options or am I stuck with this nightmare? If any one out there can give me some direction I would really be greatful.Also the insurance company will not let me get my own insurance company.
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Contact Arron Howard at The Arkansas Mobile Home Commission Little Rock he will point you in the right direction.


I was just about to purchase from them. Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it.

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matthew c Uqg
map-marker Antioch, Tennessee

Very poor service

my wife and i are recently trying to buy home from luv homes in sweet water TN. the service there has been very poor and they have put us way behind in getting are home. They have no knowledge in there business at all.For example we was getting the silver key loan and less then a week from closing they said we couldn't do it because of our drive way. to top that off they had or land surveys for a month before catching this. This has been an on going problem for 6 months and we still do not have our house. They have told us one thing and done another from day one. the price of the house has went up twice and came back down. Now we are trying to get a FHA loan and because they have taken so long they are trying to up are interest rate which will add over 200 dollars more a year to our payments. we have made every attempt to get them everything they have asked for on the day the have requested it. We have been more then patient with them but this is ridicules. I hope that something can be done about this i think we deserve something for our wait and what we have had to deal with. sincerely Matthew and Amber Cook
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Loisann Tcd
map-marker Washington, District Of Columbia

Beware of Luv Mobile home of Shelby, NC

My husband and I bought a repo'ed mobile home and was assured that everything was connected properly. Only to find out two years later that it was not and the flooring around the air conditioning unit is now gone. One of the air vents underneath was not hooked up and most of the air and heat had been heating and cooling under the house instead of in the house. When we call the insurance company that Luv's set us up with, they said since it was an on going problem that it was not covered. That however was not the only problem...the manager Scott was in such a hurry to get us out of there that he failed to tell us one of the papers we were signing was an approval to raise the rent three years later due to the insurance escrow account. Not to mention he had us sign a paper that said the home was set up and properly connected before it was even on the site. And to make things worse ithad to be put on rented land, we could not get the land and home package...Scott told us we could come back in a couple of years and trade it in...when we tried to he would not give us the time of day...even though we were approved this time through our credit union, we just wanted to save our credit by trading it in. Warning, be careful when dealing with them...don't trust anything Scott tells you!!! Cassie
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